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​Gardening is one of those hobbies or pastimes that requires some equipment and/or supplies.  Some of the tools you may need are very specific to your project, so it pays to know where to find the best deals.

It begs the questions as to what is the best online gardening stores to find what you need.  We thought we would start a list of some of the ones we use and allow you to add your favorites.  

You can even vote for your favorite ones.

This list will continue to grow, so check back often to see if your favorite made the list of gardening stores.

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Online ​Garden Supply Stores

​We started with adding a few of our favorites.  Feel free to add ​your favorite online gardening stores by clicking the link below the list.

You can vote for your favorite garden supply websites ​by clicking the vote link for the store.

Wan​t to suggest an online garden store that you love.  Click the button below.

Gardener’s Supply Company is one of the top notch garden supply websites.  They are 100% employee owned since 2009.

Gardener’s Supply Company launched their company in 1989 out of Vermont.  Their company culture fosters volunteerism and a good balance.

Why is this important to know?

From start to finish, this means that their products and service will have a high quality because their employees are happy. The gardening supplies that you will find are unique and have gardeners in mind.

This garden supply store has an abundance of tools, planters, indoor gardening, and some perfect garden gifts.

Existing since 1998, this store offers more than 1,300 arrays of fragrant flowers, spicy herbs, and tasty vegetables.

It also houses among the largest selection of heirloom seeds within the United States.  They are renowned for their collection of rare and seeds accumulated from travels across the world.

They provide European and Asian varieties which makes them the go-to place for unique seed needs.

Located in Mansfield, they continue to supply over a million gardeners nationally with high-quality seeds.

This top of the tier garden store has been delivering the choicest, non-GMO varieties of gardening seeds and plants for the past 140 and over.

They are a true blue breed of gardeners who are ready to guarantee the quality of their product as horticulture experts.

The garden store deals not only in the planting and selling of flowers such as exotic looking perennials, but also produces all kinds of vegetables, herbs, fruits, heirloom and organics.

Burpee also provides everything for gardening needs.

If you want to create the garden of your dreams, experts will help transform vision to reality.

Generosity has catapulted this garden store to fame to be among the best of the best garden stores and there are two main reasons for this.

The first is that Plow & Hearth offers hundreds if not thousands of items that go for huge discounts of 60% all-round.  Sometimes prices plummet even more for common items such as pillows.

For those interested in gardening and the outdoor life, is to go to the Outdoor living and Yard & Garden sections to identify what fancies the eyes, mind and in pocket range. is a premier garden shopping destination offering a full line of Heirloom, Non-GMO & Organic seeds of all types, including vegetable, fruit, herb and flower garden seeds.

This garden store also offer a full line of specialty application seeds like micro-greens, indoor gardening, sprouting, mushroom growing, wheat-grass and long term storage survival seeds. also offers a huge selection of gardening supplies, juicers, growing kits, and other health products related to growing your own.

RareFind Nursery is a hidden gem of an online garden store that many claim to be one of the best for rare plants.

The nursery stocks many heirloom estate and rare plants.  Ordering is pretty simple although they have certain times of the year they only ship because well these are live plants.

RareFind always has plants of excellent quality. Their customer service and knowledge is also exceptional.

When a patio needs attending to, Lowes is the garden store to turn to and for that focus and customer satisfaction that go with it.

This garden store deserves a spot among the very best garden stores available.

They focuses on décor for patios and landscaping to facelift the surrounding grounds and can also inspect existing gardens.

You can expect them to also supply gardening tools, assistance in watering, irrigation and drainage as well as plants and planters along with pest control. They also assist gardeners with ideas and how-to-do techniques.

Uncle Jim’s started with a dream back in 1973 when Jim sold fishing worms for 40 cents a dozen.  Today, it has grown into a booming family business that supplies worms, composting equipment & garden supplies throughout the USA.

They ship LIVE worms to the continental USA throughout the week.

We love worms here at Green thumb Gardener.  We love them so much that we have a few colonies of them and keep expanding each and every year.

Uncle Jim’s was a our go to places to get some worms for our vermicomposting  & worm tea needs.

Started in 1974, forest farm has been a leading online mail flower order store.

Though a non-profit organization, its services span across various plants like trees and shrubs, vines, ferns, grasses, bamboos, fruits, and palms.

For every sale it makes, it gives a guarantee of healthy and living plants along with excellent plant support.

The great thing about forest farms is that every purchase you make goes to funding its non-profit art and nature program.

