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12 Best Soil Test Kits 2019 & 2020

12 Best Soil Test For 2019 & 2020

We know choosing the best soil test kit is not as easy as ABC. You'd need help deciding on the best soil test kit to buy.

But, never worry! This article is going to help you with that. We also packed it with some helpful tips on knowing why you need to test your soil.  

We also cover the many different ways of going about this. 

Hopefully, this gets you closer to your Green thumb!

Green thumb Gardener Best Soil Kit

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best soil test kits

Why Should You Test Your Soil?

The soil is the life blood of any vegetable or flower garden. So please take heed of this advice.

Getting this right is really the first step in having a successful garden.

Having too much or too little of one particular macronutrient or a really acidic vs neutral pH can mean the difference between a mediocre garden and a bountiful one.

Soil Samples for a New Garden

Testing your soil is really important step to do when you first establish a garden.  It is important to know where you currently stand with your soil’s composition.

Ok, so this is a big deal, but why is it important.

Let’s keep this simple.  Each plants require different nutrients and pH levels.  For the most part having a balanced soil nutrient and pH is pretty much a good base to start with.

You may test your soil and find that it is too acidic for growing tomatoes, but it could be perfect for blueberries.  You have a few options once you have this data.

  1. Do nothing and look at either container gardening, raised bed or sampling a different spot
  2. Plant the types of flowers, plants, or vegetables that are ideal for the current soil’s levels of pH and nutrients
  3. Adding supplements to your soil to get your desired levels of pH and nutrients

Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.  In each case, though you have some data to help you make this decision.  

The other option is not to take any samples and take a roll of the dice.  Sometimes, this may work out and sometimes it may not.

Soil Testing for Established Gardens

It is still important to make sure you are testing your soil at least every other year.  In fact, I would still recommend that you test it for the first 3 years if you recently started a new garden.

This will give you the best results so you know what works for your area.  Then once, you dial this in with your soil, you can test it every other year.

What Should You Test Your Soil For?

This is a loaded question because there is an almost endless amount of things you can test your soil for.  We are here to make it simple for you though, so take notes on this one.

The most helpful data for most home gardeners are knowing the following:

  • pH levels - These levels run from 0 to 14.  7 is neutral, reading below 7 are acidic and above 7 are alkaline. 5.5 to 7 is a typical good range for most plants.
  • N (Nitrogen) - *This is a still a difficult reading since the nitrogen is locked up in organic matter.  It is not always available for root uptake as needs to breakdown.
  • P (Phosphorus)
  • K (Potassium)

There are also other secondary macronutrients and micronutrients that you could also test for, but these are the ones you definitely want to include.

These results will give you the most complete information to get your ideal garden soil.  You have a few options to help you get this data that we will explore in the next section.

Here are a few other macro & micro nutrients that you could also test for:

Soil Macronutrients

  • Ca (Calcium) - usually found in limestone
  • Mg (Magnesium) - limestone is also a good source for this
  • S (Sulfer)

Soil Micronutrients

  • Fe (Iron)
  • Mn (Manganese)
  • Cu (Copper)
  • Z (Zinc)
  • B (Boron)


The important distinction here is that you don’t want to get lost in paralysis analysis with soil testing.

Just stick with the main ones.  You could still test the secondary ones, but don’t get caught up if trying to fix those.

taking soil sample

Soil Analysis | How To Test Your Soil for Gardening

You want to ensure the best results for this so there are few things you want to ensure that you do no matter how your test your soil.

A soil sample should be taken from at least 2 sections of your garden for most average sized gardens.  You may want more if you garden is really large since the soil tests results may be different.

Here are the steps that you want to do:

  1. Pick 2 spots in your garden to take soil samples
  2. Wash your garden shovel to remove any other soil residue
  3. Clear off the dig spot of any top level debri, compost, or mulch
  4. Dig at least 6 inches to 8 inches deep and remove this soil
  5. Place the soil on a clean surface to air dry for at least 24 hours
  6. Once the soil is dry, remove a portion of soil and put in a plastic bag

Once you have your samples, you can either send it away to have tested by a local soil laboratory or run some of your own tests using one of the recommended soil test kits.

Your own test kits will have the optimal ways of running each test, so follow those recommendations.

Either way, knowing this information will help with planning for your garden.

Soil Testing Methods

Of course, there are many different ways that you can test your soil.  We will look at the different ways that you can test your soil to help you narrow down the best options for you.

