Growing Lettuce in Containers (2 Simple & Easy Ways)

a few months ago

In this video Jeremy Starke from Green Thumb Gardener shows all about growing lettuce in containers or pots. He takes you the various steps of selecting the right soil for growing lettuce and demonstrates 2 different ways about how to plant lettuce seeds.

You will also the best way to grow lettuce from seed in a few easy steps that can be applied to growing in a container, pot or directly in your garden.

In this video you will learn all the basics of growing lettuce in containers or pots. You will also learn you will also learn about growing lettuce from seed in containers. These are some simple ways on the best way to grow lettuce.

You can apply these techniques if you are growing in containers or pots as well as growing in your garden. You can grow anything from Romaine lettuce too Mesclun or Arugula. Anyone can learn how to grow lettuce including your children as it can be so much fun.

One of the simple ways of growing lettuce in containers is to just get started with what you have. You will find that growing lettuce can be a rewarding fun gardening adventure where you get some Romaine lettuce to eat.

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Jeremy Starke

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Jeremy Starke

Jeremy Starke has been gardening since he was very young. He has fond memories of his grandfather saving banana peels and eggs before organic gardening was a thing. He loves to share his passion to help others tend their garden & enjoys the community of gardeners.

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