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How to Thin Carrots (2 Simple Ways of Thinning Carrots)

How to Thin Carrots (2 Simple Ways of Thinning Carrots)

Want to learn 2 simple ways on how to thin carrots. You will learn 2 simple techniques of thinning carrots that can be done in your container, pot, or garden beds. Thinning carrots is the process of removing some of your carrots plants out.

The carrots may be crowded as it is common with them because the seeds are really tiny and sometimes get broadcast too much together. Learning how to thin carrots will ensure that your carrots can grow to full maturity.

Here are the 2 methods of thinning carrots:

  1. You can use scissors to snip the carrots stalks at the base. Just be careful not to cut too many carrot plants.
  2. Transplant your carrot plant. This helps you move them around to fill out spaces in your container, pot or garden. This is especially helpful if you want to move some carrots plants to another container or spot in your garden.

We also go over some other general tips in the video that will help to prepare you to thin carrots.


You may also find that a better way to prevent the need to thin carrot is to use different seeds.  There are some carrots seeds that enable you to plant the seeds with much ease.  They are pelleted carrot seeds that are much larger in size than normal seeds.

These seeds are coated to make them easier to plant the carrots seeds.  This is a way to prevent thinning them out, but they do cost a little more than the regular seeds.  Your typical carrot seeds packets will not contain as much as the normal carrots seeds either.

Hope that you got some good old fashioned green thumb gardener dirt to help you thin your carrots.  Have any other questions about how to thin your carrots? Post in the comments section of this post!

Vermiculture: Composting with Worms Guide

What is Vermiculture: The Dirt on the Worms

vermicompostingDo love to garden on your apartment balcony, but want a way to compost?  Are you challenged for space in your garden area?

You will want to read on as we will explore the army of crawlers that can help compost and transform your food and vegetable scraps into black gold for your garden.

Vermiculture is the answer to many gardeners who seek a way to get beneficial microbes and worm castings into your garden soil.

It is so easy to employ earthworms to help produce vermicast for your garden beds or containers.  You will learn all about the vermicompost benefits as well as the methods about how to build a worm bin.Continue reading

Preparing your Garden for a Storm

Hurricane Florence prep- preparing your garden for a storm that may be coming.

Make sure that you pick as much as can of your fruits and vegetables. A storm that has any wind over 40 mph gusts can damage or weaken your garden plants.

Make sure to also tie down or put away any lose tools that you may have in your garden area

The Dirt on Saving Tomato Seeds: 3 Easy ways

Saving Tomato Seeds: 3 Easy ways

save tomato seedsTake a poll of all your family and friends and ask what vegetable would they would grow.  You will probably hear growing tomatoes as one of the most popular vegetables growing choices.

It seems that most gardeners always brag about their tomatoes when asked about their progress of your their garden.Continue reading

Growing Lettuce in Containers (2 Simple & Easy Ways)

In this video Jeremy Starke from Green Thumb Gardener shows all about growing lettuce in containers or pots. He takes you the various steps of selecting the right soil for growing lettuce and demonstrates 2 different ways about how to plant lettuce seeds.

You will also the best way to grow lettuce from seed in a few easy steps that can be applied to growing in a container, pot or directly in your garden.

In this video you will learn all the basics of growing lettuce in containers or pots. You will also learn you will also learn about growing lettuce from seed in containers. These are some simple ways on the best way to grow lettuce.

You can apply these techniques if you are growing in containers or pots as well as growing in your garden. You can grow anything from Romaine lettuce too Mesclun or Arugula. Anyone can learn how to grow lettuce including your children as it can be so much fun.

One of the simple ways of growing lettuce in containers is to just get started with what you have. You will find that growing lettuce can be a rewarding fun gardening adventure where you get some Romaine lettuce to eat.

QUESTION- Have a question about growing lettuce in containers or how to grow lettuce? Post in the comments section of below your lettuce growing questions!

Check out our comprehensive lettuce guide here

Growing Sugar Snap Peas on a Trellis (Easy & Simple Guide)

Growing Sugar Snap Peas on a Trellis (Easy & Simple Guide)

In this video Jeremy Starke from Green Thumb Gardener teaches about growing sugar snap peas. He shows you some techniques with planting sugar snap peas in your garden, but it can be applied to containers too. These same techniques are also helpful for growing snap peas, peas, & snow peas. Planting sugar snap peas