Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer Buying Guide

Last Updated: 6/19/22

One of the primary goals of homeowners is to maintain a lush, green lawn. Organic lawn fertilizers promote the growth of lush grass and healthy soil while avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

Organic fertilizer maintains the right nutrient balance for the entire lawn, from root to tip. Organic products are safer for your children and pets compared to synthetic fertilizers. Natural fertilizer also has a smaller environmental impact in your community and is better for the wildlife in our yard.

Organic Lawn Fertilizers | Health Food For Your Grass

Organic fertilizers provide the necessary nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, which are vital for lawn health. The benefits of organic fertilization, such as improved health and environment, are driving its use more and more.

In addition, they can be used in a wide range of applications, including landscaping, agriculture, horticulture, greenhouses, home gardening, commercial farming, golf courses, and other agricultural uses. 

To help you make the best choice, we came up with a comprehensive review of the best organic fertilizer for your lawn, including its pros and cons in using these natural lawn fertilizers. 

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GS Plant Foods Organic Liquid Kelp Plant Fertilizer
GS Plant Foods Organic Liquid Kelp Plant Fertilizer
  • 43 pounds
  • 6200 sq ft
Check Current Price
AgroThrive All Purpose Organic Liquid Fertilizer
AgroThrive All Purpose Organic Liquid Fertilizer
  • 26.35 Pounds
  • 8,000 sq ft
Check Current Price
The Andersons 7-1-2 Innova Premium Organic Fertilizer
The Andersons 7-1-2 Innova Premium Organic Fertilizer
  • 40.7 pounds
  • 2500 sq ft
Check Current Price
Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer
Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer
  • 30 pounds
  • 5000 sq ft
Check Current Price
Espoma LS36 Organic Lawn Starter Seed and Sod Food Fertilizer
Espoma LS36 Organic Lawn Starter Seed and Sod Food Fertilizer
  • 36 pounds
  • 5,600 sq ft
Check Current Price
Simple Grow Worm Castings - Pure, Organic Fertilizer and Soil Supplement
Simple Grow Worm Castings – Pure, Organic Fertilizer and Soil Supplement
  • 36 pounds
  • 5,600 sq ft
Check Current Price
Lawnbox Grass Genie 10-0-6 100% Organic Spring Grass Fertilizer
Lawnbox Grass Genie 10-0-6 100% Organic Spring Grass Fertilizer
  • 16 pounds
  • 2,500 sq ft
Check Current Price
Jonathan Green & Sons 7566565 Organic Lawn Food
Jonathan Green & Sons 7566565 Organic Lawn Food
  • 17.21 pounds
  • 5,000 sq. ft.
Check Current Price

Best Organic Lawn Fertilizer Reviews

1. | GS Plant Foods Organic Liquid Kelp Plant Fertilizer
  • Item Weight: 43 pounds
  • Product Coverage: 6200 sq ft.

Plant Foods GS Liquid Kelp is a natural plant food derived from the best seaweed species, Ascophyllum Nodosum, known as one of nature’s miracle plant foods.

There are several advantages for plant growth and health with organic liquid kelp.

This liquid fertilizer promotes natural root growth, minerals uptake.

It can be applied to any type of soil or plant without causing waste or harm to the environment.


  • It improves the development and growth of your plants, veggies, flowers, lawn, and turf.
  • It enhances and stabilizes chlorophyll in plants, resulting in darker green leaves and higher sugar content.
  • As an organic soil conditioner, it can be utilized extensively in the commercial sector as well as at home by gardeners.


  • It smells badly like raw, concentrated sewage
  • It is a little too overwhelming and can burn your plants
  • It does not have any positive results even after a week of use

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: GS Plant Foods Organic Liquid Kelp Plant Fertilizer

2. | AgroThrive All Purpose Organic Liquid Fertilizer
  • Item Weight: 26.35 Pounds
  • Product Coverage: 8,000 sq ft

AgroThrive All-Purpose Organic Liquid Fertilizer is a 3-3-2 NPK general purpose liquid organic fertilizer designed for lawns, veggies, herbs, greenhouses, and everything else that grows.

