Basil Companion Plants Guide [Top 7 Plants]

basil companion plant

Basil Companion Plants That Love Each Other

Last updated: 05/10/22

As a young gardener, I am always amazed when I learn that basil and tomatoes go together like peanut butter and jelly plus repels insect pests. Now that I am Gardener and Blogger, I know that if you want to grow basil, you also have to plant with tomatoes as it is a potent aromatic shield.

Basil is the quintessential Mediterranean flowering herb, and a staple of Italian cooking. Planting basil has been a long staple of medicinal use, and is often used as a folk remedy for the common cold.

But which plants, herbs and vegetables bring out the best in basil? Check out our list of the plants below that grow well with basil and which ones you should avoid.

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