Fertilizer is the essential ingredient of serious gardening and Great Garden Supply has opted to concentrate its attention on caring for plants and lawns by providing needed fertilizers.

For this role, it has gained a place as one of the great garden stores.

They provide organic fertilizer for great lawn corn, lawn and garden as well as grown tomato plants.

Some of its outstanding organic fertilizer brands are wonder organic, all-purpose gold organic, organic seed starter and dried blood fertilizer.

Great Garden Supply also offers organic care for lawns.

Tractor Supply Company is the largest retail farm and ranch store chain in America.

Tractor Supply Company serves an expansive customer base including full and part-time farmers and ranchers, hobby farmers, homeowners and contractors. Tractor Supply Company has an incredible selection of products & services to get any job done.

From premium pet food & feed, fencing supplies, lawn & garden equipment, tools, work apparel and more, customers know they have a partner they can count on.

This online garden supply store has a good online presence, but also has store locations that you can buy garden supplies online and pickup.

Family owned and operated since 1955, Lehman’s has provided creative solutions to people trying to live a simpler life.

So what does living a simpler life mean?

Whether you want to grow and preserve your own food or live a healthier life thanks to natural products and ingredients.

Maybe you want to embrace self-reliance by living off the grid, prepare your family for a power outage or other emergency, or simply want to “do it yourself” at home, they have thousands of products that will help you get the job done right.

This online garden supply store is located in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country.

Both their flagship retail store and website are destination locations for people who value a simpler, more meaningful life.

You can’t mention online shopping without talking about Amazon.  They are no strangers when it comes to finding some great items for the garden.

Some of the items that you can find include garden shears, grow lights, vegetable seeds, and so many other items that you can use in your garden.

You can even get composting worms delivered to your doorstep.

There are also many small specialized vendors that sell on Amazon, so there is an abundance of gardening options. You can typically get most gardening supplies with 1-2 day free shipping when you have the Amazon Prime membership.

It really is pretty convenient if you don’t want to go shopping in a brick & mortar store.

The reason for the ascendancy of this garden store to top notch among the other garden stores is for the unique environment it creates for seed planting of veggies, flowers, and fruits.

Park Seed also supplies gardening support and seeds.

Its Park Seed’s Biodome Systems is the center-piece that provides an ideal environment for successful seed germination.

The climate controlled dome stimulates strong root growth.

Evenly spaced and deeply planted cells avoid overcrowding and seedlings become bigger plants in limited spaces.

This is horticulture at its best and as such, Gurneys has won a place as one of the very best garden stores on the U.S. gardening scene.

This online garden gem packs mouth-watering veggies of outstanding growing ability, crunch and sweet succulence.

You will find tomatoes, corn, strawberries and asparagus to name just a few.

In addition the store also grows and delivers bulbs and flowers, a variety of trees and shrubs and a plethora of other products including seeds.

Gurneys also has beautiful garden lawn decorations a variety of bulbs and flowers including trees and shrubs are also offered to enterprising gardeners.

Digging dog nursery boasts of having a collection of rare and unusual plants for sale through its online mail store.

They are a family-owned nursery that has been around for more than twenty years and meets people’s different plant needs, whether it be perennial plants, ornamental grasses, vines, shrubs, or trees.

This online gardening store is located in California, where it offers you healthy and vigorous plants.

Digging Dog renowned for healthy plants and exceptional packing that protects them when in transit.

The patio-home connection is a natural, and has made a name for itself by providing accessories and furniture for conversation patio, patio bars, chairs, dining sets and tables.

For this dedication, they won a place as one of the best online gardening stores. is also noted for a plethora of sophisticated & attractive planters of all shapes and sizes.  They include bowel shapes, trellises, delicate looking vase shaped planters, stands and even Roman urn shaped planters.

Select Seeds Antique Flowers specializes in a wide variety of seeds.

From perennials to fragrant, to annuals and other herbs and edibles, this store provides healthy seeds.

They also specializes in heirlooms, including natives and rare finds.

Select Seeds are renowned for their excellent service delivery and customer service support.

This is coupled with their exceptional packaging that ensures plant security while in transit.

Located in Connecticut, they bring over 31 years of experience in their seed delivery.

GrowersHouse is the largest online hydroponics supply store in the US. Through the online hydroponics supply store, they can ship to almost any country in the world and use more payment options than any other hydroponics equipment provider available.

Their online hydroponics, greenhouse, and indoor growing equipment catalog has over 16,000 products and is growing every week.

