12 Best Garden Hose Filter | Make Your Water Safer

You know it matters when you look for ways to shape your garden to what you want it to be. When shopping for a garden hose filter, you may want to get one that makes gardening easier & safer. 

We are aware you need what will improve your life and make it more comfortable in your daily endeavors in the garden.

That is why we have brought you a comprehensive guide to the best garden hose filters.

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Green Thumb

AQUA CREST RV Inline Water Hose Filter

  • 100 micron filter

best choice

LOVHO Sediment Garden Hose Filter

  • 40 Mesh Screen

best choice

Camco 40043 TastePure RV/Marine Water Filter

  • 20 micron filter

best choice

Camco 40045 TastePURE Water Hose Filter

  • 20 micron filter

best choice

Camco GardenPURE Carbon Water Hose Filter

  • 100 micron filter

Budget Option

HuaYao 2Pack Sediment Filter Attachment

  • Sediment Filter

best choice

Clean Water Garden Hose Filter

  • Filter up to 10k gallons

best choice

AQUA PURA 5-Stage Pre-Filter Garden Hose

  • 5 Stage Filter

best choice

Culligan RV-800 Water Filter

  • Filter up to 2k gallons

best choice

SHURFLO RV-10UC-A WaterGuard 10″ Filter

  • Easy to Replace Filters

best choice

HydroLogic GroGreen Garden Hose Water Filter

  • 8000 gallons

best choice

Woder WD-10K-Port Portable Filter

  • 10k gallons

Top Garden Hose Filter Review

1 | LOVHO Sediment Filter Attachment Garden Hose

You want a garden hose filter that will do your watering in the garden with the most affordable price.  Right?

LOVHO Sediment Filter can be a great choice. Apart from attaching it to the garden hose, you can also connect it to a pressure hose with a maximum power output of 80 psi. 

It is also recommended to use this tap water filter under a temperature of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Above all, the stainless steel filter measures 0.75 inches male inlet and 0.75 inches female outlet.

If you have had your pressure washer pump damaged without your knowledge, you will readily grab a tap water filter to protect it next time. That could be because your filter was worn out or never filtered large sediments.

LOVHO filter has been designed to remove these sediments, giving you a great way of protecting your washer pump as it makes your gardening convenient. It can also prevent leakage around the pipe joint.


  • Easy to maintain hose filter
  • Gives you a chance to examine the clarity of water with its see-through reservoir
  • Extra materials used that prevent leakage or seepage
  • Fits perfectly to a standard garden hose, pressure washer inlet or water spigot


  • Does not filter out viruses
  • Not environmental friendly

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: LOVHO Sediment Filter Attachment Garden Hose

2 | Camco 40043 TastePure RV/Marine Water Filter

This product comes with a long-lasting carbon filter with a 20-micron fiber barrier. If you get impatient at times with slow-moving water, you can find relief with this filter’s wide design allowing a higher flow rate. 

Camco 40043 TastePure RV/Marine Water Filter is another excellent choice in your garden with just a few dollars in your pocket. 

The filter uses Granular Activated Carbon and Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, which helps prevent the growth of fungus, mold, and bacteria in the filter. 

It excellently removes aluminum, heavy metals, cadmium, hydrogen sulfide, lead, iron, mercury, odor, and turbidity. 

You get more in this filter’s friendly cost. Another benefit you will get from this product is its ability to work well with a recreation vehicle or a trailer and a water hose for camping purposes. You can also use this filter for vehicle cleaning. 

This filter can also save your day from irritating hoses by preventing kinking in the water hose allowing smooth water flow.


  • Easy installation 
  • Higher water flow rate
  • Affordable
  • Streamlined water flow its great inline design
  • Prevents hose from crimping at the faucet
  • You can attach the filter to any standard garden hose as well as a water hose


  • Rarely obtains spot-free rinse

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Camco 40043 TastePure RV/Marine Water Filter

3 | Camco 40045 TastePURE Water Hose Filter

TastePURE Water Hose Filter by Camco is one of the best garden hose filters in the market. 

The product comes with great features that are great for providing clean water for your garden plants. 