There are 2 main ways that you can go about this.  

  1. Do it yourself at home 
  2. Send it away to a laboratory.

Our recommendation is to test your garden soil using both methods.  We recommend to send soil samples to a laboratory at least every 2-3 years.  

You also want to take your own readings every year.

Doing this combination helps to make sure your test kits are also in a good range of accuracy when you compare the results of the same samples.  

Here are a few other reasons why you need to do both:

  • The basic soil kits are not super accurate as a laboratory.  Still helps to get you in the range and better than not knowing
  • You probably are not a highly trained soil testing expert.  We geek out on the science and data, but we don’t have the really expensive & technical knowledge to get super accurate readings.
  • A laboratory test will take some time, sometimes as much as a month when everyone is sending in samples.  Your own test kit can give you results almost instantly.

Different Soil Testing Equipment | Home Test Kits

It is funny as I was doing some further research on these methods for you and came across a page from a manufacturer that had at least 20 different types of soil testing equipment.

That is how it usually goes when you get into this scientific data stuff.  

We will keep it simple & light here because that is how we do it here on Green thumb. Don’t get caught up in paralysis analysis and just get your hands dirty.

We will narrow down the different types to:

  1. Probe
  2. Digital Testers
  3. Chemical

Full transparency is that I own several of these different kits because geeking out on soil is just what I like.

Probe Soil Testers

These types of soil testers involve you sticking some metal rods attached to a reading instrument.  The most common tests are for pH.

We use these for a really quick reading to make sure things are still optimal.  You don’t want to rely on these as your sole test to give you the most accurate data.  

Fortunately, these probes don’t cost much and still something to keep in your garden tool belt.  Some are better than others.

Digital Soil Testers

Digital soil testers usually are typically found as instruments that you add a small sample of soil and possibly a chemical to react with it.

Sometimes these are actually done by inserting directly into the soil almost like a pen.  These types of tests are also good for a quick reading.  

These types of soil kits generally cost a little more than probes, but are usually more accurate.

Chemical Soil Testers

These are by far the best way to get a more accurate soil analysis.  Possibly a hybrid method of using chemicals with a digital soil tester is best.

These soil test kits will have you add a sample of the soil to a test tube and add a few drops of chemicals.  You would repeat this for the different readings you are looking for.

These have been pretty close to the results we get from professional laboratory tests.  Not as accurate, but good enough to trust in between professional testing.

Professional Soil Testing | Garden Soil Testing Near Me

Professional soil testing will give you the best and most accurate readings for your garden soil.  They own the best equipment that is available and spent countless hours using it.

You still want to ensure you are sending in multiple samples of soil.  The reason is that there will be a variance between different areas of your garden.

You will also receive recommendations of what you can do to improve your soil.  You can use the data you get from the different areas to make your necessary amendments.

We recommend that you send these away to a local extension to make it easy for you.  Most charge a very nominal fee for testing.

Do a search for “Garden Soil Testing Near Me” to get the places near you.

Best Soil Test Kit Reviews 2019 & 2020

Here are some of the kits we have reviewed to help you get the best one for your needs.  The real takeaway here is to find something that you can use regularly each and every year.

We tried to cover all the bases to give you some options for everyone's budget.

In this list are different types of soil kits that are presently topping the charts in the market...

Anyways, without wasting so much of your time, let’s get into the soil kits, ASAP!

The best thing, as a gardener, is having tools that have multiple functions. Soil pH Meter is one of those tools you can add to your collection. This product can be used for three different functions.

First, check the moisture level in the soil. Second, to check if your plant is getting sufficient light from your grow light or directly from the sun. The third is the PH test, which helps you to check and control the PH level of the soil.

It's pretty easy to use. It can also be used indoors and outdoors, whether in your home garden or vegetable garden outside.

Some soil testers may require you to constantly buy batteries just to keep them working. However, with Atree Soil PH Meter, you don’t need batteries, just plug and conduct your test.


  • 3-in-one functions
  • Smart structure
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer service
  • Precise & Accurate meter 


  • Long and weak probes
  • Doesn’t retain measurements


Environmental Concept’s 1663 Professional Soil Test Kit is a liquid-based kit that both beginners and professionals can use.

It has a sturdy frame and can be used for both indoor and outdoor growing. Included in its pack is a PH preference list for 100 plants, as well as useful tips on how to grow and alter soil conditions.

