Unlocking The Secrets To Growing Beefsteak Tomatoes In Pots

Growing Beefsteak Tomatoes

Tips For Growing Beefsteak Tomatoes In Pots

Last updated: 1/16/23

Tomatoes are one of the most popular garden vegetables. Whether eaten fresh on salads or sandwiches, or cooked into sauces and salsas, this round, red fruit can add a delicious kick to any meal. Growing tomatoes in pots is a great way to generate a healthy harvest without taking up too much space or effort.

Beefsteak tomatoes are especially popular for their flavorful, juicy nature. Growing beefsteaks in containers may be exactly what you need for your home-grown tomato snacks and recipes.

In this article, we will discuss the best methods for growing tasty beefsteak tomatoes in pots with amazing results. Find out all you need to know about taking care of beefsteak tomato plants to enjoy fresh and homegrown tomatoes.

Are you ready to grow juicy, flavorful tomatoes in your backyard?

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Growing Carrots In A 5-Gallon Bucket

Growing Carrots In A 5-Gallon Bucket

Growing Carrots In A 5-Gallon Bucket

Last updated: 01/27/21

You’d agree with me that there’s nothing unusual about growing carrots in containers.

Gardeners have been doing it for years to augment their supplies of whatever they fancy.

Whether it be fruits, vegetables, herbs, or just for the pleasure of enjoying gardening. 

But have you heard about growing carrots in a bucket?

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Vegetable Container Gardening For Beginners

vegeteable container gardening for beginners

Vegetable Container Gardening For Beginners

Last updated: 01/27/21

Your gardening hobby probably stemmed from a desire to save money on some of your favorite ingredients.

What started out as a small, basic herb garden, quickly grew to an actual vegetable garden in my parents’ backyard.

Moving into an apartment with less than ideal space for a garden stumped me. Luckily, I came across a guide for vegetable container gardening for beginners and my desperation for more room quickly dissipated.

If you have a small amount of space for a garden or just want to diversify your landscape, allow me to guide you.

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17 Plants for Large Pots In Sun

17 plants for large pots

17 Plants for Large Pots In Sun Guide

Last updated: 01/25/21

Container gardening is a fun and easy way of adding more beauty to your home or shady areas. It’s also a great way to add color to your front porch and make your focal point attractive & inviting.

Having the right plant is important if you intend to place your container plants on exposed areas such as higher altitudes or coastal gardens.

Beautifully potted plants can turn an ordinary container garden into a piece of art.

You will see some of the best plants for large pots in sun that you can grow in a container garden.  We have some truly unique sun-loving plants in this list

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Best Soil Mix For Container Gardening

soil mix for container gardening

Soil Mix For Container Gardening

Last updated: 01/18/21

Garden soil is super important for containers, but you may need to add some amendments to it before being used.

I found that, even though my garden soil is stable and rich in nutrients, it still doesn’t do the job right out of the ground.

I need to boost the quality of my soil to help my plants grow big and strong.  You don’t want the roots of your plants to choke or drown from compact lifeless soil.

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Growing Vegetables in Pots On Balcony [Beginner Guide]

growing vegetables in balcony

Growing Vegetables in Containers on Your Balcony

Last updated: 01/11/21

I picked an interest in growing veggies in pots at a young age. I grew up in a place where I didn’t have a large space for my plants & greens. So, I knew I had to improvise to solve space problems, and that was how I came about growing vegetables in pots on my balcony.

I have gained a ton of experience with container gardening over the years, and my several stages of trials and error before becoming an expert. This has armed me with sufficient knowledge to discuss all there is to know about container plants.

To successfully grow your vegetables in pots, you’ll need to know the best plant varieties or herbs for that purpose, and also have a good understanding of your environment. In this piece, I share with you all you should know about a balcony container garden.

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Vegetable Garden Ideas For Small Spaces [Top Tips]

space saving vegetable garden

Vegetable Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

Last updated: 11/17/20

I didn’t always have as much space as I would have loved to have. Still, I wouldn’t let that stop me plant during the growing season.

So, I looked towards making the best use of my available small space vegetable garden. Of course, growing vegetables reliably with less space takes some creativity. I found some tips useful, and you might be looking to maximize your vegetable garden space.

