Best Tow Behind Sprayer

Are you wondering how to make your landscape attractive? Well, it takes skill and deliberate effort.

Still, you may be unable to achieve much without the best equipment. As such, in this article, we'll show you all there's to know about choosing the best tow behind sprayer.

Let's go!

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What is a Tow Behind Sprayer?

Whether it's a garden, farmland, or a large lawn, you need to nurture and protect it.

You'll need to water it regularly and provide a regular dose of pesticides, among others.

I know this can be quite hectic. However, having to do this manually is a total turnoff.

This is where a tow behind sprayer pops in.

It's equipment that disperses water and other chemicals on farmlands and gardens. All you need to do is attach it to a vehicle, drive it around comfortably and spray your plants.

It also comes in different sizes and models. (We'll get to my best picks soon enough).

best tow behind sprayer

Why You Should Use a Tow Behind Sprayer

Picture yourself carrying a small spray gun and trying to water a vast field. That's stressful, right?

Well, I was in the same place a few years back when I decided to impress my friend with a well-gardened backyard. I used a backpack sprayer and tried to cover a tremendous site.

As it turned out, I spent long hours spraying the garden, and I was still unable to cover it.

I then realized that I had it all wrong. And that a larger sprayer would have helped me cover the field quickly.

That's the beauty of tow behind sprayers. It ensures you can spray – and in record time, large areas with little or no hassle.

That's the beauty of tow behind sprayers. It ensures you can spray – and in record time, large areas with little or no hassle. #homesteading, #homestead #farm

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Things to Consider When Picking a Tow Behind Sprayer

Although using a tow behind sprayer comes with cool benefits, not just any sprayer does the trick.

I once bought a tow behind sprayer with a small tank when working on a vast field. It was very stressful as I had to refill over and over.

So, you see, you have got to pick rightly.

However, this may be confusing due to the number of available models and types.

Still, there's nothing to be disturbed about. I've researched the crucial things you'll need to consider.

1.|  Tank Capacity

This is how much pesticide, water, or herbicide your sprayer can retain at a time.

In choosing, you'll need to consider the area you intend to apply the sprayer too. You'll typically need a larger tank capacity for a larger area.

Check how many acres your sprayer can cover from its guidelines. Regardless, here's a rough guide.

Tank Capacity

Area it Covers

13-20 gallons

1 - 1.5 acres

20-30 gallons

1.5 - 2 acres

More Than 30 Gallons

2 acres and above

Then, calculate the size of the tank you'll need for your land. You can then pick a container that fits your needs.

In case you aren't so sure of the size of your land, choose a 15 gallons tank capacity if it's for residential use.

However, if it's for commercial use, pick a container with at least 100 gallons capacity.

2.| Tank Material

This is the constituent element of the tank. And it is highly significant, especially if you intend you use it for herbicides or pesticides.

This is because these chemicals might react with the tank material and damage your sprayer.

Ensure you look out for sprayers made of stainless steel as it provides increased durability.

However, nothing that good comes cheap. You might have to pay more for tanks made with stainless steel.

3.| Sprayer Pressure

This is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), and it shows how effective your sprayer is. For instance, low pressure means a poor distribution of your pesticide or herbicide. So, make sure you get a sprayer with at least 60 PSI.

4.|  Spray Width

This is how much area your sprayer can cover. And it usually ranges from 40" to 120".

You need to look out for sprayers with high width as a wider width means you can conserve time.

More, you might need a different nozzle size for various chemicals. (I'll discuss the best-fitted nozzle for different chemicals later on).

So, ensure you look out for a sprayer with an adjustable nozzle. This way, you can customize the nose according to your needs.

5.| Tires

You'll most likely not be using a sprayer on a tarred and smooth road. Hence, you'll need great tires that are durable and provide stability.

You should consider sprayers with all-terrain tires, run-flat tires, or all-season tires.

6.| Hitch

This is how you connect the sprayer to a vehicle. And you don't want to buy a sprayer only to find out it's not compatible with your vehicle.

As such, pick a sprayer with a universal hitch. This way, you don't have to worry about compatibility.

Just to be sure, check the manufacturer's page and confirm your vehicle is compatible.

7.| Landscape

Making a choice depends on the nature of the scene you want to spray and the environment's conditions.

For instance, if your terrain is uneven or diversified, a boomless sprayer might be more suitable.

On the other hand, you might want to pick a boom sprayer if you're working on a field and want better coverage. A boom sprayer also works better in a windy environment.

Types of Spray Nozzles

Depending on the chemical you intend to spray, you might need a specific nozzle type to ensure effective spraying. Here's a quick guide.


A nozzle with a hollow cone structure and pressure between 40-100 PSI should work great. This will, in turn, reduce the size of the droplet but ensure better penetration.


To effectively disperse insecticides, use a hollow cone nozzle. However, you might want to check out the manufacturer's recommendation.


Glyphosate is most effective when it's dispersed in small droplets. As such, pick a flat fan nozzle.


This chemical thrives when dispersed in large droplets. So, following its manufacturer's recommendations, use a flood type nozzle.