Growers House is a family owned and operated garden supply store and indoor gardening center.

Their customer service is very responsive if you have any questions. Growers House has everything gardeners need to starting growing today. This online garden store sells lights, nutrients, CO2, Soil, Pots, Controllers, Green Houses, and much more.

The essence of gardening is growth in which this garden store specializes and wins a place on the list of the best garden stores available.

Greenhouse Megastore sells products that generate plant growth in the form of greenhouses of every size and style.

They a mega online garden store of not only growth generating greenhouses but also a full range of gardening boosters such as plant posts, polycarbonate panels, plastic sheets, weed barrier, growth light to mention only a few.

They are perfect for commercial undertakings that may need just a packet of seeds to a large greenhouse.

This garden store’s ability to specialize in providing construction kits for building DIY greenhouses is what has earned a spot for this garden store as being one of the very best.

Its greenhouse structures are actually built to last for many seasons.

The best part is that the buyer has the ability to construct a DIY greenhouse using all the pre-designed components provided.

The 20’ to 100’ long greenhouses can adapt nicely to all types of climatic conditions.

Check them out if you need any greenhouse equipment.

This all-in-one online garden store has earned a top place among the very best garden stores listed here.Even though they are a big box store, they still have a good selection and some awesome clearance deals

The list of services it offers customers is outstanding.

Home Depot specializes in providing a whole assorted garden plants, succulent vegetables, machinery for managing lawns.

They also have landscaping material as well as garden plants and flowers, trees and bushes for gardens and home surroundings.

They offer care and maintenance supplies such as garden soil, mulch, lawn fertilizers and grass seeds as well as landscaping materials.

Focusing on hydroponic gardening and all associated components and services is the reason why this garden store gained a spot among the other top stores.

This online garden store epitomizes a whole new world of hydroponic planting of ventilation, ballasts, cloning propagation and many other components of the hydroponic growing method.

A very handy knowledge on gardening that conserves resources but can maintain acceptable levels of output.

No wonder is a front runner with the best.

JFH Horticultural Supplies is a family owned gardening store that won a spot among the very best garden stores for obvious reasons.

One is its diversification from being a landscaping to a horticulture business after only 40 years.

Another has been their efficiency and dependability as wholesalers that supply practically everything needed by planters and gardeners.

JFH is always prepared to work closely with customers in developing specific horticultural projects for garnering success and are excellent suppliers of a plethora of gardening

Located in western South Carolina. Wayside Gardens professes and maintains a commitment to premium varieties and quality stock.

They achieve this through its network of growers and developers.

Wayside Gardens specializes in perennial flowers while offering ornamental shrubs and shrubs.

They offer for sale sun shrubs, shade shrubs, bulbs such as crocus, scilla, tulip, and other edibles.

They also maintain the delivery of only healthy plants.

Wayside Garden online gardening store has over ninety years of experience providing seeds across the United States.

Brent and Becky’s is currently in its third generation. Having started small, today, it owns a 28-acre farm where it cultivates flower bulbs for sale.

This online garden store specializes in summer blooming bulbs.

Brent and Becky’s also supplies dormant potted and spring-blooming bulbs. They offer various perennials and seeds that can complement a bulb garden for sale.

Located in Virginia, it’s a top choice when it comes to spring and summer flowering bulbs.

Just like its name depicts, New Hampshire Hostas specializes in Hostas.

They offer a wide variety of hostas ranging from blue hosta to giant hosta to medium hostas and red petioles.

This online plant store also offers other rare hostas such as the gold hosta, the fragrant hostas, and the Epimedium.

A number one gardening store for hostas needs.

Located in South Hampton, this gardening store supplies all contiguous states within the United States as well as Alaska.

Located in Richmond, California, this online store provides a wide variety of plants for gardeners.  It also offers gifts and supplies for purchase.

It was founded some 20 years ago.  And today, it spans two and a half across the land that sells plants to around sixty retail nurseries.

Also, this company specializes in annual flowers and perennial flowers.

Over the years people have found them to provide access to plants you’ll probably not find elsewhere.

Located close to the Macminville capitol nursery, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery is a 61-year-old family-owned nursery with specialization in trees, shrubs, ferns, perennials, and mosses, among other varieties of plants.

They offer the best plants in excellent condition without compromising on standards.

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery guarantees you the lowest price you can get for the best plants and shipping process it has to offer.

One of its hallmarks is healthy plants coupled with secure packaging in transit.