Well, I’ve got you covered with your greens. Here are some vegetable garden ideas for small spaces.

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Growing Radishes In Containers | Master Growing Guides

growing radishes in containers

Growing Radishes in Containers | Master Guide

Last updated: 05/21/20

Want to grow radish plants and harvest radishes that you can eat within a month.  Yes! 

Radishes are one of the crops that are easy to plant and just take a couple of weeks to be ready for consumption. 

The radish plant (raphanus sativus) belongs to the Brassicaceae family together with broccoli, mustard, cauliflower, cabbage, and turnip. Growing radishes in containers come with a lot of benefits.

I will take you through all you need to know about growing radishes in the container. Its on the early vegetables every gardener should get in their pot. You will be enjoying a fresh radish crop for your spring and summer salads.

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Garden Tower Review 2020 | Complete Growing System

Garden Tower Review

Garden Tower Review 2020 | Complete Growing System

Last updated: 05/14/20

Maybe you want to grow more fresh food for your family, but you are challenged with space.  Maybe you wanted an easy solution to garden with.

You finally found the Garden Tower 2 and this Garden Tower Review will serve to justify and cement your choice regardless of which gardening system you choose later on. 

We give you the scoop to help you make your decision on this garden investment.

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Best Tower Garden Reviews

Best Tower Garden

Best Tower Garden Reviews & Guide

The tower garden systems have slowly been gaining popularity among gardeners.

Yet, many people are still intrigued about how exactly it works.

This article introduces you to everything you need to know about tower gardening, particularly aeroponics (I’ve explained what this means below).

I have also included reviews of the best tower garden you would find so as to help you get started immediately you read the article. Enjoy!

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5 Gallon Bucket Garden | Simple & Cheap Way To Grow Vegetables

5 gallon bucket garden

5 Gallon Bucket Garden | Simple & Cheap Way To Grow Vegetables

Last updated: 05/19/22

When we live in cities or urban sprawls and there’s talk of growing fruits and vegetables, we immediately visualize open spaces to build gardens for growing our fruits and vegetables. 

This is not strictly true because there are so many ways that fruits and vegetables and one of them is by developing a 5-Gallon container garden.

This was my first start into gardening on my own.  It was cheap, simple & just plain worked.  It allowed me to grow food in places that would not otherwise have been planted.

Check out some other reasons in this article on why to grow this way & what you can grow while container gardening.

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Survival Garden Layout | A Must Read Epic Guide

survival garden layout guide

Survival Garden Layout | A Must Read Epic Guide

Last updated: 05/04/20

The pioneering days in early America were epic times; natural calamities happened so many people had to plan ahead to survive. Many had a natural survival garden layout.

I grew up as a Boy Scout and have taken to the motto of “Be Prepared.”  This motto has become part of my normal life.  I always have a plan and prepare ahead of time.  It is a way to insure my well being for my family.

Dire times also occur in our own days and many people need to plan ahead to survive as well.

The panacea for the lack of food is to grow your own but most of us don’t know exactly how, hence the reason for writing up this garden layout guide.

This guide is packed with all the info you need to make a decision as to what is best crops to grow for your survival gardens.

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Growing a Victory Garden | The Modern Way

how to build a victory garden

Growing a Victory Garden | The Modern Way

Last updated: 04/05/20

The concept of how to build a victory garden is not only interesting because of the historical circumstances from which it sprung up, but also because it can be applied in our present situation. 

I sincerely believe that victory gardens are the perfect panacea for the uncertain times as well as an ailing global economy.  Grocery stores may not always have some of the tastiest tomatoes either.

Resurgence here would boost supplies of vegetables, fruits, and herbs and bolster physical, mental and spiritual well being, wouldn’t you agree?

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Can You Grow Corn in a Pot?

grow corn in pots

Can You Grow Corn In A Pot?

Last updated: 10/31/21

At first glance, the question of, “Can you grow corn in a pot” raises a challenge to people like me.

You see I never grew up in the bread basket section of the US.  My experience as a city dweller limited some of my capabilities to plant corn.

