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Hello Gardeners...My name is Jeremy Starke and I help others who want to learn more about vegetable gardening.

This mission began much like a seed starts from the beginning.  A simple thought of helping to serve others with helpful knowledge about the many gardening tips, tricks & techniques that I practice.

In early 2018, this gardening chapter started with 1 video on Youtube to simply demonstrate how I approach vegetable gardening…

You can learn more about my 35+ years of vegetable gardening adventures on my about page found here.

It’s funny how Green Thumb Gardener came about…

Vegetable gardening has always been a passion of mine, but it has always been a way to bask in solitude and recharge my life.  

It was not my intention to reach 1000s of people each month, but it makes me happy to connect with others as it grows.

Caring for vegetables became a secret garden for me to escape the confines of the real world.  Gardening was something I didn’t have to think about much.  

Experimenting with tomatoes and lettuce always came natural for me. 

Teaching about growing vegetables sprouted when my own little seedlings came of age.  

I am of course talking about my 2 girls who eventually grew curious with my Green thumb...

Both girls love to help me out in the garden when I... I let them.

My youngest one seemed to take to it more than my oldest one.  

She is always asking about when to pick the ripe vegetables from the garden.  She also loves to help plant some seeds.  

Check out her debut here on youtube.

Both my girls also did a video for a product review on a cool plant that tickles.  Check it out here.

So as you can see, I like to get kids involved in vegetable gardening.  Teaching them led me to want to teach others about growing veggies.

The gardening tips that are provided here are geared to help all vegetable gardeners.

However, I have a soft spot for beginner gardeners & those with small spaces.  

My current garden is packed in a small spot on the side of my house.  It is perfect for my uses and provides more than enough vegetables for our needs.

You will find a combination of raised bed techniques, container gardening, organic techniques & everything in between.

My goal is teach, inspire, & reach over 10 million gardeners worldwide.  Why 10 million gardeners? Why not?

My hope is to inspire you to try new things.  Please leave a comment on any of our posts if you find it helpful and want to connect.  

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

Happy Gardening!

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