Why it's the 80 tests is because it has all the components necessary for 80 tests. 20 for Nitrogen (N), 20 for Phosphorus (P), 20 for Potassium (K) and finally, 20 for PH.

However, you may not exactly get 80 tests as the product review says. It might have just been done to mislead buyers.

But, above all. It’s actually worth the buy.


  • Easy to use
  • Compact for indoors and outdoors


  • Needs further evaluation for longer use 

This soil test kit tests for PH, Potassium (K), Phosphorus (P), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn), Iron (Fe), Zinc (Zn), and Boron (B).

You might not exactly get 100% scientific accuracy on all the tests, but instead of impatiently waiting for a test result from the lab, you can just easily use this DIY soil test kit to check your soil.

Included are custom scientific bits of help and tips on the best fertilizer blends for your vegetable garden.

The macronutrient panel also provides details on health, composition, trace elements and issues of the soil you’re testing.


  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Lightweight 
  • Fairly Easy to use​
  • Great customer service


  • Results can vary
  • Inadequate usage instructions

LaMotte Garden Kit is a quite simple tester. The kit could be used to test your soil before planting. It could also be used in all the growing processes too.

The kit is useful for both science education and, very importantly, your garden analysis.

Included in the kit are rapid test procedures, laminated color charts, and instructions with useful diagrams.

It could be used to test for Nitrogen (N), Potassium (K), Phosphorus (P) and soil PH, with 15 tests each for nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, and a total of 30 tests for PH.

You’re assured of 100% satisfaction. In any case, you have the opportunity to return the kit for replacement or refund if you experience any issues with your purchase.

They also have great customer service and can be contacted every weekday via email, phone call or live chat, from 8 in the morning to 8 at night.


  • Useful for both science teaching and gardening
  • Accurate analysis
  • Favorable manufacturer return or refund policy


  • Weak measuring spoon 

BUY FROM AMAZON: LaMotte Garden Kit

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Bluelab Soil pH Pen is a quite handy soil tester. You can now easily monitor and regulate your soil without having to go through unnecessary stress.

Bluelab Soil pH Pen can be used to measure pH level or the temperature of Solutions, grow media and, of course, soils.

This pen is completely waterproof. It has a quite sturdy dibber that can be dipped into soils for the test.

It has a measurement range of 0.0 to 14.0 for pH and 0 to 50˚C or 32˚ to 122˚ F for temperature. Resolution for pH is 0.1 pH. For temperature, it is 1˚ C or 1˚ F. The pen’s testing accuracy is at 25˚ C/77˚ F ± 1˚ C/ ± 2˚F. Operation temperature; 0 to 50˚C, 32˚ to 122˚ F.

Other features include a backlit LCD, pH calibration indicator, low battery warning, and hold and auto-off functions.


  • Sturdy frame
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate & precise analysis


  • Not recommended for heavy usage
  • Needs battery to work

6 | Soil Savvy - Soil Test Kit

This is one of the simplest to use soil testers in the market.

It is a professional soil test kit that comes with simple soil recommendations for synthetic and organic nutrient products.

It provides full reports of soil pH ad 14 different nutrients, among which are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Aluminum, Sulfur, and Potassium.

The kit also includes every necessary component and all the information you need to get it working.


  • Very easy & simple to use
  • Tests for 14 different nutrients
  • Comes with recommendations for synthetic and organic


  • Non-detailed results

BUY FROM AMAZON: Soil Savvy - Soil Test Kit

This is one of the simplest to use soil testers in the market.  #gardentips #prepper #prepping

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Knowing the necessary information for the best maintenance of your home garden entails that you also have all the necessary tools needed for the healthy growth of your plants.

K KERNOWO Soil Test Kit is one soil tester you must have in your collection.

K KERNOWO Soil Test Kit, Atree Soil pH Meter, is also a compact 3-in-one tester that can be used to check for moisture, light, and PH.

It has highly sensitive probes that immediately detect soil sense changes.

It then transfers its details to the conductor which immediately displays the accurate analysis for your soil.

Heavy tools are an additional stress to your gardening. That’s why you need portable and lightweight equipment to use to reduce stress. K KERNOWO Soil Test Kit is lightweight and compact for outdoors and indoor usage.

As long as you keep it clean always, it’s going to last you for a lifetime.

