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​Last updated: 7/24/2020

I used to like rabbits a lot, with their fluffy looks. Until I started gardening is when they became a thorn in my flesh. The most interesting thing about rabbits is that they like almost every crop we enjoy. 

I had to look for ways to stop them before crippled my farming. I found the following means of keeping rabbits out of the garden in the most natural way a game-changer.

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Signs That The Rabbits are Eating Your Garden

Is that damage done by rabbits? Some pests may also destroy your farm without your knowledge. You have to be sure of the problem you are solving. 

Before applying our means of stopping these critters, check out on the signs below that you are dealing with rabbits.

Rabbits Attack Young And Tender Plants

In most cases, they prefer young plants at a tender age.

The first 2 to 3 weeks of your seedlings is the most favorable period to see rabbits in your garden. 

With some other critters like the woodchuck and groundnuts enjoying the same fare, check out for other signs to be more satisfied.

keep rabbits out of the garden

Check For Cuts In The Flowers, Leaves Or The Stems

You can tell whether it is the rabbits or some other creatures that attacked your garden. With incisors on both the upper and the lower jaw, rabbits make a sharp cut like scissors. 

If you notice holes or bites on the plant, it could be something else.

Check For The Droppings

This can be sure evidence of rabbits attacking your garden. Whenever they feed, they will leave behind small pellet-shaped droppings. 

You can spot the droppings all over your garden or in piles around the attacked crops.

Are Some Parts Of Your Plants Missing?

When it comes to rabbits, they attack young crops cutting the plants at the stem. They will feed on the flowers, leaves, and even stems, leaving only nubs! 

Before you realize, you may come to find your garden totally destroyed by these young herbivores.

10 Natural Ways To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden

With rabbits being harmless to humans, it is inappropriate to use harmful chemicals against them. 

The toxic chemical can largely affect the crops in your garden, as well as your pets. With this in mind, below are some of the best ways to keep rabbits out of your garden in the most humane way.

1.| Fencing

This is the most practical natural way of keeping the rabbits away from your garden. Besides, fencing can also protect your farm from other destructive animals.

The most effective fence you can opt for is the chicken wire. It is cost-friendly and can provide adequate protection against rabbits. Choose 1-inch or smaller chicken wire to ensure stability.

Keeping in mind that rabbits can dig through the ground to find their way into your garden, you should dig down a little. You can set your wire around 6 inches below the ground.

On the other hand, set your wire around 2 feet high all around your garden.

Another choice you can go for when it comes to fencing is the poultry netting. This fence is also useful, especially for the young shrubs and trees.

You can also apply the same measurement as the chicken mesh, both above and below the ground.

You can also opt for cylinders if you have fruits or landscape trees. Make ¼-inch mesh hardware to cover your plants.

Ensure to keep the cylinder higher than a rabbit can reach. The cylinder should also stand 1 to 2 inches far from the tree trunk.

2.| Acquire A Dog Or Cat

You can use your pet to deter rodents from your garden. A dog or cat is the best option that can keep these young critters in check.

Obviously, you won’t get one just for this.  Perhaps, you can keep the dog outside if you notice a pattern of when they come around to help deter them.

3.| Planting ​Certain Types Of Plants

This is another great way you can naturally keep rabbits away. If you are worried about how plants can keep rabbits away from your garden, I will show you. 

According to expert reports, rabbits prefer various plants according to their taste, ease of availability, nutritive value, and the presence of poison. 

Their taste in crops also varies from one region and season to the other. It’s best to try out different plants to see what works best for your garden.

Among crops of choice in your garden, including those that these critters don’t like. 

These include 

  • Garlic 
  • Lilac bush 
  • Hot Peppers 
  • Zinnias 
  • Snapdragons 
  • Mint 
  • Spicy Basil

Rabbits will dislike these plants’ strong scents. In some cases, baby bunnies will feed on almost anything. Not all these plants will prove practical to your garden’s pests.

​4.| Clearing Bushes That Harbor​ Them

Have you noticed any Overgrown and bushy areas around your garden?

Don’t be surprised to find the numbers of these herbivores growing. 

