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Growing Sugar Snap Peas: 7 Tips to Grow some Green Candy

Growing Sugar Snap Peas: 7 Tips to Grow some Green Candy

growing sugar snap peasWhat is healthy and sweet that can be added to stir fry or into your salads?  You guessed it – Sugar Snap Peas.  Growing sugar snap peas is a breeze when you direct sow them in your garden at the right time of the year.

What is the best way to grow sugar snap peas?  We prefer to grow them by directly sowing the pea seeds in the ground.  You can easily do this following these simple tips below to help you grow sugar snap peas:Continue reading

Growing Sweet Peas Indoors

Growing Sweet Peas Indoors

Have you ever wanted to grow sweet peas indoors to help you get a jump start on your crop?   Its the late winter and you are just itching to get your sweet pea plants out there since they are one of the earliest crops you can plant.

You might also just want to grow them indoors year round and need to know if it is possible.

Are you able to grow sweet peas indoors?  You most certainly can grow sweet peas indoors following the steps outlined here.  Keep in mind these methods also work with other varieties of peas.Continue reading

Growing Peas in Containers – Step by Step Guide

Growing Peas in Containers – Step by Step Guide

grow peas in containerHave you ever wondered if it is possible to grow peas in a container?  You may not have the necessary real estate or the space to grow a huge traditional garden.  Well, you are in luck because in this guide you will learn how simple growing peas in a container is and you may find that you want to grow other vegetables in containers as well.

Growing peas in containers come down to these simple steps that we will go over in much more detail:

  1. Pea Plant Seed Selection
  2. Select your container or pot that is ideal for peas and your location
  3. Fill your container or pot with optimal soil & nutrients
  4. Inoculate your pea seeds with bacteria (optional)
  5. Plant your pea seeds in the soil of your container
  6. Add a trellis

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Growing Cauliflower – Faux Mashed Potatoes

Growing Cauliflower – Faux Mashed Potatoes

growing cauliflowerCauliflower is one of those unique vegetables that you must get in your garden.  Have you ever wanted to grow cauliflower in your garden?  Are you a cauliflower lover and wanted to know more?

Look no further as you have found an epic guide on how to grow cauliflower.Continue reading

Growing Beets for Gatorade Performance Fuel

Growing Beets

growing beetsDid you grow up eating pickled beets and want to relive your childhood memories?  Have you always wanted to grow beets in your garden?  Is your favorite salad mixed with arugula, beets, and goat cheese?

Growing beets is the perfect way to culminate your desire to satisfy these needs.  Beets are a perfect root vegetable that is so easy to grow and taste like no other vegetable.  It has an earthy component to it that makes it a unique flavor for on your plate.

Some cultures even believe that a beet that a man and woman shares will create an endless love between them.  Eating beets are even shown to help you stay together with some increased sexual drive.

You either love beets or you don’t.  It is funny because I am the only one in my house that cares for them.  In fact, I just juiced one with some carrots and celery and had a beet salad for lunch because I had an insatiable craving for beets as I have been researching and writing about beets for a few days.

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Growing Celery Travels back in Time

Growing Celery

growing celeryHave you ever wanted to learn how to grow celery for that fresh taste and crisp bite?  Do you seem to have a hard time getting celery to grow properly?  Wouldn’t it be cool to add your own homegrown celery stalk to your Bloody Mary drinks? Are you looking to boost your health and need a good vegetable to grow in your garden for the fall period?  You need to give growing celery in your garden a try.   It is not too hard to grow once you get it started.

Celery was once cultivated for its medicinal properties in earlier times and now its used for its flavor and healthy qualities.  The popular show Doctor Who even featured the Fifth Doctor who traveled back in time with a sprig of celery stalk on his lapel.  According to Wikipedia, “He claimed in The Caves of Androzani that the celery would turn purple in the presence of certain gases in the “Praxis” range to which he was allergic, although this allergy was not mentioned by any incarnations before or since. He said that if that happened, he would then eat the celery, adding “if nothing else, I’m sure it’s good for my teeth.”

You may not be trying to escape some allergic gas while you whisk thru time.  You might just want to grow celery as an exquisite green vegetable to grow to add to your soups.  Either way, you will find these tips and information below helpful to cultivate these glorious crunchy stems that we call celery.

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Growing Broccoli From Seed to Stir Fry

Growing Broccoli – Stir Fry Madness

growing broccoliBroccoli is one of those vegetables that always seems to stick out in stir-frys.  You can’t miss those big chunks of dark green florets that are steaming hot on your plate of some Asian dish.

Have you ever tasted your own freshly picked broccoli from your garden?  There is a huge difference between supermarket broccoli and homegrown broccoli.   The fresh flavors of homegrown broccoli explode in your mouth.Continue reading

How to Make Habanero Pepper Jelly Recipe

Habanero Pepper Jelly Recipe

You will learn about how to make habanero pepper jelly recipe. We even have a cool video that shows you step by step instruction on how to make this jellyIt is so simple and easy to make pepper jelly.

Check out the kit that we used for this here

This habanero jelly recipe is super simple to make and does not require many ingredients.  This habanero pepper jelly recipe is super easy to make.

This jelly recipe is super hot and sweet and is perfect for crackers, bagels, and wings. Give this habanero pepper jelly recipe a try.

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Growing Cabbage From Seed to Sauerkraut

Growing Cabbage for the Crock

growing a cabbageHave you ever wondered why they named a doll after a cabbage patch?  Did you know that Sauerkraut & Kimichi is actually from cabbage?  Are you uncertain of how to grow cabbage?

Read ahead and you will discover all you need to know about growing cabbage.  You will learn everything to get you growing cabbage from seed.  You will learn how to care for cabbage and even some inspiration on how to eat it.

Growing up I remember seeing those old time crocks that adorned many European-American homes.  The crocks were used for fermenting vegetables that grow in every garden.

You better believe that they were filled with cabbage and stored away under the countertops until they were bubbling away.  Fermented foods are deeply rooted in the necessity to store food for longer periods of times without refrigeration.  Cabbage was natures answer to the perfect food to take on this challenge.Continue reading

Growing Peas Garden Insider Secret Guide

Growing Peas is like a Box of Chocolates

gorwing peasPeas are one of those vegetables that are woven into our everyday lives and culture.  Remember the movie Forest Gump and the famous line, “Me and Jenny goes together like peas and carrots.”  Yes, peas do seem to mix well with carrots.

Have you ever wanted to grow peas in your garden?  Want to save some money at the supermarket because man those sugar snap peas are expensive.Continue reading