You also have a return or repayment policy within 12 months of purchase, if you have any issues with the product.

soil ph testers


  • Easy to assemble
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Personal customer support


  • Short Probes
  • Relatively tiny conductor

This is a somewhat unique type of soil tester in its functions and design. Unlike many other soil kits, this has a one-button testing feature.

You can easily read the moisture level by pressing the button and checking the color of the light: blue for high, green for moderate and red for low.

In addition to its unique features is the auto monitor and power saved. The flashlight flashes red every 5 minutes if the humidity is below 15%.

It's water-proof and anti-corrosion. It can be left in the soil for long. Included in the kit are plant maintenance directions that you use to improve the growth of your plants.

There's 24/7 customer support for any request, complaints or inquiries you may have.

However, it might take time for you to get your head around how to use this tester. It requires that you follow some quite complex instructions.


  • Affordable and economical
  • 2 year warranty
  • Water proof
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Complex to use
  • Tiny micro LEDs
  • The battery compartment is not water proof
woodworking plans

This meter doesn't come alone, it comes with its squad if you know what I mean.

This soil kit has other handy tools needed for your home garden!

It's worth its money is gold, comes with 8 pieces of Bonsai tools; a folding scissors, stainless-steel tweezers, 1 pruning scissors, 1 wooden rake, 1 X wooden cleaning brush, and 2 wooden spades.

Want to avoid the regular troubles that come with using soil kits? You can use this, you don't even need a battery to power and use it.

It has a beautiful form. The interesting thing about it is that it's very easy to use. Whether you want to use in your vegetable garden indoors or outdoors, It's designed to work in any condition and space.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Handy and Easy to Use
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Affordable
  • Beautifully designed
  • Comes with other important garden tools 


  • Battery Powered

You should go for the Bluelab PENGTB Growers Toolbox if you want a portable soil kit that would be extremely easy to maintain.

This toolbox is finely designed, with a structure that makes it easy for you to maintain so that it lasts you for a lifetime!

This is also the relative best for beginners who are just trying out with a vegetable garden. Its simple crop management system makes it quite easy for you to handle.

There are two different pens for this tool; Bluelab ppm and Bluelab pH, for measuring the number of nutrients available and the nutrients uptake in your plants' soil.

You can also measure the solution temperature so you can create the best environment for your plant.


  • Accurate
  • Long-lasting
  • Has two pens; for ppm and PH


  • Complicated to use
  • The pH pen might start to malfunction later

This is one of the best soil kits to use to measure temperature and pH. It’s the best option if you want something to help you manage the growth of your plants and check for the nutrient uptake and overall plant health of your plants.

It uses a battery and has a backlit LCD.

This is a very good soil kit for sprouting plants.


  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and handy


  • Long term reliability
  • The pH pen may start to malfunction after a while

This is a quite fascinating soil kit. Why? It has a unique structure.

The conductor looks like a knob, which makes it relatively easy to use or handle.
It's not battery-operated.

However, electricity is needed, just plug and read. It has a fast pH and moisture reading too.


  • Easy to use
  • No battery required
  • Fast Reading


  • Might not as accurate  

best soil test kits review

Final Thoughts

Everyone knows all of the elements of nature are essential to life. Without any one of them, life would be extremely difficult for us, and certainly all other living things, especially our plants.

Our plants need a sufficient amount of water, light (invariably gotten from sun or indoor grow lights), air (oxygen and carbon dioxide), and more importantly, earth (that is, the soil they are grown with) to thrive.

And, this is why soil kits were invented. These test kits can be used to check for a lot of things. Among them is the nutrient value of the soil that you’re using.

This is why, before purchasing one off the counter or from an online store, you need to be sure you are getting one with the best features or specifications first.

LEARN MORE: 12 Best LED Grow Lights For Vegetables

Related Questions

Why do I need soil kits?

The soil, especially, the soil type, is one important thing to note before growing any plant. Using the wrong soil type for your plants can affect and stunt their growth in the long run.

They invariably need enough of the nutrients they can get from the soil to grow well until they eventually blossom.

This is why you need the best soil test kit to measure your plants' soil now and then for nutrients value, moisture, temperature, media levels, and so on.

Just make sure you have an optimum plant production from sprouting down to the time they blossom eventually.