It has undergone a progressive digestion process, which converts ingredients like vegetable proteins and fish into a form that plant roots can quickly absorb.


  • Organic fertilizer that works quickly to make plants more robust, healthier, and more vibrant
  • Improves plant disease resistance by promoting vigorous root and foliar growth.
  • Very good and straightforward to use a product that remains liquid even when cold and disperses quickly in cold water.


  • It can sometimes have a strong fishy smell
  • Some containers may bloat, leak, and become messy.

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: AgroThrive All-Purpose Organic Liquid Fertilizer

3. | Andersons 7-1-2 Innova Premium Organic Fertilizer
  • Item Weight: 40.7 pounds
  • Product Coverage: 2500 sq ft

The Andersons 7-1-2 Innova Organic Fertilizer is an OMRI-approved product.

It contains a high concentration of amino acids and an organic extended nitrogen release source.

Innova promotes healthy soils and plants by providing a high percentage of highly digestible carbon to feed beneficial soil microorganisms.

It is intended to produce healthy soils and green grass by delivering the ideal carbon and nitrogen ratio of 6:1.


  • Innova does not emit unpleasant scents, unlike many natural fertilizers
  • Its readily digested carbon source feeds beneficial soil bacteria.
  • It is simple to apply with a broadcast spreader and quite effective at turning the lawn luscious green.


  • It does not work well with St Augustine grass; even if it’s written in the bottle that it does
  • When compared to similar items, it is a little pricey
  • There were. few occasions that it caused yellow patches on the lawn
  • A few bags have caused some insect infestation

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Andersons 7-1-2 Innova Premium Organic Fertilizer

4. | Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer
  • Item Weight: 30 pounds
  • Product Coverage: 5000 sq ft

It’s a low-cost all-organic lawn care package.

It is chemical-free, making it suitable for children and pets.

Each product is engineered to improve grass health and give 2.5 times more slow-release nitrogen than another conventional lawn regimen.


  • This product is simple to use and safe for children and pets
  • Can transform your lawn from the worst in the area to the best in the community
  • If applied correctly, it can make your lawn look greener and healthier.


  • It smells a bit stinky at times
  • It can get a little dusty

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: All-Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer


Espoma organic lawn starter is a high-quality lawn food that contains proprietary bio-tone microbes.

It is perfect for seeding new lawns. Its high phosphorus concentration aids in the development of strong root systems.

It also strengthens roots and encourages the growth of thick new grass.

In addition, it can break down gradually to provide a safe, long-lasting food reserve during the growing season. 


  • It has no fillers or sludge and is produced entirely of natural organic plant food ingredients.
  • It is non-burning, all-natural, and long-lasting.
  • Granulated For Easy Spreading


  • When utilizing a spreader, the bulk of the product was very fine particles like dust, forming a dust cloud.
  • It takes time for the product to take effect and set in

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Espoma LS36 Organic Lawn Starter Seed and Sod Food Fertilizer


Simple Grow Worm Castings is the most effective soil enhancer available.

These worm castings, which are high in nutrients, can give your plants an immediate boost as well as long-term sustenance.

Pure earthworm castings will help your plants grow bigger, faster, and healthier.

Worm castings for gardening will supply trace minerals and nutrients to your plants in an easy-to-use format.


  • It’s manufactured from 100 percent pure, all-natural worm casting.
  • It’s simple to work with and has no foul odor
  • There is no filler, compost, or additives.


  • Packaging may need a slight improvement so that it does split open during transport. 
  • It can be a bit more expensive than other similar products

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Simple Grow Worm Castings – Pure, Organic Fertilizer and Soil Supplement


Grass Genie 10-0-6 is an OMRI-listed organic spring lawn fertilizer. It can help your lawn recover from its winter dormancy.

Grass Genie, unlike other organic fertilizers, contains no animal components, dung, biosolids, or other waste materials.

In addition, unlike standard lawn care products, Grass Genie contains no synthetic chemicals.

Instead, it has top-of-the-line, all-natural, and organic nutrient sources such as soybean meal, sodium nitrate, potash, and potassium, allowing your family to return to enjoying your yard as soon as it is applied!


