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Extend your Garden Harvest: 3 ways of preserving food

a couple of months ago

3 ways of Preserving Food

'You reap what you sow'. You need a sure fire way to extend your garden harvest and preserve your bounty of vegetables and herbs.

preserving harvestHello Gardeners, You made it through the growing season of your garden.  By now you might have tons of tomatoes, peppers, and a bush full of basil that can pack a punch in your pesto sauce recipe.  You might have tomato salads and stir-frys every night of the week when you are picking your vegetables daily.

You might be thinking, “What can I possibly use 15 peppers all at once as they are ripe to pick & harvest.  It is the old saying that goes, “You reap what you sow”.  You need a sure fire way to extend your garden harvest and preserve your bounty of vegetables and herbs.  You need some simple and easy ways of preserving food.

You might be thinking that food preservation is some really difficult thing that is left to the professionals.  That could be farther from the truth as these techniques that you will learn are times tested & simple enough to add to your repertoire of gardening mastery. Continue reading

How to Thin Carrots (2 Simple Ways of Thinning Carrots)

a couple of months ago

How to Thin Carrots (2 Simple Ways of Thinning Carrots)

Want to learn 2 simple ways on how to thin carrots. You will learn 2 simple techniques of thinning carrots that can be done in your container, pot, or garden beds. Thinning carrots is the process of removing some of your carrots plants out. The carrots may be crowded as it is common with them because the seeds are really tiny and sometimes get broadcast too much together. Learning how to thin carrots will ensure that your carrots can grow to full maturity.

Here are the 2 methods of thinning carrots:

1. You can use scissors to snip the carrots stalks at the base. Just be careful not to cut too many carrot plants.

2. You can also transplant your carrot plant. This helps you move them around to fill out spaces in your container, pot or garden. This is especially helpful if you want to move some carrots plants to another container or spot in your garden. We also go over some other general tips in the video that will help to prepare you to thin carrots.


You may also find that a better way to prevent the need to thin carrot is to use different seeds.  There are some carrots seeds that enable you to plant the seeds with much ease.  They are pelleted carrot seeds that are much larger in size than normal seeds.  These seeds are coated to make them easier to plant the carrots seeds.  This is a way to prevent thinning them out, but they do cost a little more than the regular seeds.  Your typical carrot seeds packets will not contain as much as the normal carrots seeds either.

Hope that you got some good old fashioned green thumb gardener dirt to help you thin your carrots.  Have any other questions about how to thin your carrots? Post in the comments section of this post!

Preparing your Garden for a Storm

a couple of months ago

Hurricane Florence prep- preparing your garden for a storm that may be coming.

Make sure that you pick as much as can of your fruits and vegetables. A storm that has any wind over 40 mph gusts can damage or weaken your garden plants.

Make sure to also tie down or put away any lose tools that you may have in your garden area

Garden Fail – How to recover from your Garden Mistakes

a few months ago

Garden Fail – How to recover from your Garden Mistakes


In the video below, Jeremy Starke from Green Thumb Gardener shows his Garden fail.  He goes through what failures he has and shares how to learn from this to turn it into a successful vegetable garden.  You will want to watch this if you had any vegetable garden mistakes.  Who hasn’t killed plants?  You can recover from any garden fail and learn from your mistakes.  Vegetable gardening for beginners can be a worthwhile endeavor, hobby, & skill.  Please don’t get discouraged when (it will happen) you encounter your first failure.

Who hasn't killed plants? You can recover from any garden fail and learn from your mistakes. Click to Tweet

How to learn from your Garden mistakes

You had some vegetable garden failures during your gardening. Garden mistakes happen to even the most successful gardens.  One garden tip is to keep a good record of what works and doesn’t work.    It is important to document all your failures to help you grow from your failures.  It’s good practice use something similar to this: click here  You can use this journal or some notebook to help with the following:

  • Keep records of where you place each plant.  Trust me, you won’t remember each variety of plant after you set out a bunch of tiny plants.  Your vegetables tags may get lost, broken or fade as they grow.  This will help to avoid garden mistakes.   Do a simple sketch of your garden and just put what you plant.
  • Use the gardening journal to track your plant feeding schedule.  Simply jot down the dates you apply your fertilizer.
  • Use it to help plan what worked and what didn’t work.  Say you planted too many cucumbers in 1 spot.  You only really needed 2, but you threw in 3 because you hate killing your plants (We all do this sometimes).  Well make a note, so next year you only plant 2.

The most important advice is to not get discouraged.  We all make mistakes, even us long time gardeners.  I have my fair share of garden problems and failures.  Take a look at the video below if you want to see one of my failures.  Hopefully, you can learn from my garden fail.