Green Thumb Gardener
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12 Best Led Grow Lights for Vegetables

12 Best Led Grow Lights for Vegetables

Today, we are going to examine in detail the 12 best led grow lights for vegetables.

You do know that, generally, plants inevitably need light right?! 

I’m sure you also know it’s the energy gotten from it that’s, in fact, necessary for their survival and healthy growth.

Green thumb Gardener Top Pick

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Best Led Grow Lights for Vegetables

What can be sometimes challenging is providing them with that energy they need, and just as much as they need it. 

Thanks to new and emerging grow lights that have made things relatively easier than they used to be in the past!

You can now grow virtually any plant you like under your roof.

You know, at times, the direct energy derived from the sun might not just be sufficient for them.

This may be as a result of the seasonably cool weather or the location you’re breeding your veggies. 

But whatever the challenge may be, ensuring your plants get adequate oomph to keep them growing — till they flourish and are ready for harvest — is vitally important.

Growing your plants indoors will definitely require you to set up artificial lights that will play the same role the sunlight would in their survival.

However, a more difficult challenge may be choosing the best LED lights for vegetables.

You should know that unlike many other plants, vegetables don’t need any special kind of lamps like many people usually seem to think.

They can be grown under any type you choose to buy.

LEDs are actually okay too. The major things you might just have to consider before purchasing one are:

  • Quality 
  • Intensity 
  • Spectrum 
  • Efficiency 
  • Affordability

There are a lot of them out there that it may make it quite tough for you to make the right decision.

We have carefully compiled a list of the best LED lights you can find in the market to ease the stress of searching for the best.

So, gardeners! Let’s not waste your time…

Mieemclux LED Grow Light’s a highly powerful LED grow light with some amazing features that you’d really like. It has a very high PAR value and triple-chip LEDs.

These features make it more efficient than the single and double chip LEDs.

The reflector offers a more concentrated beam, at a discharging angle of 90°. It displays twice the PAR value of a lamp without the reflector and also has the ability to withstand temperature as high as 120°.

Mieemclux has two different channels; the VEG and BLOOM Channel, which can either be used one at a time or simultaneously.

The VEG Channel consumes power at 140W while BLOOM Channel consumes at 125W. When used simultaneously, they have a power consumption of 260W, which means Mieemclux uses less the power of a regular grow lamp.

With this, you can expect to save up to 80% on your electricity bills.

Mieemclux also comes with a daisy chain design that is built to connect with the series of LEDs. The fans are not noisy too.

LEDs normally generate a fairly intense heat that may even increase depending on the humidity level in your grow room. The fans are rather effective in keeping it cool. So, you can rest assured that it will last long.


  • Reduced power consumption
  • Uses triple-chip LEDs
  • Includes a 36-month warranty
  • Includes a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Lightweight 


  • Relatively expensive
  • May need consistent cooling to reduce heat
  • Undimmable


AOVOK LED’s your best bet if you want a lamp that is highly affordable and easy to set up.

You don’t need help or any strange tools to install. All you’d just need to do is arrange, clip and then hang, and your grow lamp is installed.

AOVOK LED Grow Lamp’s highly efficient with pretty low power consumption.

The reflective cups allow for a 60° concentration such that your plants get to directly absorb 90% of the energy emitted.

This LED has high-value chips of red and blue lights that collectively produce a power up to five times higher than HPS/MH lamps.

LEDs don’t really generate much heat. But, this particular lamp is built with a noiseless fan to invariably keep it cool every time.

One of the things you may find unsatisfactory about AOVOK LED is the unreliable timer.

Even though the lamp has a flexible gooseneck, the bulbs would begin to detach themselves easily from their necks after some time. To avoid this, you might need to fix them tightly to their goosenecks.

This lamp is not water-resistant. The best thing would be to keep it well away from water if you actually want it to last.

Nevertheless, AOVOK LED is a good fit for all vegetable types.

It has also been certified by the ROHS, CE, and FCC.


  • Easy to set up 
  • Very affordable 
  • Highly efficient
  • Low power consumption
  • Noiseless
  • Broad Spectrum 


  • Unreliable timer 
  • Not water-resistant 
  • Bulbs detach easily from the gooseneck 
  • Not quite long-lasting

3 | ANTLUX 4FT LED Grow Lights 50W

ANTLUX 4FT LED Grow Lights 50W Full Spectrum Integrated 4 Foot Growing Lamp Fixtures for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plant Seedling Veg and Flower, Plug in, on/Off Pull Chain Included, 4 Pack
ANTLUX 4FT LED Grow Lights 50W Full Spectrum Integrated 4 Foot Growing Lamp Fixtures for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plant Seedling Veg and Flower, Plug in, on/Off Pull Chain Included, 4 Pack

Three of the major features many of us should consider before purchasing our grow lamps are high performance, low energy consumption, and a healthy lifespan.

