17 Best Gardening Gifts for Dad

Once in a while you finally find time to really think about the best gardening gifts for Dad.  

You would like to give your Dad and to your surprise, you realize he’s got practically everything.

There sure are some garden gifts he needs for his birthday, Christmas, holidays and of course Father’s Day

He’s got clothes, household goods, watch, TV, car, so what doesn’t he have….ah! that’s it, the vegetable garden…pick from these 17 gifts for the garden for your father and see his face light up. 

Hopefully these gift ideas will help you find the perfect tool for your father to roam the backyard and allotment in excitement.


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gardening gifts for dad
Worm Cafe

Order Your Worm Composter HERE

Dad will be fascinated by this fast and efficient worm composter that produces excellent compost.

He would be thrilled with this gift. An addition of 500 plus red worms to this would produce composting material.

Dad will be amazed to learn how to use the first 3 trays for initial composting and how the remaining tray would be used to capture worm tea with an additional supply of the rich and delicate soil nutrient.

He will come to understand how the top lid can be used as a work tray to transfer fully formed compost onto plants in the soil. A Father's day surprise would be ideal with this.

Check it out on Uncle Jims Worm Farm here.

Dad is really trying to build a garden at the back of the house but his major problem is watering the garden.

A smaller container like this is easier to manage in remote areas in his yard.  The rain barrel is perfect for watering his new patch of love in the back of the house.

It would provide Dad with available water for his garden and ensure that sufficient water is available whenever needed. 

Dad is a keen gardener and a lover of outdoor work so a rain barrel would be the perfect gardening gift for him.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Being a keen gardener, Dad would be excited with this gardening tool gift.

He really enjoys gardening and goes to great lengths in tilling, watering and clearing the garden of weeds. 

His most important task is to look after the ground below and ensure that plants have the right environment to grow in. 

This gift may be just the solution to the prevalence of weeds, aeration and general health of the Dad’s garden.

This is one of the many garden tools that would help immensely.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Your father is a master gardener who loves it with great passion.  He would just love this miniature greenhouse for germinating his young seeds.

He could use this gift pretty much from early spring until the first frost.  It is the perfect Father’s Day present.

He can add extra levels to place many types of plants in the greenhouse and occasionally keep a look out for them as they grow. 

An advantage of having a greenhouse is you can get an early start on growing vegetable seeds.  Always one of the ultimate gardening gifts for dad on Father's Day.

Check it out on Amazon here.

This multi-purpose garden kneeler, seat and tool storage will keep gardening enjoyable for Dad. One of the perfect gardener gifts that help out the knees.

Come springtime and summer the dormant grass grows fast and wide needing attention and this kneeler is the ideal resting spot. 

Dad never complained about his multi-purpose kneeler which is a great hint for getting him this. This gift is made to give him some rest & keep his back strong.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Dad would like to use this well built wheelbarrow to make it easy to plant veggies in his special plot.

This wheelbarrow is ideal for lugging all planting projects from seedlings to flowers.

Your father can’t stop planting veggies in his garden and he does so for many reasons. He just loves to plant vegetables.

You guessed it, he’s loves his vegetables and somehow we just love what he does for the whole family. 

Check it out on Amazon here.

These are some high quality gardening tools that your father would like to make chores easy.

Dad prefers nothing but the best tools for gardening because as he puts it ‘the best tools produce the best veggies’ and I tend to agree with him.

Great garden tools for dads are made to be strong, durable and resists rust well. Whether it be father's day or Christmas, these garden tools will be a hit.

I know that he loves his vegetables served during meals but I suspect he loves planting them more and watching them grow.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Dad really dreads the presence of weeds in his yard. Those weeds are the scourge of a clean and productive yard.

He will go to any length to guard his yard and make it easy for it to thrive. The weeds in the backyard and allotment don't stand a chance. 

This is the ultimate means of ridding the area of weeds. He can focus more time on growing some awesome tomatoes.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Dad thinks about everything that needs to be done around the yard.