The filter comes with a 20-micron fiber barrier. It can remove various components from garden water, including aluminum, cadinum, heavy metals, lead, hydrogen peroxide, mercury, iron, turbidity, as well as odor.

If you are looking for a perfect garden hose filter, you can attach to any standard gardening hose as well as any water hose; then, you got it in TastePURE Water Hose Filter. 

The 1.6 pounds filter will work amazingly for your gardening, planting, and farming purposes. 

The filter comes with Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) responsible for preventing fungus, bacteria, and mold growth as well as removing carbon. Its inline design encourages smooth water flow. 

If safe water in the garden matters for you, you will gladly like this product’s ability to fit with any standard hose for watering your plants. Apart from filtering your garden water, TastePURE Water Hose Filter can also be used in the campsite, filling a pool or water tub, boating, and for cleaning your vehicle. 

You can also effectively use it between your trailer and water hose.


  • Fit any standard hose and water hose 
  • Improves the taste of your water
  • Durable
  • Has a wide-body design
  • Easy to assemble


  • Rarely obtains spot-free rinse

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Camco 40045 TastePURE Water Hose Filter

4 | Camco GardenPURE Carbon Water Hose Filter

Camco GardenPURE Carbon Water Hose Filter features several great features. 

It comes with a durable activated carbon filter and a 100-micron fiber barrier. 

Its wide body and great inline design are excellent for high and streamlined water flow. 

The 1.15 pounds water hose filter filters 1 gallon of water per minute for the best results.

Camco has continually got in the front line to care for the gardeners for more than 50 years. With Camco GardenPURE Carbon Water Hose Filter, you are guaranteed to improve the health of your plants. 

The filter removes chlorine and chloramine levels from your water. The same bacteria killed by your water treatment company are great for nutrient multiplication in your garden. 

Camco GardenPURE Carbon Water Hose Filter is also an excellent choice in removing aluminum, lead, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, and mercury. It is a great relief not only to the plant species but humans too. 

These components can be deadly if allowed into the plants.


  • Great for aeroponic gardening system
  • Affordable price with great features
  • Directly attaches to any standard garden hose
  • Produces safe drinking water for animals
  • Easy to connect to the garden hose with no assembly required


  • It is not meant for ponds or fish tanks

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Camco GardenPURE Carbon Water Hose Filter

5 | HuaYao 2Pack Sediment Filter Attachment

This filter features a unique design that enhances its functionality. It comes with a permanent mesh screen filter of size 100 that is easy to clean.

HuaYao 2Pack’s inlet features a 0.75 inches male inlet and 0.75 inches female outlet. It can work with garden hose pressure of up to 80 psi. 

You can attach this powerful filter designed with long-lasting metal couplers to your garden hose or pressure washer to start filtering your water.

HuaYao works best in preventing damage to the pressure washer pump as it filters debris out of the water from the spigot. 

Its universal fit is excellent for use with the most garden hose and pressure washers. 

Its robust metal couplers are great in boosting large metal removal as well as sediments.  

When it comes to fixing, HuaYao filters can be set easily using the easy to follow manual. 

The manufacturer also provides other useful maintenance guidelines such as using, cleaning, and storing.


  • It is cost-friendly
  • Made of durable material
  • Has multiple uses
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Not safe for human drinking

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: HuaYao 2Pack Sediment Filter Attachment

6 | AQUA CREST RV Inline Water Filter

AQUA CREST RV Inline Water Filter
  • Filter: 100-micron fiber barrier
  • Dimensions: 11.18" x 5.31" x 2.27"
  • Weight: 2.12 lbs
Check Current Price Learn More

This product is made to follow a strict filtration process to make your water effective for garden use. 

The manufacturer used 20 microns rating Granular Activated Carbon and Kinetic Degradation Fluxion to build up with this amazing filter. AQUA CREST RV Inline Water 

AQUA CREST knew how to come up with a desirable product. AQUA CREST RV Inline Water Filter is perfect for gardening activities to remove chlorine, chloramine, and harmful chemicals from your water. 

With the use of Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, the filter ensures that these chemicals, together with heavy metals as well as other contaminants, are effectively removed from your garden water.