These things are vital and ANTLUX 4FT LED offers them all.

This lamp only consumes a power of about 50w; a wide gap from what the old-fashioned LEDs generally consume.

ANTLUX 4FT LED has a durable structure.

It also has an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, with highly efficient performance to last all day long.

This lamp comes with a daisy chain plug that allows for great lighting for your veggies.

The installation’s quite easy too. That you don't have to worry about!

The fascinating design also offers an integrated reflector that ensures no energy wasted.

However, ANTLUX 4FT LED mightn’t be generating just enough heat as a 4FT would.

But aside from this, it’s definitely worth its weight in gold. You’re sure going to get a full spectrum for your veggies.


  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy installation 
  • Offers a full spectrum


  • Low heat radiation 

4 | Up DayDay LED Grow Light 1000W Full Spectrum Indoor Plants LED Growing Lamp

LED Grow Light 1000W Full Spectrum Indoor Plants LED Growing Lamp for Vegetables and Flowers Programmable Digital Electric Timer Switch Angle of Illumination Adjustable
LED Grow Light 1000W Full Spectrum Indoor Plants LED Growing Lamp for Vegetables and Flowers Programmable Digital Electric Timer Switch Angle of Illumination Adjustable

Up DayDay LED Grow lamps can give you the rapid germination you want for your vegetables.

With its 200 pieces of power-packed LEDs, you can be sure to get a full spectrum similar to that of the sunlight.

Up DayDay has a rather unique design that allows you to easily adjust to the illumination angle you prefer.

Instead of having to mount higher and higher every time your veggies grow taller, you can just easily adjust and re-adjust the lights.

It can actually go as far as 30° upwards or downwards.

Up DayDay comes with an integrated timer for flexible lighting duration for your plants.

Too much light can also be also bad for your plant. It can scorch and burn your veggie, which is why an LED grow lamp like the Up DayDay will be quite useful for optimizing your plants’ lighting time for survival.

You have 24 different programmable timing functions to adopt for your plants' light circle.

In comparison with other lamps in the same range, Up DayDay fans usually make noise. But they actually work well in keeping it cool all the time.

The best thing about this lamp is that it saves you power, thereby reducing the electricity expenses incurred using a traditional lamp.


  • Energy & cost-efficient
  • Adjustable


  •  Noisy fan 
  •  Not waterproof

landscape design ideas

5 | Elejolie 2000W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Elejolie 2000W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Greenhouse Plant Light for Vegetables and Flowers

Elejolie 2000W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Greenhouse Plant Light for Vegetables and Flowers

This is a really powerful LED Grow light. It has a whooping wattage measurement of 2000w.

The advanced dual optical lens series provide various rays that work just like sunlight and are very good for sprouting plants.

With the really wide spectrum, this indoor growing lamp emits, you can be rest assured your vegetables will invariably have a successful process of generating the energy they need for their survival.

Elejolie also has two high-speed whispering fans that always dissipate the heat it generates to keep it cool all the time.

The light it offers is so bright that you’re advised not to look directly into it. And that’s why enclosed in its pack is an eyeglass to protect your eyes.


  • 1-year money-back guarantee
  • Low-noise fan
  • Long-lasting


  • Light is so bright

Phlizon CREE COB is bright, stable, and long-lasting. It has various light beads reflecting a really wide spectrum.

The grow lamp also has about the highest PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) quality. This feature helps in facilitating the development of your plants from seedlings to full-blown flowery plants.

Other important features include reduced thermal resistance and attenuation for less light.

To considerable save up on energy, Phlizon CREE COB might be the best lamp for vegetables. It is technically energy-efficient than the MH, HID and HPS lamps

This grow light is quite powerful. This is why it gives off more heat than necessary.

The bad news is that it may not last as long as you’d want it too. Many of its bulbs may damage quickly too. The fans are the most annoying part.

They let out some pretty annoying noise.