Herbicides work excellently when dispersed in small droplets with complete coverage. As such, use a flat fan nozzle.

Broadcast Sprayer vs. Spot Sprayer

Broadcast sprayers and spot sprayers may appear confusing, especially if you're new to gardening.

I felt the same way when I started gardening myself. Luckily, it's very straightforward and merely appears confusing.

A broadcast sprayer is one that caters to a wide area with one spray. If you want to spray a vast area in record time, then it comes in handy.

On the other hand, a spot sprayer caters to a smaller area – usually, a spot. It delivers a concentrated quantity to a selected place.

So, if you decide to spray a particular plant or tree, you'll need a spot sprayer.

However, some tow behind sprayed can act as both broadcast and spot sprayer. So, you only need to make one purchase to enjoy both capabilities. (I recommend you go for a sprayer that supports both functions).

Using tow behind sprayer for organic gardening

For those into organic gardening, you might wonder if the tow behind sprayer is of any use. After all, you don't meddle with synthetics like pesticides and fertilizers.

The answer is simple: pull behind sprayer also comes in handy as you maintain balance with your natural ecosystem.

You can use it to discharge organic fertilizers or other manure tea. Don't forget; you still need to water your plants.

How to Maintain Your Tow Behind Sprayer

Even after picking the best product, you'll still need to maintain it to keep your sprayer in prime condition.

Here are a few things you should do to ensure this.

You'll need to ensure that there are no cracks in the hose or any loose fittings in your sprayer. Always check out for holes and loose joints before you fill up your tanks.

Also, filters and spray tips may get clogged at times. You'll need to always clean them up with soapy water.

In case they are extremely clogged, pick up a toothbrush or a small wooden stick, and remove the dirt. (Don't use metals).

You may be exhausted when you're done spraying. I get that. I'm usually exhausted too.

Still, once you finish spraying, ensure you flush your tubes with water.

With this, you can remove chemical residues from your hoses and avoid damage.

Also, if you keep using your sprayer at full capacity, it's more likely to breakdown faster. As such, avoid using your sprayer at full capacity every time.

Finally, once you finish spraying, don't forget to release your system's pressure.

Other Relevant Tools

A tow behind sprayer isn't the only equipment you'll need to enjoy a seamless gardening experience.

They include:

  • Lawn sweeper
  • Broadcast spreader
  • Pull behind dethatcher
  • Pull behind lawn roller
  • Lawn aerator
  • Tow behind dump cart

if you keep using your sprayer at full capacity, it's more likely to breakdown faster. As such, avoid using your sprayer at full capacity every time. #homesteading, #homestead #farm

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Tow Behind Sprayer Reviews

If you require specific and broad coverage gardening, this tow behind sprayer is perhaps a great choice. This is because it's both a broadcast and spot sprayer.

It also has the 12V open-flow pump that guarantees you 100% work-cycle. As such, you can work as long as you need without worrying that your sprayer will overheat.

Another great feature is its super-thick walls that are ultraviolet resistant and suitable for nearly all pesticides.

Its tanks also have marks imprinted on its body that allows you to monitor your fluid level.  You also enjoy a big lid that allows you to refill the container easily.

This sprayer then gives you total control of its right and left nozzles. And this allows you to easily navigate tight spaces such as property boundaries, among others.

It also comes with a remote switch that ensures convenient use.


  • It has a large tank size
  • Increased efficiency and durability
  • It comes with Viton valves that guarantee higher resistance to chemicals.
  • It has a flexible nozzle that can be adjusted from cone to stream.
  • It is suitable for rough and uneven terrain.


  • Even when shut off, sometimes, its valve leaks.
  • Some parts of it are made of plastics and can break easily.
  • It might come off as expensive.

In case you loved our first pick but want something smaller, the NorthStar 282780 fits perfectly. It has all the perks of the NorthStar 282785, except the tank capacity.

Still, it has a reasonable tank capacity – 21 gallons – that ensures you don't need to make several refills when spraying.

More, you get an output flow of 2.2 gallons-per-minute and up to 70 PSI. As such, regardless of the area size, you can get the job done quickly.

It is also designed to last five times longer than other sprayers. As such, you're assured of durability and longevity with it.

It also comes with foldable arms, removable wheels and axle, and a detachable tow boom.


  • It has an extra thick tank wall with resistance to ultraviolet radiation.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of pesticides or herbicides.
  • It has a microswitch (Honeywell) that ensures increased efficiency and durability.
  • It allows monitoring of the fluid level.
  • It has a bottom drain that allows fast drainage.


  • It's quite complicated to assemble
  • Sometimes, its valve leaks although shut off.
  • It has plastic components that may break easily.

Whether it's for a large property or your organic garden, this sprayer is an excellent option.

It has a 12V pump cast with a steel frame that ensures your purchase is durable.

It also comes with a hand wand that can spray as much as 30 feet. And this very crucial as I realized when I tried to reach every nook and cranny of my garden.

It also has an identifiable marking to reflect the volume of your content. And this is great because it helps you mix your chemicals with water. You can also easily monitor how much liquid you have dispersed.