The winter and rainy does a number on the garden and home. All garden tools and equipment are cleaned well to be used next season.

Washing everything with this electric pressure washer is the perfect solution to ensure all tools are cleansed and ready for use during the next planting season.

Dad knows the importance of being ready for the next planting season.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Synchronizing time and the right action to take is Dad’s uncanny skill which he uses to great effect.

This makes the task of removing the fall leaves enjoyable and saves his back.

This used to be a daunting and laborious task. Not anymore with this workhorse of a leaf blower!

It is a powerful blower that is cordless and brushless. It blows leaves with uncanny ease. 

Wouldn’t getting this for him help him from bending to pick up leaves all day? We think so.

Check it out on Amazon here.

gardening gifts for dad

Dad believes this unique gardening tool to be perhaps the most important of all the gardening tools available.

It might be just the right present for him this coming Father’s Day or perhaps under the tree.  It’s a tool with multiple uses around the allotment or yard. Its the perfect tool for the family.

Due to its balance, strength and digging capabilities the impact of the shovel on gardening activities is obvious.

You can't go wrong with a durable shovel.  It may in fact be the most indispensable of all gardening tools.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity are key factors in determining optimal planting conditions.

This thermometer is the perfect gadget for Dad to track weather patterns. He would be able to tell at a glance what the prevailing outdoor and indoor temperatures are.

No need to worry when using the gadget outside in heavy rainfall because it’s waterproof. 

The handy gadget has so many positive qualities it’s a must have for your geeky Dads out there.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Now here’s the very cool gift that Dad needs. He will gain first-hand knowledge and awareness of the surrounding soil.

By using it, Dad will be empowered to know the properties within the backyard in which he intends to plant his vegetable plants.

Your father would also be able to tell the presence of trace elements, their composition, health and drawbacks and other scientific problems.

Note this is to be sent to a lab and the kit includes all the fees & postage.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Composting is at the heart of organic gardening. Dad would be thrilled to get this to help.

Dirt has very little chance of producing the most essential ingredients for plants without composting.

Another plus for this fantastic product is its ability to produce both solid and liquid compost with ease.

This composter is so easy to use and it makes composting something to enjoy. Another one of the many garden tools that he would like for father's day or his birthday.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Don't underestimate the power of proper pruning and trimming.  You don't want any shade getting in the way sometimes.

This is where this beats of a trimmer/pruner saw comes in handy.  As would be expected this saw must have a long reach to trim and prune high branches and it does!

All 12 feet of it, adding the owner’s height to augment the long reach of the pruning machine of 7 feet.

This trimer is so easy to maintain & use, Dad needn’t worry about much maintenance for this tool.

Check it out on Amazon here.

The pruning shears are fully hand held with pressure applied ‘pincer’ style instead of the saw cutting motion to get desired results.

Dad would find this ideal for pruning any of his bushes or plants.

Cutting an inch diameter branch may prove difficult but lesser sizes are easily cut and may act as limbs for grafting onto branches of similar species of vegetable plants or fruit bearing trees.

A special feature that Dad will love is the non-slip handles that allow a firm grip for cutting branches for enhancing further growth.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Dad is fanatic when it comes to keeping his garden meticulously clean.  This makes collecting leaves easy.

This collapsible bag does not take up to much room in his garage, so that's a plus. Opting for non-toxic material eliminates toxicity and it’s so simple to operate!  

Dad would hardly need to bend all the way down to pull out harmful weeds and nettles as the scoops can do it all for him. 

This bag for collecting leaves would help maintain the cleanliness and health of his garden.

Check it out on Amazon here.

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The Perfect Gardening Gift For Dad

So which one makes the best gardening gifts for Dad. 

These tools caught my attention: 

  1. Worm Composter 
  2. Pruning Shear
  3. Mini Greenhouse
  4. Carbon Steel Shovel
  5. Gardening Tool Set 

These make sound gardening sense given the type of gardening environment around the home.  Dad will definitely agree.  Which one would your Dad like?

gardening gifts for dad

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