  • It combines both quick and slow-release nitrogen sources for immediate use and continuous feeding for up to six weeks
  • It contains top-tier, all-natural, and organic nutrient sources such as sodium nitrate, soybean meal, and potash
  • Spreading with a machine is not an issue


  • A little pricey for the bag’s modest size
  • It did not cover as much ground as it claimed

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Lawnbox Grass Genie 10-0-6 100% Organic Spring Grass Fertilizer

8. | Jonathan Green & Sons 7566565 Organic Lawn Food
  • Item Weight: 17.21 pounds
  • Product Coverage: 5,000 sq. ft.

It is a completely organic lawn fertilizer that will provide excellent turf nutrition for 8-10 weeks.

Humate-rich—restores soil life and makes other lawn applications function better.

Iron content for deep greening; excellent for growing new seedlings. It is also Sustainable and environmentally friendly.


  • It is entirely natural and made from soybean meal, feather meal, wheat middlings, and molasses.
  • Encourages robust grass growth
  • Because of the components feed the bacteria in the soil, which helps nourish the grass and improves soil quality.


  • It can be a bit more expensive than other similar products
  • There is no phosphorus; thus you must supplement with other products if necessary

CHECK CURRENT PRICE: Jonathan Green & Sons 7566565 Organic Lawn Food

What Are Organic Fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers contain natural plant nutrients that can be applied to your grass. They are composed of a variety of plant-derived components.

Organic fertilizers contain a mix of ingredients such as manure, guano, meat meal, bone meal, crushed shells, fish meal, alfalfa meal, chicken manure, and wood that helps in the healthy growth of grass plants and thicker lawns.

However, the nutrient concentration in organic fertilizer varies greatly depending on the source material.

What Are the different types of Organic Fertilizers?

Fertilizers are classified into two types: slow-release and quick release. The distinction lies in the rate at which their nutrients are released into the environment.

QR fertilizers decay faster than SR fertilizers and can meet the lawn’s immediate needs.

On the other hand, QR has a lower impact on water bodies and animals because they release their components slower.

Slow-Release Fertilizers

Slow-Release fertilizers release nutrients gradually over time. They typically last around six months before needing to be reapplied. Slow-release fertilizers include urea, diammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate, calcium carbonate, magnesium chloride, and gypsum.

Granular fertilizers, for example, are significantly slower to absorb since they take longer to break down, allowing them to last for several months.

Slow-release fertilizers are beneficial to the health of your grass since they provide a steady supply of nutrients rather than a sudden burst.

best organic lawn fertilizer guide

Quick Release Fertilizers

A quick-release fertilizer guarantees that nutrients are available to the plants right away, promoting rapid growth and greening of lawn grass.

They are fast-acting and require frequent applications. Some examples of these fertilizers are superphosphates, triple superphosphates, and diatomaceous earth.

Liquid organic fertilizers have a much faster uptake rate and are an excellent way to give your grass a quick boost.

Two types of liquid organic fertilizers can help your lawn recover from stress and enhance root growth and leaf structure: seaweed emulsions and fish emulsions.

Why Should You Use Organic Fertilizers in the Lawn?

If you exclusively use inorganic chemical fertilizers, the soil becomes compacted and loses its ability to store water and maintain the balance of nutrients. This requires the use of even more harsh chemicals to support the plants. Thus, a vicious circle is being created.

Application of inorganic fertilizers regularly, which typically only provide the three macronutrients NPK, can deplete natural soil nutrients. The harmful chemicals also hurt beneficial insects and beneficial microbes, which keep the soil alive and provide nutrients to your lawn grass.

Aside from NPK, the best organic fertilizer options contain secondary nutrients such as calcium, sulfur, and magnesium and trace nutrients like rock phosphate, copper, chlorine, manganese, iron, and zinc.

These nutrients are required at variable levels to have healthier soil.

These secondary nutrients are easily depleted in soils that have solely been treated with chemicals. Using natural organic fertilizers in conjunction with soil amendments such as compost, grass clippings, blood meal, poultry manure, corn gluten meal, and other organic ingredients helps keep the soil alive and keep its natural nutrients.