Sooner Plant Farm garden store is renowned for providing landscape quality trees and plants.

They grow these plants  and then ships them to gardeners.

At the core of this store is the provision of quality, healthy plant materials. It also prioritizes its packaging to ensure secure delivery.

Sooner Plant Farm specializes in ornamental shrubs and trees while also providing perennial flowers.

Its variety includes over 1, 500 top-rated garden plants. Established in 1996, it has a track record of excellent delivery.

Classy Groundcovers is known for growing exquisite perennials and groundcovers. They started in 2004 out of Greenwich, CT and offer a large selection of plants.

You can easily see why they have top ratings as their cusotmers rave aboutt ehir customer service and special care they provide to deliver your plants.

It is a farily simple process to find the right plant and order what you may need for your next backyard or garden project.

This very first garden store is a family owned enterprise that has operated a perennial nursery for 50 years with dedication and efficiency.

It has won its spot of being one of the best on the list for being a garden store that specializes. They specialize in growing, and selling flowers of many varieties (over 1,000 species) to customers.

Blue Perennials offers a wide production of exquisite flowers include beautiful perennials, shrubs, mums and ornamental grasses all grown in greenhouses in 100% biodegradable pots backed by a 100% guarantee.

It doesn’t matter where gardening work is happening, the impact of this online garden store is also present for addressing the needs of Commercial growers around the world.

This is why Monster Gardens deserves a top spot among the top best garden stores listed.

They’ve specialized in ideas and solutions for commercial growers in more than 20 countries with teams traveling throughout the US and 3 continents to source great products for a myriad of commercial growers.

They buy directly from manufacturers and provide solutions for all types of gardening issues.

SeedsNow is as you guessed it, all about seeds & garden supplies. Not just any seed, but Non-GMO, Heirloom, & open-pollinated seeds.

This online garden seed store offers a 100% complete satisfaction guarantee and pride themselves on their customer service.

SeedsNow even has a monthly club call the Urban Organic Seed Club you can either join or gift to someone.

With hardly any negative review to its name, the Hummingbird Farm is another top gardening store.

They offer for sale varieties of clematis such as Joe Zary, Frances Rivis, and Stolwijk Gold, among others.

As such, it is only available for shipping when the weather is cooler around September.

Hummingbird Farms also offers support to individuals interested in growing clematis through its extensive blog and cares support line. It then complements with its delivery of healthy plants.

Started in 1999 in California. Designer stone offers for sale unique sculptures for your garden and homes.

They have various handcrafted sculptures that would satisfy your needs and make you connect with your Zen in no time.

Designer Stone online garden store offer vintage gnomes of different designs. It also provides its designs in varying colors to provide beauty and class.

The hallmark is its exquisite structure and competitive prices. They also offers these designs in both retail and wholesale.

Old House Gardens is an American online gardening store with specialization in Heirloom bulbs.

Its mission is to save the bulbs by finding the rarest ones, researching them, growing them, and selling them through mail orders to various gardeners across the country.

Their service offering dates back to as early as 1993.

Since then, it has been saving heirloom bulbs.  Old House Gardens then offers them for gardening purchases. With bulbs, it prides in offering you the best product service.

Having a recognized local signature that satisfies customers with excellent products for customers that satisfies them is hard to beat.

These are the reasons why Plant Express is up among the very best garden stores.

This online garden store specializes in providing a wide variety of trees for planting mainly in the California area with its different climatic areas.

Plant Express is the top choice for dozens of beautiful trees for planting in spacious grounds and lawns. A

t its disposal are thousands of top quality plants and tree varieties for planting.

Specializing in the art of transferring external excellence inside homes is why this garden store has excelled itself to become one of the best.

The experts at Indoor Planters are such garden wizards they can literally bring the beauty of nature outside into the privacy of a home or even an office.

They do so with such ease and simplicity it’s amazing and all they do is apply their clean lines, along with their utterly simple and yet mesmerizing designs to revitalize the inner decor of any home or office space.

The equipment they use are totally eco-friendly with container planters fully recyclable and the colors the plants produce usually of brilliant reds and blues or other classic colors that overwhelm spaces they occupy.

To enter the ranks of only a selected few garden stores is to be earned, especially for doing something  unique and this garden store has done just that.

They sell fresh, exotic flowers & plants locally throughout the United Kingdom.

Gardening Express was established in the 90’s by Chris Bonnett.  He made it his passion to combine the great outdoors and plants on the Internet.