Zucchini Squash Plants: 3 Tips to Grow like a Boss

a few months ago

Zucchini Plant: 3 Simple Squash Plant tips for an abundant harvest

There are many tips that you can do to grow successful a zucchini squash plant.    The zucchini plant seems to be one of those vegetables that is near and dear to many gardeners.  It also can be the bane of a gardener if you don’t give it the care and attention that it may need throughout its growing cycle.

You will learn to give the right amount of fertilizers to your zucchini plants, How to prune your squash plants like a champ, and how & why to pick your squash plants often.  Your zucchini plant can provide you with a wonderful bounty if you follow these simple tips.

Tip#1: Zucchini Squash Plants are heavy feeders so give them what they need

Zucchini squash requires a massive amount of food.  They are kind of like that growing teenage that devoures all your food in one sitting and is still hungry.  However, this does not mean that you just dump a ton of fertiliser into the plant.  Generally, you want to set it up with a good foundation in your soil prior to planting your zucchini squash plant.  You will also want to give it subsequent feedings periodically throughout the zucchini’s growing cycle.

  • Nutrient Requirements: Nitrogen (N)- High; Phosphorus (P)- balanced; Potassium (K)- balanced
  • Squash plants need to be started with a good soil base that is rich with nitrogen such as aged manure.  It also good to add a balanced fertiliser to your planting hole prior to either seeding your zucchini plant or transplanting your squash in.  This could include organic means such as bone meal, blood meal & greensand or rock dust.  These are insoluble fertilisers so they need time to break down and a perfect to incorporate as you just plant.  You can also use worm castings or black gold in the gardening world.  Check out my video I did on benefits of worm castings here.
  • Zucchini plants also need regular supplemental feedings with either a soluble or insoluble fertilisers
The zucchini plant seems to be one of those vegetables that is near and dear to many gardeners. It also can be the bane of a gardener if you don't give it the care and attention.. Click to Tweet

Tip #2: Squash Plant Leaves need to be pruned

Zucchini plants and most other squash plants may need a a good pruning every once in awhile. It is in your best interest to prune your squash plant leaves as they continue to grow.  Pruning your squash plant leaves has many benefits.

  • Pruning the squash leaves is a good prevention for powdery mildew.  Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that affects many plants.  It is more prevalent in moist and high humidity environment.  Pruning the zucchini plant leaves will allow for proper air flow circulation.
  • Pruning plant leaves will also help to promote further growth overall of the plant.

Here is a video that shows you the technique of pruning squash zucchini plants:

Tip #3: Squash Plants need to be picked often

Yes, you heard it correctly.  Squash plants need to be picked often.  I remember that I checked my plants before leaving for a long weekend.  The zucchini plants were almost full grown squash ready to be picked after returning four days later.  A few squash suddenly grew into huge zucchini monsters.  Make sure to check your plants often.  They also seem to be better tasting when they are harvested young, so don’t be afraid to pick them earlier.

Picking the zucchini plants will also help to promote further growth and development of other zucchinis.  This will signal the squash plant to start producing more zucchini plant buds.  This is actual a good tip for most of your garden vegetables. Of course, you don’t want to pick them too early.  It is something you can experiment with to see what works best for you.  You want more zucchini, so don’t wait too long to pick them.

There you have 3 simple steps to help boost your zucchini plants.  Tell me in the comments below what you you do to care for your zucchini squash plants.  Feel free to share this article with any gardener who may need a little love with the squash plants.

50 Subscribers, Shout Out & Garden Update

a few months ago

In this video, I give you a huge thanks for hitting 50 subscribers.  I also love the garden community and wanted to give a HUGE shout out to the following channels for support & inspiration.

Please check them out and support them:

Lastly, I give you a tour of my vegetable garden that is full of tomatoes, peppers, melons, watermelons, sunflowers, cucumbers, squash, corn, herbs. Thanks for all your support!

Pruning Squash Zucchini Plants to help prevent Powdery Mildew

a few months ago

Pruning Squash Zucchini Plants to help prevent powdery mildew. In this video I demonstrate how to prune your zucchini squash plants to help prevent powdery mildew. These squash plants were planted from these seeds: https://amzn.to/2JkPd2R

In this video Jeremy Starke from Green Thumb Gardener shows you tips on how to prune your squash zucchini plants to help prevent powdery mildew. This is part of a series on how to grow zucchini squash and how to control powdery mildew. Pruning your zucchini squash plant will help with airflow around the zucchini plant and is an effective diy powdery mildew treatment for optimal production. These tips are just one of the keys on how to stop powdery mildew.