  • Provides a super bright spectrum
  • Affordable
  • Energy-efficient


  • Gives off too much heat

You can now grow virtually any plant you like under your roof.  #gardentips #prepper #prepping #seedstarting

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Hytekgro provides a full spectrum and a wavelength like that your plant would normally get from sunlight.

The lamp holds various series of LEDs that make it a pretty good option for the different developmental stages of your plants.

The interesting thing about this lamp is that it’s easy to set-up. Although installing might take up some time. But, the only serious job is hanging them.

Afterwards, there’s nothing more than to start it up.

Hytekgro has a sturdy frame and that LEDs are lightweight.

It has an effective heat control that allows it to run cool and calm always. So, your plants are in no danger of bleaching or burning.

It is highly efficient too. You don’t have to keep wasting your money to pay exorbitant electricity bills every now and then.

Discouraging info about this lamp is that the wattages might be entirely accurate as presented in the product description.

They do not also offer direct concentration and spectrum that would be enough to cover your veggies canopies well.

Best Led Grow Lights for Vegetables


  • Relatively full spectrum
  • Easy to assemble
  • Inexpensive
  • Doesn’t consume too much electricity


  • Gives off too much heat 

8 | Roleadro Grow Light Red Blue Plant Light for Indoor Full Spectrum

Roleadro Grow Light Red Blue Plant Light for Indoor Full Spectrum Greenhouse Hydroponic Vegetable Succulent Flowering Led Grow Light-1500w
Roleadro Grow Light Red Blue Plant Light for Indoor Full Spectrum Greenhouse Hydroponic Vegetable Succulent Flowering Led Grow Light-1500w

A grow lamp with a full spectrum, low heat emission, and energy-saving capacity is quite difficult to find these days.

There are so many different types available in the market. However, the usually low quality of many of these products can be really discouraging.

Even among all these products, there are still reliable products like the Roleadro LED.

This lamp is definitely a better option than many of those with doubtful specs and descriptions.

In addition, Roleadro also has a high level of PAR. What, however, makes it even better is its balanced lumen output that it gives.

Plants germination will be sped up when you use this lamp, which is why is perfect for sprouting plants.

What many of want in our lights are usually high-intensity and maximum coverage. The bright light Roleadro LED provides gives your plant the adequate nutrients they need to get, day in, day out.

The combination of the blue and red LEDs also works effectively in facilitating the photosynthesis processes in your veggies until they are ready for harvest.

Because of the 2 high-speed cooling fans, an inbuilt aluminum heat sink, and a preinstalled temperature regulator, the cooling system is more efficient.

The LED board is well-protected, and the lifespan of your lamp is also maintained this way.

The lamp’s eco-friendly and uniquely designed Beed and zeener. It is also highly resistant to extreme temperatures.

The only discouraging thing about this lamp is the timer that can be unreliable.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Low heat generation
  • Full-spectrum
  • Saves energy


  • Timer is unreliable
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Goyaesque only consumes about 220w and is a really energy-efficient lamp indeed!

Goyaesque has two different switches similar to Mieemclux 1500w LED Grow Light above.

They are the VEG and BLOOM switches. The first is especially good for growing vegetables, sprouting and grooming your young plants.

The second has red and white LEDs and is quite good for flowering.

They can also be used together for maximum results.

The IR UV LEDs are essential in strengthening the defence mechanism of your veggies. They also provide a full-spectrum that looks like that of sunlight.

The two inbuilt fan systems work in cooling it and extending its lifespan.

The lamps heat up a little more than normal. This is why users are advised to keep their grow room temperature below 40° to reduce heat.

Sadly, this lamp doesn’t also come with a quality timer. Which is not so great if you think of the lighting cycle your plants would regularly need to survive.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Long-lasting
  • Full-spectrum
  • Affordable


  • Gives off too much heat
  • Comes with no timers 

10 | ASIGN LED Grow Light 2000w Full Spectrum for Indoor Planting

10% Off!ASIGN LED Grow Light 2000w Full Spectrum for Indoor Planting, 3 Modes Bloom Grow for Vegetable Flowers Fruit Planting Light for Hydroponics Greenhouse
10% Off!ASIGN LED Grow Light 2000w Full Spectrum for Indoor Planting, 3 Modes Bloom Grow for Vegetable Flowers Fruit Planting Light for Hydroponics Greenhouse

A plant needs sufficient energy it can get from sunlight to ensure its continuous growth and survival.