HS Chelsea Flower Show. Celebrities, PR companies and film set designers all trust this designer for their needs, so I know you will too.

A unique combination of water, fertilizer, tubing and gloves sum up the gardening activity of this family owned garden store.

They began as a humble 100 plant store to one selling over a thousand plant varieties, thus winning a place as one of the very best garden stores in action.

Fertilizer, soil, watering kits and gloves are the most popular products.

This garden store sells a soluble fertilizer solution for weekly watering and feeding of plants with fertilizer supplements added monthly.

Garden Crossings prides itself with its Waterwise Kit and also offers solutions for disease and insects, weeds and grass.

Building planned gardens and landscaping as a complimentary is the focus of this garden store.

High County Gardens earns a place as one of the best online garden stores is a well-earned reward.

They keep the landscape invigorated with shades of color that only blooming perennials can exude under sunlight through the summer months into the fall.

The bloom colors are totally mesmerizing with shades of ivory, blue and pink imbuing color and fragrance onto the landscape as hummingbirds and butterflies to help nature prolong her species provides a wide range of high-quality gardening tools that can aid gardeners.

For instance, it puts a pre-built composter that takes the stress off composting. also puts for sale other pots, vases and planters that provide versatility.

As such, you can apply them to a variety of purposes. Whether indoor or outdoor, you’ll find a wide array of options that fit in.

Quality is the hallmark of this online garden store as it continues to build its popularity.

Terrain is the home of affordable and healthy plants.

They are spread across various locations within the United States ranging from Devon to Westport and Palo Alto, Ca.

This makes it preferable as it can reduce shipping cost.

Terrain provides a wide range of fresh flowers including shrubs and fruiting trees.

They also provides a wide range of seeds such as tomato seeds and cherry seeds.

You may also find gardening kits that help gardeners.

Terrain is renowned for its high quality and excellent customer support.

Although renowned for its wide variety of peonies, Song Sparrow offers other additional plants.

They offer varieties of day lilies, wood plants such as trees, vines, shrubs, and evergreens.

Song Sparrow also offers a variety of colors such as Corals, Blushes, Pinks, Crimsons, Peaches, and Pumpkins.

Song Sparrow is the home of a wide variety of colorful plants for your gardens.Also, although based in the United States, Song Sparrow supplies gardeners within Canada and even outside Canada, making it a top choice.

This company has its roots as far back as 1909 when Victor Dunton started a farm.

Now, officially 22 years old, Victory Seeds has dug deep into its roots to become one of the leading gardening stores today.

They are a family-run organization that specializes in various seeds such as vegetable seeds, heirloom.

Victory Seeds is also a renowned seed bank located in Oregon.

This online garden seed supply store provides quality seeds to millions of people today.

The St. Claire Heirloom store offers more than 500 collections of herb seeds, fruit, and vegetables.

From asparagus seeds to beet seeds to bean seeds and organic seeds, it provides a healthy supply of various seeds.

St. Claire’s is a family-owned and runs a business that professes a commitment to safe and non-hybrid seeds.

They are also renowned for its quick delivery, great packaging, and cool customer support across the board. You will find them in Wisconsin yet operate as an online gardening store.

With over 22 years of experience dedicated to plants, In the Country Garden and Gifts has strived to be one of the leading online plant stores.

They will provide you with everything you need for gardening.

They have a great selection of lilies spanning from Victoria water lily to lotus and floating plants. Whatever has to do with tropical water lilies and hardy lilies, you are sure to get the best from them.

Almost Eden has enjoyed the combined experience of Jeff and Bonnie, who have a combined experience of over fifty years. Today, it’s a leading supplier of tropical and tender perennials in Louisiana.

Its plants are of excellent quality, and its flowers have a sure guarantee to bloom even after it has passed through a long shipping condition.

With them, you are almost certainly sure to get the best when you make a mail-order through their online store.

Nourse Farms is an online store that offers various collections of berry plants for sale.

It boasts of a broad experience in staff expertise and selecting and greenhouse packing of mixed berries like raspberries and strawberries for sale.

To ensure a quality product, Nourse Farms has a dedicated modern lab to provide the best sanitary process in packing and shipping your orders.

They also has dormant, bare-root plants for sale with the utmost assurance of growth success.

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Final Thoughts

​So there you have it.  While this list is not complete yet, it is a start. Please vote for your favorite ​online garden stores.  

You can also suggest one of your top online gardening stores by clicking the link just below the last store.

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