Seeding Square Review: Square Foot Gardening Tool

Last updated: 04/13/22

Big and open spaces are a great option when you’re planting your seeds to grow. Having optimal space means you will be able to plant different types of vegetables using traditional row gardening or square foot gardening. 

But let’s admit it, not everyone has wide and open spaces to grow. For most of us, there is limited space for a garden and growing vegetables.

In other words, we have to come up with a different method of gardening to adapt and maximize the area of our garden to grow. This would include proper seed spacing and correct planting depth. Square Foot Gardening was really how I leveled up my gardening methods when I first started to grow from seeds.

The garden inventor of this tool, Jennifer, really seized an opportunity to help Square Foot Gardening folks solve the problem of planting seeds on the blank canvas of soil gardens. We absolutely love this simple, yet handy garden tool in our vegetable gardens to make it easy to grow.

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Seeding Square | What You Gain

Green Thumb Favorite Tool
Seeding Square – Square Foot Gardening Template

Comes with:

  • Color Coded Seed Spacer Template
  • Magnetic Seed Dibber/Seed Ruler/Seed Spoon
  • Vegetable Garden Planting Guide 

It is essential to have the right tools to achieve the correct seed spacing and correct planting depth in square foot gardening. Traditionally gardeners would use strings as seed spacers in order to have a consistent measurement. 

But placing the string over the plot can often be tedious and time-consuming. It is also challenging to remove pesky weeds since the strings get in the way.  Seeding squares promise to make gardening simple. 

Seeding squares can help you have correct and consistent measurements that will make gardening fun and enjoyable. It works like a square-foot seeding template. You can press, poke and plant using its color-coded holes as a guide.

The accompanying manual will show you a seeding guide on what particular color to place your vegetable variety. 

Seeding Square Advantages

  • It makes spacing and planting fast and easy.
  • Can grow a different type of vegetable in a little space increasing the yield. 
  • It makes it easy to remove those pesky weeds.
  • The color-holes make planting the seeds fun for kids and adults alike. 

Seeding Square Disadvantages

  • There is a limited number of plants listed in the accompanying product guide.
  • A little overpriced considering it’s made from a square foot of plastic.
  • It feels a bit flimsy and should have used a thicker and sturdier plastic
seeding square

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Seeding Square

People with years of gardening experience may think the product is not useful since spacing and planting is already second nature to them. But for people who are just starting this hobby, the seeding square can be a valuable asset.

There is always a learning curve when you start, and this tool will make it easier. 

This product will not make the person using it an instant gardener, but it will definitely make the process of spacing and planting different types of vegetables much easier.

Gardening is not a one-off thing that you do one weekend and then decide to stop afterward. It’s not only about proper spacing but also involves knowledge of soil nutrients, correct planting depth, and love of plants.

Before you buy the product, make sure that you intend to pursue the hobby for a long time. You don’t want your seeding square to end up like other purchases you made and are now stored somewhere in the attic.

Look for gardening product reviews and see the comments of people who purchased the product before deciding. Some of these other product reviews can be found on this link: Seeding Square

Features and Benefits 

 A lot of positive things have been said about Seeding Square and of course, there were also some complaints about it, especially its price.  But generally speaking, people have been positive about the product.

These comments come from both experienced gardeners and those who are just starting the hobby. There are many features and benefits a Seeding Square can offer to its customers.

Here are some of them:

Benefits of Seeding Square

  • It organizes and optimizes the space in the garden, which can double or triple the vegetable harvest.
  • Using this device will simplify the process of planting, which will make planting faster.
  • It can also help the gardener make create proper seed depth using its color-coded seed holes.
  • Plants will also grow in beautifully organized grids and patterns. 

Features of the Seeding Square

1. Color-coded Holes & Molded Depressions

The Seeding Square is one by one square foot flat plastic made of ABS plastics with color-coded holes. It comes in bright primary colors that make it look like a toy. Each hole is for a corresponding plant type to make it easier for gardeners.

The holes also serve as a guide to produce seed holes with a more accurate depth. The whole device is also has molded depressions designed to leave imprints in the soil that will guide gardeners.

The molded depressions also store tools such as the seed spoon, wand, and clip-on seed funnel. 

2. Seed Funnel

It is made from molded ABC plastic shaped like a funnel with two holes at each end used to deposit seeds more easily. It can be placed in the seeding square after the wand has made seed holes in the ground.

You can just drop the seed into the funnel which then goes to the seed hole. 

3. Seed Spoon & Wand

This is a round cylinder made from molded plastic with a spoon at the end. It uses to make seed holes in the soil and features a 1-inch increment measurement for precise measurement of depth. The spoon at the end is used to hold seeds.

The Spoon and Wand can be attached to the main Seeding Square after each use for convenience. 

4. Planting Guide

It contains very useful information including a list of vegetables for each color-coded hole. It’s made from a double-sided laminated material which makes it resistant to water and dirt.

It also contains an illustrated guide that contains step-by-step instructions on how to operate the Seeding Square.

Seeding Square Online Reviews 

There has been a lot of buzz about the Seeding Square online among many online gardening groups.

So far, most of them have been very positive. Surprisingly even experienced gardeners who used it were quite surprised about how good the product performed. 

They loved how a relatively small and straightforward device had made their gardening faster and more accurate. 

They also appreciated how its different tools could be neatly attached to the central Seeding Square for added convenience.

However, some complained that the price might be too high for something made of molded plastic. 

seeding square

Here what some comments from verified users about the Seeding Square:

A Tool For Square Foot Gardening

One popular gardening method to maximize your vegetable garden is square foot gardening. It’s done by dividing the garden into squares containing just the right number of seed holes, depending on plant spacing recommendations for the type of vegetable you want to plant. 

Seeding Squares is a much-welcomed addition to the tools of gardening. Its beautiful design and bright colors will make kids interested in gardening early. 

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Final Thoughts

The Seeding Square is a great tool because it’s simple, durable, and practical. It solves a very common problem which is proper spacing and maximizing the used of limited space.

It solves these problems in an easy and practical way by using ingenious color-coded holes, funnels, spoons, and wands. It shows that solutions do not have to be complicated and the great thing about this product is it works well.

I will definitely be using one in my garden, although I feel the price should be a little lower. 

Related Questions

How many seeds do I need per square foot?

If the seed has a 50% to 60% survival rate, it would be ideal to place 5 to 7 seeds per square foot. 

What is Square planting?

It is a common planting system where the area is divided into smaller square sections. The distance of plants row to row is at equal distance. 

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