Besides, you can also use AQUA CREST for car washing. It is capable of reducing water etches from the car’s paint using rust and sediment-free filtered water. 

It guarantees a better detergent action, enhanced cleaning effect, and a prolonged service of the entire equipment.

It comes with a unique usage method. Fix it at the inlet to combine it with a pressure washer to use it effectively. Its anti-kinky hose protection design makes it convenient to connect it to the water hose.


  • The filter is environmentally friendly
  • Guarantees high efficient filtration
  • Ensures leak-free fit
  • It is easy to connect to a faucet or a garden hose
  • Does not allow leach back of contaminants into the filtered water
  • Supports drinking water


  • Clogging issues arise after some time of use


7 | Clean Water Garden Hose Filter

This is another fantastic water filter in our list that is meant to remove chlorine, VOCs, chloramine, and pesticides.  

The garden hose filter by Clean Water Fun can filter up to 10 000 gallons of water. 

You can fit it to any standard garden hose and use it in any of your outdoor activities requiring water.

Garden Hose Filter by Clean Water has been tested thoroughly to remove impurities and harmful chemicals from your garden water. 

Unique from most water filters, it undergoes third-party testing, making it possible to remove 99 percent of organic chemicals and chloramines of up to 97 percent. It is also capable of reducing toxins, heavy metals as well as all levels of volatile compounds, 

This hose filter also has a unique design for a larger surface area of filtration. It comes with KDF and a powerful catalytic carbon. The catalytic carbon undergoes the steam activation process creating micro-pores in its form. 

This process results in creating a medium effective for absorbing ammonia, chlorine, and other organics.


  • You can attach the filter to any standard garden hose
  • Made with a sturdy catalytic carbon material
  • Undergoes through advanced filtering


  • Not fit for fish tanks or ponds use
  • Requires extra attachments to boost its functionality

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Clean Water Garden Hose Filter

8 | AQUA PURA 5-Stage Pre-Filter Garden Hose Attachmentner Garden

The AQUA PURA 5-Stage, Pre-Filter Garden Hose Attachment, works well with any standard garden hose to remove unwanted components from the water. 

It is made of durable materials to ensure that you get the most out of your filter. 

The AQUA PURA 5-Stage, Pre-Filter Garden Hose Attachment, uses carbon to filter out harmful components from your water effectively. The easy to use filter is excellent for use in your garden, and pool or spa filling purpose.  

The filter is meant to remove volatile organic compounds, solids, iron, hard metals, chloramines, and chlorine.

It effectively removes heavy metals and sediments and minerals to soften the water to the required levels. Hard water may add excess minerals to the soil. 

This may lead to the plants not taking in the required amount of minerals affecting its growth. AQUA PURA ensures you avoid these and more other issues that come up as a result of watering unfiltered or poorly filtered water.


  • It is easy to use
  • Its design and material used guarantees durability
  • Softens hard water
  • Water passes through a thorough filtration process


  • Has threads only on the inlet side

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: AQUA PURA 5-Stage Pre-Filter Garden Hose Attachment

9 | Culligan RV-800 Exterior Pre-Tank Water Filter with Hose

Are you looking for the perfect water filter to use with a Recreational Vehicle? 

Culligan has skillfully created the RV-800 Exterior Pre-Tank Recreational Vehicle Water Filter with Hose to undertake several filtering tasks.

Apart from watering your garden directly, Culligan RV-800 Exterior Pre-Tank Recreational Vehicle Water Filter with Hose has been designed to attach easily to recreational vehicles, trailers, campers, motor homes, and boats for increased purposes. 

It effectively reduces bacteria, chlorine taste and odor, bad taste and odor, and sediment.

The vehicle water filter uses Granular Activated Carbon and Kinetic Degradation Fluxion to reduce chlorine taste and odor, sediment, bacteriostatic, and bad taste. You should not be worried about the kind of hose to attach to, as it is compatible with all standard hose fittings.