Without an adequate supply of this light, your plants may wither and die after some time.

“But I’m growing indoors, how do I get the sunlight my plants need?”

Well, that's what techs like ASIGN LED Grow Light have been designed to do.

This lamp offers the same natural energy your veggies would get normally from sunlight.

Its wavelength is just what your plant will need to build a strong and healthy structure.

Like many other lamps, it is also energy efficient. It consumes only about 220 wattages thereby saving you power.

Compared to most HPS/HID lights, ASIGN LED has better reflectors that allow for a wider coverage on your plants.

The lamp has a relatively strong cooling system too. You don’t have to worry about it overheating.

They sure will also last longer too.


  • Strong Lamps
  • Long-lasting


  • Low heat generation 

11 | Likesuns LED Grow Plant Light Full Spectrum Grow Light

Likesuns LED Grow Plant Light - Full Spectrum Grow Light for Succulents, Herbs and Flower - High Power, Dual Chip Design with Large Cooling Fan - Double Switch Vegetable and Bloom Buttons - 1200W

Likesuns LED Grow Plant Light - Full Spectrum Grow Light for Succulents, Herbs and Flower - High Power, Dual Chip Design with Large Cooling Fan - Double Switch Vegetable and Bloom Buttons - 1200W

Likesuns LED is a very affordable grow light. There are 3 different types depending on the wattage range you can afford.

They all come fully packed with amazing features that you and your plants will definitely enjoy.

The LED also has two different channels, and they both offer a balanced proportion of full, concentrated spectrum that will help your veggies through all the different stages of their development.

This lamp also has a very efficient cooling system that dissipates heat easily and circulates air needed to cool the LED board.

This will also help in keeping them in good condition all the time.

It’d be the best option if you’re looking to replace your low heat resistant traditional lamps with another that keeps the temperature in your room to a reasonably low level.

With its double-chip LED, you’re sure to get rapid development on the life cycle of your plants.


  • Long-lasting
  • Fuller and more concentrated spectrum
  • Affordable
  • Effective cooling system
  • Weatherproof
  • Energy-saving


  • Low heat generation

People often complain of the durability and long-lasting nature of many lights.

Many lamps usually presented and described by manufacturers describe to be the best don't normally stand the test of time. They start to damage a few months after their purchase.

COB LED Ultralight is actually good a lamp you can choose if you want your money's worth on durability and a lasting lifespan.

This LED is particularly good for the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, which is why it has made his list.

It comes with a daisy chain system that controls the heat it radiates. So you don't have to worry about it malfunctioning as a result of overheating.

The COB chips of this lamp offer brightness and wavelength similar to the rays gotten directly from the sun. And, this provides your veggies with sufficient energy for a balanced growth.

The chips used in building are completely original American made CREE chips. These high-intensity chips usually produce highly-efficient rays to cover your veggies.

The structural design is also an amazing fit for your grow room.

It’s sufficient energy. And, it comes with reflectors built to effectively illuminate and brighten the canopies of your veggies.


  • Effective reflectors
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Original American CREE chip


  • Not waterproof
  • Limited timing cycle  

Best Led Grow Lights for Vegetables

Final Thoughts

Yes, outdoor farming is actually overrated! Your veggies don't necessarily need direct sunlight to develop well and blossom.

All you just need are the best lamps for vegetables to facilitate the photosynthesis process of your plants. And that's what we've provided you with: 12 of the best LED grow lights for vegetables.

Before purchasing any of these lights, be certain it is just the right one for your plants.

Other important factors outside products specifications you might want to consider are:

  1. Surrounding temperature, 
  2. Price 
  3. Yield

These three things also determine the lamp you'll be getting; particularly one that your plants will greatly benefit from.

The products on this list are also not arranged in any order. They are only just a guide for you.

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Related Questions

What types of LED are perfect for vegetable cultivation?

Just any type will be perfect. Important things to be sure before ordering are the spectrum range, performance, lifespan, warranty, energy efficiency and some other important factors.

This is really essential for your plant’s speedy growth and also the high yield you'll get at the end of the day.

Why LED?

LED grow lamps are not just ordinary light. Why they are so useful for growing indoors is because they give infra-red and UV radiations that your plants need.

In fact, every cultivator will confirm to you how important the illumination LED offers is for your plants to grow and blossom.

So, yes, LED is actually good for your vegetables.

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