How To Choose The Right Organic Fertilizer

All packaged organic fertilizer products will have a fertilizer analysis or grade indicating the percentages of nitrogen (N), phosphate (P2O5), and potassium (K2O) included in the fertilizer.

These nutrients will be listed on a fertilizer label as three digits in the order N-P-K. For example, 10-10-20 means ten percent nitrogen, ten percent phosphorous, and twenty percent potash present in this particular fertilizer.

The first number indicates how much nitrogen is contained within the fertilizer; the second number represents the percentage of phosphorous, and the third number shows the quantity of potassium.

If the numbers do not add up to 100%, then additional amounts of these elements may be needed.

Organic fertilizers can be an excellent alternative for lawns, but they must be utilized correctly. Therefore, before administering the fertilizer, it is critical to read the instructions on the label.

organic lawn fertilizer

Soil test findings should also be utilized to determine the pH and or the amount of fertilizer to be applied. If the soil test results show that it is deficient in phosphorus or nitrogen, you may need to use a nitrogen fertilizer containing a more significant nutrient concentration.

In addition, if soil testing reveals low pH levels, lime should be administered before any NPK formula fertilizer is applied. Furthermore, certain organic fertilizers require pre-application conditioning by being mixed into a liquid before application.

Examples include fish emulsion, alfalfa pellets, and seaweed extract.

How Do I Apply My Organic Fertilizer?

Correctly applying the fertilizer is essential to have healthy lawns. Organic fertilizers contain natural ingredients like animal products or fish products, that are good for the grass root system and grass blades. They also contain beneficial soil microbes.

There are many ways to apply organic fertilizers to your garden beds and lawn areas. Here are just a few options:

1. Spread It

You can use a mechanical spreader or apply your season lawn food by hand. First, spread the fertilizer over the ground surface where you want a beautiful lawn to grow.

Then, using a hand tiller, rake it uniformly throughout the bed. This method works best when organic lawn food or fertilizer is applied straight to the bare ground.

2. Combine With Compost

Mix the fertilizer with existing compost piles. You may make a fertilizer-compost mixture by combining one part fertilizer and two parts compost. Ensure that the mixture is thoroughly blended so that all of the particles are coated with both components.

3. Use A Soaker Hose

Attach a hose nozzle to the end of a watering wand and sprinkle water via the hose.

Precautions When Using Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are generally safe, but they must still be handled appropriately. When using any form of fertilizer, it’s usually a good idea to read the instructions carefully. 

  • Keep small children away from the fertilizer or area where you applied it
  • When handling fertilizer, wear gloves and eye protection
  • Before purchasing any product, always read the label. Some fertilizers may include toxic chemicals that are dangerous to pets and children.
  • Never combine various types of fertilizers. This could result in chemical reactions that have unfavorable side effects, such as the burning of plants.
  • After mixing materials in containers, properly rinse them to remove any residue.
  • Keep unused fertilizer far from sources of heat such as stoves and radiators.
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Final Thoughts

A properly maintained lawn is essential since it can make you feel good about yourself and your surroundings.  Seeing a green and luscious lawn with healthy grass can be relaxing to look at, especially after a day of tiring work

Many people would instead produce their organic fertilizer for their lawn maintenance than buy conventional fertilizers from a shop.

The more time and work you invest into producing your own organic fertilizer, the better off you’ll be. You won’t have to worry about purchasing the wrong fertilizer or having to wait weeks for delivery.

However, some experts advise only purchasing high-quality commercial fertilizers because they are often less expensive per pound than homemade mixes.

When shopping for lawn fertilizer, look for ones labeled “organic.” Several of the brands mentioned can be found at local nurseries and home improvement stores. However, not all organic fertilizers are the same.

The most effective will offer nutrients required for plant growth while causing the least amount of environmental damage.

There is a wide range of organic fertilizers on the best organic lawn fertilizers list and some that didn’t make the list like Scotts Natural Lawn Food. However, the GS Plant Foods Organic Liquid Kelp Plant Fertilizer Organic Fertilizer is our Green Thumb Fertilizer of choice.

It is of high quality, supports natural root growth and mineral absorption. It can be used on every type of soil or grass type without producing waste or causing harm to the environment.

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