A doe can rear up to 10 babies or more in a litter.

If you find rabbits annoying, you can clear these grassy and overgrown areas.

5. | Getting Rid of All Potential Hiding Places

Apart from bushes, shrubs, or grassy and overgrown areas, debris piles and tidying along your fence lines can provide a good nesting place for rodents. 

rabbits in your garden

Make these rodents uncomfortable by all means. You can also seal up spots under buildings or any structures on the farm where they may hide.

6. | Using Natural Rabbit Repellent

Get natural repellent and sprinkle it around your garden. Some common repellents include black ground pepper, hair snips, mothballs, garlic powder, and dried blood meal.

Consider replenishing the repellent every few weeks or after rainfall. You can also sprinkle it in the potential hideouts of the rabbits.

These may include under decking or sheds.

Check out this simple recipe below that you can make at home.

7. | Using Predator Urine

Using predator urine has proved effective in most cases. Urine emits pheromones, which is a biological chemical.

One of the ways you can get this urine is by using an organic kitty litter for your cats. Sprinkling this used kitty litter along your garden’s boundary can keep the rabbits away.

Check out a few recommended products  below that may help.

Green thumb Gardener occasionally links to product and/or services offered by vendors to assist you with all your gardening needs. Some of these may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission if items are purchased. Check our terms here.



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8. | Trapping Them

You can build a trap at home by yourself or buy one. A simple trap made from chicken wire and wood can be an excellent way to get rid of rabbits roaming around your garden. 

Once you have your trap ready, position it where you have noticed a feeding or resting place for these bunnies. Then use the best treats the rabbits like most such as carrot, broccoli, and cabbage. 

You can cover the trap with canvas or leaves. Once you get a rabbit caught, free it into the wild. Be careful when handling these animals to avoid contracting diseases and wear gloves.

9. | Scaring Them Away

You can use scares, such as flashing lights. This one, though, can be temporary. Don’t worry if you can’t find one. You can also play tricks on the rabbits. 

Get a dog or a cat hair and place it around your garden. The rabbits will get the scent and think that it is a predator. You can reposition the hair occasionally.

It has been said that rabbits fear their own reflection. You can try this traditional trick to keep the rabbits away; 

Get clear glass jars of water and place them throughout the garden. You can also acquire ready-made reflectors from garden stores. You can also try scaring them with fake snakes, cats, and owls. 

10.|  Encouraging Rabbit Predators

 As long as the predators won’t prey on your young animals or birds, it can be beneficial to encourage them to stick around your place. 

These predators include hawks, owls, and foxes. It can be hard to keep these natural predators in your home, but you can increase the chances of having them around by not discouraging them.

Measures to Keep Rabbits Away Consistently

Now that you used a number of these tips to keep rabbits away, you might be asking, how long do I need to keep this up.  

Here are some suggestions to ensure that everything is working and you can keep them away in the long run.

  • Check regularly on the effectiveness of the methods used against these pests. This includes replacing broken fences, replenishing repellents, among others.
  • Checking on the signs of attack by particular pests.
  • Try out various means to reduce the rabbit numbers and eventually keep them off your garden.
  • Inspecting your plants frequently for any damage and taking action immediately, you spot any sign of damage.
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Final Thoughts

Keeping rabbits away from your garden should not be a strenuous activity. Depending on your preference, availability of deterrent materials, and the cost, you can choose any method to keep your garden safe. 

Try out different means and embrace what works best in keeping rabbits away from your garden. For maximum effectiveness, you can apply more than one means of keeping these critters away.

Related Questions

  • What repels rabbits from eating plants? – There are several repellents you can use against rabbits. They include black ground pepper, hair snips, mothballs, garlic powder, and dried blood meal.
  • How do I keep rabbits out of my garden naturally? – Use the following means; fencing your garden, clearing potential nesting places for rabbits, using natural repellents, using predator urine, trapping them, scaring them, and encouraging rabbit predators.
  • Do marigolds keep rabbits away? – No. Marigold’s strong scent has been perceived to repel rabbits but this would not be a 100 percent sure means of keeping rabbits away.
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