Best Expandable Garden Hose [Buyer’s Guide]

best expandable garden hose full review

Best Insecticide for Vegetable Garden

Last Updated 10/06/20

When garden hoses and other watering methods are mentioned – tangling, twisting, and kinking come to mind. This is because they are well-known to make the whole watering task cumbersome and tedious. 

Having the right information about a garden hose is as essential as purchasing it.

Here we take you through 7 Best Expandable Garden Hoses to help that you make the best decision which you will certainly not regret to avoid entanglement.

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Top 8 Rain Barrel & Accessories

rain barrel featured image

​Best Rain Barrel & Accessories Review

Last Updated 09/28/20

A rain barrel comes with various functions and cost-saving advantages. And it’s a great choice if you’ve got a large lawn or an outdoor garden.

However, getting the best rain barrel can be tricky without the right information. Find out all you need to know with me.

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Top 10 Drip Irrigation System 2020 [Review & Buyer Guide]

best drip irrigation system 2

Top 10 Drip Irrigation System 2020 [Review & Buyer Guide]

Last Updated 09/28/20

Drip irrigation system offers one of the most efficient irrigation methods that have been used for years. With the high demand for making work easier and maximizing output at home, manufacturers have made massive improvements to this irrigation system. On the other hand, this poses a hectic task of finding the best drip irrigation system for gardeners.

Read on to get the most appropriate system for your garden and more in-depth insight into this topic.

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Best Insecticide For Vegetable Garden

best insecticide for vegetable garden

Best Insecticide for Vegetable Garden

Last Updated 09/16/20

Insects can be the most annoying pests if nothing is done to prevent their infestation. This is why you’d need the best insecticide for a vegetable garden to actively protect your plants from the seriously destructive tiny little monsters.

In this article are some of the best insecticides you can use.  Let’s dig right into a review of the products.  

Scroll down further to check out our buyer’s guide.

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Best Walk Behind Mower For Hills

best lawn mower for hills

Best Walk Behind Mower for Hills [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated 09/15/20

I know you like that cooling effect on your hilly lawn. This could be the best place to hang out in the summer with your family and friends. But have you thought about how you will mow the area? 

Right, cutting grass on the hilly landscape may pose a lot of challenges. If you find a machine bad at the hilly ground, you may risk damaging it or causing injuries to the user. 

Without wasting much time, let’s get deeper into finding the best walk behind mower for hills.

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Best King LED Grow Light Review

best led grow light review

Best King LED Grow Light Review [Buying Guide]

Last Updated 09/10/20

I once thought indoor gardening was meant for a few rich and expert gardeners. To some extent, I was right. Acquiring the right equipment was a laborious exercise. 

Nevertheless, I opted for a smaller, grow tent. Since then, things have changed.

Imagine getting a 1000 watts LED light at a few dollars! Right, the best King LED grow lights come at affordable prices with great benefits.

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Best Weed Sprayer

Best Weed Sprayer

​Last Updated ​09/09/20

As unwanted as they are, weeds are an unavoidable part of your garden. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t stop them.

Well, that’s where a weed sprayer comes in. However, getting the best weed sprayer can turn out to be a hurdle.

Well, I’ve reviewed seven great weed sprayers for you. Dive in!

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Best Online Gardening Stores

online garden stores

Best Online Gardening Stores​ ​Gardening is one of those hobbies or pastimes that requires some equipment and/or supplies.  Some of the tools you may need are very specific to your project, so it pays to know where to find the best deals. It begs the questions as to what is the best online gardening stores … Read more

Best Grow Light Controller

grow light controllers

Best Grow Light Controller For Your Grow Tent or Grow Room

​Last Updated ​7/27/20

With modern technology on the verge in the farming sector, humans have some significant responsibility to ensure a maximum harvest. If you have a grow tent or work in one, you will understand what I am talking about. 

One of the most important conditions you should control effectively for optimum growth of your grow room plants is lighting. 

For this reason, check out our precise guide on buying the best grow light controller.

