Zucchini Squash Plants | 3 Tips to Grow like a Boss

There are many tips that you can do to grow successful a zucchini squash plant.    The zucchini plant seems to be one of those vegetables that are near and dear to many gardeners.

It also can be the bane of a gardener if you don’t give it the care and attention that it may need throughout its growing cycle.

You will learn to give the right amount of fertilizers to your zucchini plants, how to prune your squash plants like a champ, and how & why to pick your squash plants often.  Your zucchini plant can provide you with a wonderful bounty if you follow these simple tips.

Tip#1: Zucchini Squash Plants are heavy feeders so give them what they needsquash plant

Zucchini squash requires a massive amount of food.  They are kind of like that growing teenage that devours all your food in one sitting and is still hungry.  However, this does not mean that you just dump a ton of fertilizer into the plant.

Generally, you want to set it up with a good foundation in your soil prior to planting your zucchini squash plant.  You will also want to give it subsequent feedings periodically throughout the zucchini’s growing cycle.

  • Nutrient Requirements: Nitrogen (N)- High; Phosphorus (P)- balanced; Potassium (K)- balanced
  • Squash plants need to be started with a good soil base that is rich with nitrogen such as aged manure.  It is also good to add a balanced fertilizer to your planting hole prior to either seeding your zucchini plant or transplanting your squash in.
  • This could include organic means such as bone meal, blood meal & greensand or rock dust.  These are insoluble fertilizers so they need time to break down and a perfect to incorporate as you just plant.  Click on the links above if you want to see some recommended products we use.
  • You can also use worm castings or black gold in the gardening world.  Check out the video I did on benefits of worm castings here.
  • Zucchini plants also need regular supplemental feedings with either a soluble or insoluble fertilizers
The zucchini plant seems to be one of those vegetables that are near and dear to many gardeners.  It also can be the bane of a gardener if you don't give it the care and attention..Click To Tweet

Tip #2: Squash Plant Leaves need to be pruned

Zucchini plants and most other squash plants may need a good pruning every once in a while. It is in your best interest to prune your squash plant leaves as they continue to grow.  Pruning your squash plant leaves has many benefits.

  • Pruning the squash leaves is good prevention for powdery mildew.  Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that affects many plants.  It is more prevalent in the moist and high humidity environment.  Pruning the zucchini plant leaves will allow for proper airflow circulation.
  • Pruning plant leaves will also help to promote further growth overall of the plant.

Here is a video that shows you the technique of pruning squash zucchini plants:

grow squash tips

Tip #3: Squash Plants need to be picked often

Yes, you heard it correctly.  Squash plants need to be picked often.  I remember that I checked my plants before leaving for a long weekend.

The zucchini plants were almost full-grown squash ready to be picked after returning four days later.  A few squashes suddenly grew into huge zucchini monsters.  Make sure to check your plants often.

They also seem to be better tasting when they are harvested young, so don’t be afraid to pick them earlier.

Picking the zucchini plants will also help to promote further growth and development of other zucchinis.  This will signal the squash plant to start producing more zucchini plant buds.

This is actually a good tip for most of your garden vegetables. Of course, you don’t want to pick them too early.

It is something you can experiment with to see what works best for you.  You want more zucchini, so don’t wait too long to pick them.

There you have 3 simple steps to help boost your zucchini plants.  Tell me in the comments below what you do to care for your zucchini squash plants.

Feel free to share this article with any gardener who may need a little love with the squash plants and leave a comment below.

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Having trouble with the aids can’t see to get rid of them tried dust need diamatish earth they keep coming back in force


    Hi Joe,

    We use Diatomaceous earth to help with many of the insect problems too. Just be aware that you don’t want to put them on the flowers (it can also harm the beneficial pollinators) and you may need to reapply if it gets wet. Happy gardening dude!

Kyle Lauren

Thank you for your gardening tutorials! I am a novice gardener and looking for simple tips and suggestions to start planting veggies in containers. I’ve begun by planting 3 container pots of husky grape tomatoes. So far, they seem to be growing very well. I plan to sow dark green zucchini seeds tomorrow in a 5 gallon pot. Again, thank you for your tips. I will let you know how it goes!

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