  • Efficient hose filter
  • Easy to install
  • It is portable for water filtration


  • Short filter life compared to most filters we reviewed

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Culligan RV-800 Exterior Pre-Tank Recreational Vehicle Water Filter with Hose

10 | SHURFLO RV-10UC-A WaterGuard 10″ Filter Housing

The 3.5 pounds housing kit comes with a water guard carbon paper cartridge, mounting hardware, and housing wrench. 

It also includes a male / female hose fitting. You will expect a 12-inch garden hose in the package and a built-in bypass valve. 

The SHURFLO filter can be perfect for your garden water filtering. It is built in a skillful design worth its cost. To reduce the cost of buying bottled water, get this filter, and quench your thirst as you work in your garden. 

The filter is approved to offer safe drinking water for human beings and animals. The best thing about SHURFLO is its in-built bypass valve that allows easy winterizing.


  • Easy to install
  • Allows for easy winterizing
  • Approved for safe drinking water


  • Shows some leaking issues when using it the first time.

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: SHURFLO RV-10UC-A WaterGuard 10″ Filter Housing

11 | HydroLogic GroGreen Garden Hose Water Filter

HydroLogic GroGreen Garden Hose Water Filter comes with great features. Unique from most garden filters, HydroLogic GroGreen supports a fast water flow of 2 gallons per minute. 

It also has a brass hose bib connector and customized flow restrictor. 

HydroLogic GroGreen Garden Hose Water Filter is perfect for water source purification. 

It uses green coconut carbon and Kinetic Degradation Fluxion to reduce chemicals, chlorine, iron, sediments, and metallic particles. It also boasts of improving your garden’s general state by invigorating compost, soil amendments, and bio-teas.  

HydroLogic GroGreen uses extra filtration techniques resulting in maximum removal of impurities. 

The water has to flow in a customized restricted mode to allow for enough contact time to encourage increased filtration.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Invigorates compost, soil amendments, and bio-teas
  • Boast of long life filtering of up to 8000 gallons.


  • Has reduced water pressure

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: HydroLogic GroGreen Garden Hose Water Filter

12 | Woder WD-10K-Port Portable Filter

Woder WD-10K-Port Portable Filter has been skillfully put together to filter water for you, your pets, plants, and your garden.

This is the last but not least in our list of best garden filters. It is also the most expensive filter that we have reviewed. However, it is the best filtering tool that will work for your garden and provide clean and safe water for human drinking. 

Its unique technology guarantees removing 99 percent germs while leaving essential minerals in the water.

You can use this filter anywhere. It is light and compact, fitting well into your backpack. With its convenience of use, you can get rejuvenated in seconds of installation. The filter’s excellent compatibility with any outdoor faucet is also another significant boost.


  • Capable of doing selective filtration
  • Safe for human, and animals drinking 
  • Cuts cost on going for bottled water with the provision of essential minerals
  • Environment friendly
  • Fits perfectly to any outdoor faucet


  • It is expensive

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Woder WD-10K-Port Portable Filter

Why a Garden Hose Filter?

There are several options you can use in filtering water in your garden. When it comes to deciding on the best method of filtration, you will always consider specific considerations, especially if you know what you want out of a garden water filter.

But it could be different if you are a newbie in gardening.  With several tap water filter methods, you may get worried and confused about which way you can use to ensure quality water for your garden plants.

Read on to learn about garden hose filters.

A primary garden hose filter contains a standard housing that effectively filters water with the help of cartridges.

Several benefits come with a garden hose filter. You will find this hose filter essential in filtering out the sediments if you have access to well water. 

You will also choose the garden hose filter if you care about avoiding infections to your plants. Think about how a garden hose filter can economically cut the cost of treating your plants.  

The water filter removes viruses and bacteria that could be present in water. In the long run, it can also prevent the death of your plants that can be caused by these harmful organisms. 

Best garden hose filters

Above all, the garden hose water filter is excellent for removing iron, reducing the amount of chlorine, and raising the pH of acidic water. Some impurities like iron and excess chlorine affect the balance between the salts and water in the plant and the surrounding roots. 

This may affect the consistent growth of your plants.  Acidic water, on the other hand, may lead to the wilting of the plant. 