It has an inbuilt drainage system that allows you to empty the task conveniently. It then provides a durable pneumatic wheel that ensures you can navigate any terrain comfortably.


  • It has a reasonably large tank capacity.
  • It has a lengthy product warranty – 3 years.
  • It has an extendable hose – up to 15 feet.
  • It has a 15-inch wand that ensures efficient spot spraying.
  • It comes with a universal hitch that allows it to connect to all trucks regardless of its model.


  • It comes with a coiled hose that makes spraying less convenient.
  • It is quite complicated to assemble this sprayer.

Whether it's to prevent pests and weeds or to fertilize your gardens, this sprayer is suitable for uneven and rough terrains. This is thanks to its 10 inches flat tires designed for all territories.

It has a long-lasting 12-volt pump, and it's designed with polyethylene. And this ensures that it is resistant to corrosion.

If you extend its boom tube, you get a back spray with almost 7 feet of coverage. This was very useful when I had to cover a large area in a short time.

Another nice feature is that this sprayer comes with a power switch that allows you to conserve your battery when it's not in use.


  • It is reasonably affordable considering its features.
  • It comes with a step-by-step guide for construction.
  • It has a hand wand that can reach as far as 30 feet.
  • It comes with a universal hitch that guarantees compatibility with ATV and other brands.
  • It has a drain strategically located to remove liquid residue easily.
  • It has a 3-year warranty duration.


  • It has a small tank capacity.
  • It has had several complaints about poor mechanical design.
  • It has a short sprayer hose.

If you have a small surface area, this might be the best fit due to its small size and reasonable price. I find this even cooler because it saves space.

It's also both a spot and a broadcast sprayer. Hence, if you need to spray a large area or a single plant, you have no problem.

Another cool feature is its UV-resistant tank that ensures its durability. It's also made of materials that are resistant to chemicals. As such, pesticides or herbicides will not harm it.

It's also compatible with a garden tractor and ATV. Hence, you have a better range of options.

This sprayer also has a wide opening that ensures you can easily refill. You’ll love this because it means you don’t get to waste expensive chemicals.

More, it comes with a convenient drain at its bottom.


  • It is reasonably affordable considering its features.
  • It comes with a step-by-step guide that makes it easy to construct.
  • It has a spray nozzle that can be easily adjusted.
  • It can work efficiently with majorly all pesticides.
  • It allows effective monitoring of the tank contents.
  • It has 10-inch tires that will enable easy towing.


  • It has a small tank capacity.
  • It comes with a short warranty duration.
  • It has a short sprayer hose.

Another pull-behind sprayer that provides excellent options for residential gardens it’s this sprayer.

It comes with a 15-feet hose that covers almost 18 feet horizontally and 30 feet vertically. And this means you don’t have to spend the whole morning watering your garden.

The boom area can also be adjusted to cater for spot spraying. This way, there'll be no need for multiple purchases as wide and specific sites can be covered.

Another feature is its semi-transparent nature. I usually want to know how much water or fertilizer I have left.

Thanks to this feature, I can easily monitor my chemical and water usage as I spray.


  • It comes with a straight hose that guarantees convenience compared to coiled tubes.
  • Its pressure gauge is placed strategically such that it's highly visible.
  • It has an extensive spray capacity.
  • It allows for convenient fluid monitoring


  • It has a smaller tank capacity compared to other sprayers
  • Some parts of it are made of plastics and are susceptible to breaking.
  • The spray nozzle sometimes leaks regardless of whether or not it's tightened.
  • Assembling the Sprayer bar/boom might be challenging.

The TCT25 is made of heavy plastic and has two nozzles that can cover over 7 feet per spray. As we already know, this means less time when spraying.

This is coupled with a 15-inch hose that’s suitable if you want to spray a specific site.

Thanks to its large tank size, you can also cover almost 2 acres with a single fill. So, you can avoid my earlier troubles of multiple refills.

It also has a boom that you can detach when you're not using it. This way, you can maintain the sprayer better.

It also has a drain plug that you can pull anytime to empty the content of its container.


  • It has a reasonably large tank capacity.
  • It's usually already fully assembled.
  • It's sturdy and can expertly navigate rough terrains.
  • Its sprayer pump is steadily fastened to an anti-vibration cushion.
  • It can be conveniently attached to a tractor.


  • It comes with plastic tires that do not hold air.
  • It doesn't allow adjustment of its real nozzle's output pressure.
  • This product has a short warranty – 90 days.
  • It's less convenient as it doesn't have a hook for its hose and hand wand.

Final Thoughts

Among these sprayers, my preferred pick is the NorthStar 28275 tow behind tower sprayer.

This is because it comes with a large tank size, high GPM, and wide spray width. Even more, it allows easy navigation in tight spaces.

However, if you're looking to get a smaller tank with great functions, you might want to consider the NorthStar 282270 or Agri-Fab 45-092.

Nonetheless, all these sprayers are great and should bring ease and convenience to your gardening expedition.

To make the most of a two behind sprayer, ensure you consider your site size and landscape before choosing one. You can then look out for sprayers with features that meet your needs.

And then, you can subscribe to convenient gardening just like I did.

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