How Much Water Does Corn Need

how much water does corn need

How Much Water Does Corn Need

Last updated: 06/04/21

There are four main categories of corn in the United States: Dent corn, Sweet corn, Popcorn, and Flint corn. Aside from being tasty, corn is rich in fiber that aids in digestion.

It also provides essential nutrients like vitamin B and minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium, etc. But for your corn fields to produce those large ears full of delicious kernels, the corn needs fertile, well-drained soil and a constant supply of water to maintain soil moisture. 

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Can You Grow Corn in a Pot?

grow corn in pots

Can You Grow Corn In A Pot?

Last updated: 10/31/21

At first glance, the question of, “Can you grow corn in a pot” raises a challenge to people like me.

You see I never grew up in the bread basket section of the US.  My experience as a city dweller limited some of my capabilities to plant corn.

This gave me a unique outlook, so I embarked on experimenting with this myself

But is it really possible to grow corn in a pot isolated from those that grow in large fields or in your own backyard garden?

The answer is yes, it’s definitely possible and it can also be a highly gratifying experience.

This gardening method requires personal effort to ensure the successful planting, caring and harvesting of the corn plants. 

It offers planters the excitement of watching the plants grow individually, the satisfaction of successfully nurturing them.

Seeing them flower and bear their ripe and nutritious cobs.

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