How Often To Water Seedlings [Beginner Tips]

how often to water seedlings

How Often To Water Seedlings Guide

Last updated: 06/16/21

The more you water the seedlings, the more it will grow, as long as you keep it fed. As you can guess, this means that you need to be very careful when you water your plants.

Water too much and you can kill a plant. You can also kill your plant by overwatering then underwatering.

This totally defeats the purpose of planting them in the first place. In this article, you will learn the inside scoop on how often you should really be watering your seedlings to ensure that you end up with a healthy adult plant.

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Easy To Grow Vegetables For First Time Gardener

easy to grow vegetables for first time gardeners

10 Easy To Grow Vegetables For First Time Gardener

Last updated: 01/22/21

Have you ever wanted to grow your very own vegetables, but feel intimidated by the process. I can give you a rundown of 10 easy to grow vegetables for a first time gardener.

Remember, as a new gardener, maintaining a rather large vegetable garden requires an overwhelming level of commitment.

So my advice to you is to start small and add on a little by little, before expanding your garden.

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10 Best Vegetables To Grow In Raised Beds

best vegetable to grow in raised bed technique

10 Best Vegetables To Grow In Raised Beds

Last updated: 10/2/20

When I began planting vegetables on a raised bed, I always ended up harvesting little. 

I wondered why the newfound practice of great harvest wasn’t working out for me, which pushed me to find an effective solution. 

I knew if I would continue planting the same plants, I would sacrifice my precious garden bed.

After testing several vegetable year in year out, I came up with a list of 10 best vegetables to grow in raised beds and more information you need to help you succeed in growing vegetables on raised beds.

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What To Do If Seeds Don’t Germinate [Expert Advice]

what to do if seeds dont germinate

What to Do If Seeds Don’t Germinate

Last updated: 9/21/20

With each new seed I plant, I find myself getting excited about the results. Unfortunately, there are times when these seeds don’t germinate.

So, I researched what to do if seeds don’t germinate. Here’s what I learned.

Depending on the cause of the problem, you’ll need to water or dry out your plant. You might also need to increase or lower your soil temperature while providing adequate oxygen.

Well, that’s not all. So, let’s dig in.

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How Long For Seeds To Germinate in Soil?

how long for seeds to germinate

How Long For Seeds To Germinate in Soil?

Last updated: 9/21/20

One important thing I look forward to is germination. And this is because it’s the first significant step post-planting.

However, it’s somewhat confusing processing this stage. So, I did more digging and found this.

Germination typically takes between 1 and 2 weeks. However, certain plants will take as much as three weeks to germinate.

Regardless, you’ll need to pay attention to other things beyond timing. Here, I’ll tell you all about this and more.

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25 Easy Seeds To Grow In A Cup

Seedling in a cup

25 Easy Seeds To Grow In A Cup

​Last updated: ​9/14/20

We normally view a garden as the only place to plant fruits and vegetables right? 

Right! And some, if not most of us actually do just that by planting seeds straight into the Earth. 

We often don’t consider the benefit of growing seeds in cups that we ultimately transfer to our garden to harvest that bounty. 

With 25 easy seeds to grow in a cup, it’s time to seriously think about planting seeds in cups!

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What Size Grow Bag for Tomatoes Is Best

grow bag

What Size Grow Bag For Tomatoes?

Last updated: 9/11/2020

Are you worried about finding the right size grow bag for your tomatoes?

I found myself in that situation a few days ago when I wanted to put every space in my small garden into best use. I decided to grow tomatoes in bags. 

I didn’t know too much about growing tomatoes, which got me worried about what size grow bag for tomatoes to use.

My situation provoked me to find tomato growers in my neighborhood. 

With additional in-depth research, I learned more than I expected. 

I used a 5-gallon bag for miniature tomatoes. Most tomato varieties will grow well in 5 to 10-gallon bags.

If you are planning to grow tomatoes in bags, you found the right place. 

Without further ado, let’s di​g in.

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12 Best Led Grow Lights for Vegetables

Best Led Grow Lights for Vegetables

12 Best Led Grow Lights for Vegetables

Last updated: 10/31/21

Today, we are going to examine in detail the 12 best led grow lights for vegetables.

You do know that, generally, plants inevitably need light right?! 

I’m sure you also know it’s the energy gotten from it that’s, in fact, necessary for their survival and healthy growth.

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When Do I Put My Seedlings Under LIGHT?

When Do I Put My Seedlings Under LIGHT

When Do I Put My Seedlings Under LIGHT?

Last updated: 10/31/21

Adequate knowledge is needed for starting seeds indoors. The more you know or are able to apply to your gardening, the best your plants turn out at the end of the day. 

Like you, when I just started indoor seed starting, I also had a lot of questions to ask, like “when do I put my seedlings under light” or “how far my seeds should be from the LED”. 

I was particularly keen on getting satisfactory answers to these questions to prevent my plants from dying. 

So, to help you, I’ll be providing all the answers you want and need in making your first experience with indoor seed starting a very easy one (maybe even better than the one I had).

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Be like Popeye: Growing Spinach in Containers

how to grow spinach in containers

Be like Popeye: Growing Spinach in Containers Last updated: 9/22/20 Imagine being a sailor on a ship like Popeye.  You remember he had a strange addiction to eating spinach.  Popeye increased his strength from a wonderful green that is dense with nutrients. Could you blame the guy,  spinach is a superfood.  How would he be … Read more