Garden hose filters will improve the quality of water in the garden, increase the size of your crops, and reduce the number of plants that may die as a result of a blocked root system. 

You will find a garden hose filter helpful if you have issues with the inconsistency of the growth and lack of vibrancy in your garden.

Is it Safe to Drink out of Water Hose?

Although the garden hose water filter effectively removes impurities and unwanted chemicals from the water, most of them are not safe for drinking.

There are several risks attached to hose water.

According to a study conducted on common garden hoses, it was found out that several toxins exhibit the garden hose. 

These chemicals include:

Lead –  A garden hose has high levels of lead more than that which is set by the Safe Water Drinking Act. It is believed that even small amounts of lead can be harmful to your health, and thus there is no safe limit for it.

BPA – You can find BPA in plastic wares. It can be dangerous drinking from garden hose keeping in mind the presence of this component.

When you expose plastic wares to the sun’s heat, it will react with the sun, leading to the formation of this harmful chemical.  

When you expose your garden hose to the sun’s heat, it may react with the water inside, contaminating it. This chemical is responsible for the rising blood pressure in humans if consumed.

Phthalates – These chemicals are essential in the manufacturing of cosmetic and plastic products.  Most of the water hoses and PVC hoses contain this component.

Water from these types of hoses may cause damage to the endocrine system, behavioral changes, and lowering of intelligence.

Antimony –  Also, studies show that the garden hose may contain antimony. These chemicals can cause liver issues, kidney failure, as well as other internal organ problems. 

Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tests for impurities in various drinking water supplies, the liquid traveling through it may still not be perfect for drinking. 

Although the water may look clear, you will find it rewarding going back to your house and grabbing your glass of clean water. 

If you still want to consider drinking from the garden hose, go for the specific hose that the manufacturer labels “drinking water safe.”

You may also want to look into a reverse osmosis water filter to make it safer to drink as that will remove all impurities from the city water.

Why Do You Want to Water Your Garden With a Garden Hose Filter?

Water and light are two primary components that are vital for the survival of plants.

In most cases, we can determine the amount and quality of water that we feed our plants in the garden. 

Like any other living thing, plants need friendly water free of harsh minerals and artificial chemicals for proper growth.

Watering your plants directly without water filtration can be useful for avoiding wilting but could cause more harm than good to your plant.

Watering your plants directly without water filtration can be useful for avoiding wilting but could cause more harm than good to your plant.

Can a Garden Hose Filter Make the Difference?

There are several dangers of watering your plants without water filtration.  It affects the viability of your garden for an extended period and poses a risk to the consumers of that garden produce.  

Best garden hose filters

It is convenient and cheap to use tap water from your garden hoses. Some people may think that since the tap water is safe for humans, plants will also be safe.

In most cases, city water is chlorinated to kill microorganisms, making it save for human consumption. But when it comes to plants, chlorinated tap water will affect your plants negatively.

The Environmental Working Group conducted a study where they found out that city water contains more than 50 percent pollutants that are not regulated.

These can harm your health if you are growing vegetables in your garden.

Besides, watering your garden with a garden hose filter will prevent a buildup of excess minerals in your garden. These minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, naturally exhibit several areas. 

Watering your plants with unfiltered water may give room for these extra minerals, which may hinder the plants from taking up the useful minerals.

Garden hose filters will also prevent salt build. This could be as a result of watering with too soft water that is treated with sodium chloride.  This may eventually lead to growth problems of the plants in your garden.

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Final Thoughts

Our reviews comprise the best hose filter you find in the market today. Thorough research was done to ensure we bring you worthy filters with primary use in the garden. 

However, some can be used for other purposes such as filtering water for car cleaning, boats, and camping, among others.

Also, some of the filters can be attached to recreational vehicles. 

Above all, we have also brought you some filters coming with a garden hose, and that supports safe water drinking for human beings and animals.

Our choice is the AQUA CREST RV Inline Water Filter.

Related Questions

Is a reverse osmosis hose filter necessary for water filtration?  

For your gardens, No.  For drinking, that type of filter would help remove all impurities that other filters may not remove.

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Best garden hose filters
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