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7 Tips on How to Grow Lettuce Like A Boss

how to grow lettuceYou might be thinking of how to grow lettuce is too difficult.  You might see all the plants in your local garden center.  Sure, they have tomatoes, peppers, and every kind of herb ready to be planted for your home garden or container.

Where are the lettuce plants that you could just stick in your garden found?  Chances are there will be no selection or a very limited choice of lettuce plants.  You don’t need to get those plants from there. Continue reading

Harvesting Beets | Proven ways to Get your Beets on your Plate

harvesting beetsYou planted a bunch of beet seeds this year in your garden and want to know all the dirt on how to get them to your plate safely.  You are just not quite certain if you know they are ready. Harvesting beets are incredibly simple following our expert advice.

Maybe you just started growing beets and need a little guidance on the best methods of when to harvest beets.  We will cover this and a few other topics about the most ideal beets harvesting methods.Continue reading

Winter Gardening | 3 Tips to Grow Vegetables during the Winter

Winer Gardening with a greenhouseIt is the end of January 2019 and the winter weather is predicted to be an arctic vortex of cold air that will grip much of the US.

Would you even consider gardening in the winter time after an artic event like this?  I raise my hand because I love the challenge.

Winter gardening is certainly possible with a few garden hacks & applied techniques.

You don’t have to be en expert or experienced gardener to grow plants in the winter.  However, you might want to start off with just a few plants and some simple techniques first to get more comfortable growing in the winter.Continue reading

Growing Sugar Snap Peas | 7 Tips for Healthy Plants

growing sugar snap peasWhat is healthy and sweet that can be added to stir fry or into your salads?  You guessed it – Sugar Snap Peas.  Growing sugar snap peas is a breeze when you direct sow them in your garden at the right time of the year.

What is the best way to grow sugar snap peas?  We prefer to grow them by directly sowing the pea seeds in the ground.  Continue reading