This gave me a unique outlook, so I embarked on experimenting with this myself

But is it really possible to grow corn in a pot isolated from those that grow in large fields or in your own backyard garden?

The answer is yes, it’s definitely possible and it can also be a highly gratifying experience.

This gardening method requires personal effort to ensure the successful planting, caring and harvesting of the corn plants. 

It offers planters the excitement of watching the plants grow individually, the satisfaction of successfully nurturing them.

Seeing them flower and bear their ripe and nutritious cobs.

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Growing Tomatoes in Containers | Grow 100s with these Tips

growing tomatoes in containers

Growing Tomatoes in Containers | Grow 100s with these Tips

Last updated: 10/31/21

Growing Tomatoes is one of those vegetables that every aspiring gardener seems to start with.  Starting with growing tomatoes in containers is a perfect introduction to vegetable gardening.

You’ll discover some expert tips that you can easily use to grow 100s of tomatoes on your patio.

One year when I first got married, my wife and I lived in a small apartment.  My love of gardening was always present even though I did not have a big backyard.

We were fortunate enough to have a back door entrance that had a small fire escape staircase.

The small little area on the fire escape landing had just enough room to put 2 containers side by side and got about 6 hours in the sunlight.

My green thumb sprang into action to get all the materials needed and 2-3 months later we were picking 100s of cherry tomatoes and some Mortgage lifters all from that tiny nook.

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Growing Carrots in Containers | Epic Guide to Make it Easy

growing carrots in containers

Growing Carrots in Containers | Epic Guide to Make it Easy

Last updated: 10/31/21

You may be challenged with space in your raised bed space or your garden soil might not be ideal to grow the best carrots.  Growing carrots in containers is a simple way to ensure you get carrots that Bugs Bunny would eat.

One of the other benefits of growing carrots in containers is that you will save some space using a pot to grow a bounty of carrots.  It is also a fun project that most kids would love to take part in.  My girls love to garden and growing carrots is one of their favorite vegetables to grow.

We will go over all the details on how to grow carrots in a container in this guide.  You will learn what is the most ideal soil to grow carrots, how long do carrots take to grow in containers, and what the best type of carrots to grow in a container.

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Growing Broccoli in Containers | 10 Tips You MUST Know

growing broccoli in containers

Growing Broccoli in Containers | 10 Tips You MUST Know

Last updated: 10/31/21

The allure of container gardening has become a whimsical curiosity for many new gardeners. Growing Broccoli in a Container surprises many people when they hear about this possibility.

Growing broccoli in a container is certainly a welcoming delight that many beginners and even experienced gardeners did not know was even possible.

Broccoli is one of those vegetables that always tastes and looks better grown fresh in a raised garden or pot.  You will learn 10 tips on the best ways, methods, and techniques on how to grow broccoli in a container.

We tried to cram as much broccoli growing information in these tips as possible without getting too technical.

We do have a much more detailed post about growing broccoli which can be found here.

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7 Tips on How to Grow Lettuce Like A Boss

how to grow lettuce

7 Tips on How to Grow Lettuce Like A Boss

Last updated: 02/15/19

You might be thinking of how to grow lettuce is too difficult.  You might see all the plants in your local garden center.  Sure, they have tomatoes, peppers, and every kind of herb ready to be planted for your home garden or container.

Where are the lettuce plants that you could just stick in your garden found?  Chances are there will be no selection or a very limited choice of lettuce plants.  You don’t need to get those plants from there. 

Just walk over to the other section where the seeds are kept and pick yourself up a packet of lettuce seeds.

You will learn some easy tips to help you grow lettuce from seed.  You might even learn how to grow lettuce like a boss.

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Growing Sweet Peas Indoors | Super Guide to Get you Growing

Growing Sweet Peas Indoors | Super Guide to Get You Growing

Last updated: 9/22/20

Have you ever wanted to grow sweet peas indoors to help you get a jump start on your crop?   Its the late winter and you are just itching to get your sweet pea plants out there since they are one of the earliest crops you can plant.

You might also just want to grow them indoors year-round and need to know if it is possible.

Are you able to grow sweet peas indoors?  You most certainly can grow sweet peas indoors following the steps outlined here.  Keep in mind these methods also work with other varieties of peas.

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