Hose Measuring Guide [Standard Garden Hose Size]

standard garden hose size

Standard Garden Hose Size Measuring Guide

Last updated: 10/30/21

You’re shopping for a new water hose because the old and tired current regular hose you inherited has sprung a leak and you’re tired of getting wet every time you turn it on to water your plants.

Maybe your spouse has decided that they need a new hose and you just don’t know what to buy.

Just a few years ago, most people just bought your typical garden hose. So before you venture into your local home improvement store, looking for the basic vinyl hose and then see the different sized hoses and types of hoses.

It can be a little confusing. So what do you buy? What types of hose are available? Let me help you out.

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When Is The Best Time To Water A Garden?

best time to water a garden

Best Times To Water a Garden

Last updated: 06/10/21

Watering your garden is one of those things that can be a little tricky. When you live in a dry climate like Arizona, it gets even more tricky. A common question among new gardeners is when to water their plants to maximize the amount of produce they’ll get from their garden.

While there is no one answer to this question, there are some guidelines that can help you create a watering schedule that will work best for your garden.

Watering your garden is a very important aspect in order to gain healthy food and make gardening an attractive hobby. However, it is not an easy thing to do because it is essential to know when is the best time to water a garden.

On average, an American family uses around 320 gallons of water per day. Approximately 30% to 60% of that water is for outdoor uses such as daily watering of plants, lawns, gardens, etc.

Let’s help you figure out what works for you and save some precious water at the same time.

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10 Best Way To Keep Weeds Out Of Garden

best way to keep weeds out of garden

10 Best Ways To Keep Weeds Out Of Garden [Organic]

Last updated: 03/05/21

You are working in your precious garden and what do you spot?  Definitely not a garden gnome but instead it is a pesky weed that is robbing your beautiful plants of nutrients & water.

You want to know the best ways to keep weeds out of your garden. Especially the persistent ones that just won’t go away. 

We give you the ten best ways to keep those pesky weeds out.

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Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening For Beginners [Must Read]

raised bed vegetabke gardening for beginners

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening For Beginners Guide

Last updated: 02/03/21

I find vegetable gardening to be quite attractive. Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to a soil area that could support my interest. I saw that many had sucess with raised beds and thought it would be a great alternative. 

Are you looking to get into raised bed vegetable gardening as a beginner?

Well, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I’ll tell you all you need to know about raised bed vegetable gardening for beginners. 

Let’s dig in!

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How To Grow A Small Vegetable Garden [Beginner Guide]

how to grow a small vegetable garden

Guide On How To Grow A Small Vegetable Garden

Last updated:10/30/21

You might want to know how to grow a small vegetable garden because of the limited space or the particular veggie to grow. These are valid concerns, especially if you do not have sufficient info.

I once had the same questions while I was trying to grow my vegetables.

Ever since then, I have grown more vegetables and become an expert in gardening.

Here is a guide for you on how to go about it too.

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Vegetable Gardening Tips And Tricks Every Gardener Needs

tips and tricks for vegetable garden

Beginner Vegetable Gardening Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

Last updated: 12/21/20

Vegetable gardening is all fun for everybody, at least at first. However, I soon found myself thinking about what to do and what not to do. So, I researched vegetable gardening and found some useful tips and tricks.

You just might be in the same situation. So, in this article, I’ll share my vegetable gardening tips and tricks. This way, gardening can be fun throughout. Now, dig in!

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How To Build A Vertical Garden

how to build a vertical garden

How To Build A Vertical Garden

Last updated: 11/17/20

Often, what you need is a small backyard to start your home gardening. However, this can turn out to be tricky without the right information. More so, you probably don’t have enough space as you would have loved.

Well, one thing that can help is a vertical vegetable garden. So, are you wondering how that works? I’ve got you covered.

Here’s how to build a vertical vegetable garden frame.

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20 Vegetable Garden Tips For Beginners [Dirty Edition]

vegetable garden tips for beginners

Vegetable Gardening Tips For Beginners

Last updated: 10/5/20

When I started gardening, it was a real mess. I had no idea what to do and guess what happened? My vegetables began growing with no support, I had weak plants, and so many other issues! 

And to top it all, I got the most frustrating harvest ever.

Gardening is my passion, so I knew I had to do everything I could to improve. 

Gradually, I began learning vegetable garden tips for beginners. Now, I am happy with my harvest.

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How Often To Water Your Raised Vegetable Garden?

how often to water raised vegetable garden

How Often To Water Raised Vegetable Garden

Last updated: 9/18/20

Watering is an essential activity in any gardening. In this article, we are going to learn how often to water raised vegetable garden.

If you have had this question, you are not alone. I once dealt with endless issues as a result of wrong watering. 

From drowning my vegetables causing rot to wilt as a result of under watering, my efforts were ending up in vain.  I knew I had to find a lasting solution.

Let us d​ig into making things right with your vegetable garden before it is too late.

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Keep Rabbits Out of Garden | 10 Tips The Natural Way

keep out rabbits

Keep Rabbits Out Of Garden | Natural Way

​Last updated: 7/24/2020

I used to like rabbits a lot, with their fluffy looks. Until I started gardening is when they became a thorn in my flesh. The most interesting thing about rabbits is that they like almost every crop we enjoy. 

I had to look for ways to stop them before crippled my farming. I found the following means of keeping rabbits out of the garden in the most natural way a game-changer.

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Growing a Victory Garden | The Modern Way

how to build a victory garden

Growing a Victory Garden | The Modern Way

Last updated: 04/05/20

The concept of how to build a victory garden is not only interesting because of the historical circumstances from which it sprung up, but also because it can be applied in our present situation. 

I sincerely believe that victory gardens are the perfect panacea for the uncertain times as well as an ailing global economy.  Grocery stores may not always have some of the tastiest tomatoes either.

Resurgence here would boost supplies of vegetables, fruits, and herbs and bolster physical, mental and spiritual well being, wouldn’t you agree?

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