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Best pH Meter for Hydroponics

ph meter for hydroponics reviews

Best pH Meter for Hydroponics

Last Updated ​7/27/20

With much-improved technology, hydroponics seems to be the future of agriculture. With no soil required, in hydroponics, you may wonder how these crops get their nutrients. 

As a matter of fact, a proper setup system with some specific conditions is all you need. Here is where the pH becomes essential. 

We will guide you through all you need to know about pH testing and the best pH meter for hydroponics you can find in the market.

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Cheapest LED Grow Lights

cheap led grow lights

Cheapest LED Grow Lights | Bang For Your Buck

​Last Updated 07/26/20

LEDs have now become a better alternative to the traditional grow lights. This is because they usually emit the cleanest & most effective light rays, are energy-efficient, and also long lasting.

You might have scoured the web for the cheapest you can purchase for your farm. Don’t worry!

In this article are some of the cheapest LED grow lights you can find in the market.

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Best Garden Hose Reels

hose reel

Best Garden Hose Reels To Make Watering Easy

Last Updated 07/19/20

After acquiring a garden hose, the next tool you might be looking for is the garden hose reel. Garden hose reel comes with great benefits to keep you organized. 

There are various types of garden hose reel you can purchase for your garden hose.

We have done in-depth research to bring you the best garden hose reel, and all you need to know about this wonderful tool.

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Best Backpack Sprayer

back pack sprayers

7 Best Backpack Sprayer for Your Garden

Last Updated June 25, 2020

Trying to pick the best backpack sprayer can be quite challenging if you’re new to gardening or other agricultural activities.

Even if you’re more familiar, you might still have trouble, thanks to a wide array of models and options.

You will find a guide below the reviews for more information on selecting a backpack sprayer.

Thankfully, I’ve reviewed seven top choices that should guarantee you a great experience. Enjoy!

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Best Grow Tent Oscillating Fan Buyer’s Guide

Best Grow Tent Oscillating Fan

Best Grow Tent Oscillating Fan Buyer’s Guide

​Last Updated 9/20/20

You could be looking for an oscillating fan to put up in your newly set up grow tent, or you want to replace one, and you are wondering how you are going to find the best.

Right, we know the joy of getting the best product for your money. That is why we have brought you this ​grow tent oscillating fans buyer’s product guide for you.

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Best Grass Whip To Clear Weeds Fast

best grass whip

Best Grass Whip To Clear Weeds Fast

Last updated: 05/27/20

Your garden and lawn are two very important areas of your home which you must tend to and protect. 

To do this you must have proper maintenance tools and one of them is a great grass whip to clear weeds fast – just in case your electric or push grass mowers don’t fit the bill.

We also looked at a couple of sickles or a small version of  grass whip that could be used for weeds or harvesting some of your wheat.

Check out our reviews below.  You can also look further down for our buyer’s guide

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12 Best Garden Hose Filter | Make Your Water Safer

Best garden hose filter

12 Best Garden Hose Filter | Make Your Water Safer

You know it matters when you look for ways to shape your garden to what you want it to be. When shopping for a garden hose filter, you may want to get one that makes gardening easier & safer. 

We are aware you need what will improve your life and make it more comfortable in your daily endeavors in the garden.

That is why we have brought you a comprehensive guide to the best garden hose filters.

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Best Grow Tents for Mushrooms 2020 Edition

Best Grow Tents for Mushrooms

Best Grow Tents for Mushrooms 2020 Edition

Last updated 05/20/20

Getting everything in place before kick-starting your mushroom farming is very important.

Providing the appropriate environment your mushrooms can thrive in is among those things you should consider first.

Growing mushrooms in a grow tent might be a great option for you.

In this article are some of the best grow tents for mushrooms you might want to consider.  We give you the details you need to get started with mushroom fruiting.

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Garden Tower Review 2020 | Complete Growing System

Garden Tower Review

Garden Tower Review 2020 | Complete Growing System

Last updated: 05/14/20

Maybe you want to grow more fresh food for your family, but you are challenged with space.  Maybe you wanted an easy solution to garden with.

You finally found the Garden Tower 2 and this Garden Tower Review will serve to justify and cement your choice regardless of which gardening system you choose later on. 

We give you the scoop to help you make your decision on this garden investment.

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