Growing Jalapenos Indoors: A Step-by-Step Guide

growing jalapenos indoors

Growing Jalapenos Indoors: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you tired of bland meals and boring garden plants? Look no further than the trusty jalapeño pepper!

Not only do these little powerhouses pack a punch of flavor, but they also make for a beautiful addition to any garden.

These Capsicum annum plants and member of the nightshade family are easy to grow and maintain, bearing fruit for over five years.

Whether you’re whipping up some salsa, grilling for a BBQ, or just want to add a little heat to your sandwich, jalapeño peppers are the perfect choice. They always seem to find there way in my smoker with some cream cheese and bacon wrapped for some kick.

Don’t let their relatively low Scoville rating fool you – they may not be as scorching as the Carolina Reaper (with over two million), but they’re sure to bring some fire to your taste buds and your garden.

Like bell peppers, jalapenos are perennial plants that can keep growing and fruiting.

Are you ready to learn how to grow these jalapeño plants indoors?

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How Often To Water Pepper Plants [Right Way]

how often to water pepper plants

How Often To Water Pepper Plants

Last updated: 03/16/21

From the common pepper plants that give you snacks and fajita ingredients to the spicier chili peppers that compliment your homemade salsa, all varieties of pepper plants need water.

Unfortunately for me, I had yet to figure out the science behind exactly how often to water pepper plants, and the fruits of my garden shriveled up before my eyes.

I knew there had to be a trick to successfully growing pepper plants, so I did some digging and here’s what I found.

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Do Pepper Plants Need Cages? [Simple & Easy Method]

do pepper plants need cages

Do Pepper Plants Need Cages?

Last updated: 05/19/22

I have always loved planting peppers in my garden, especially during the summer season. Pepper plants can come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes,  heat intensities, and flavors of peppers.

My favorites are the sweet and mild bell pepper varieties, although I love using hot peppers once in a while.

Having a pepper garden is very practical. Aside from the fresh ripe peppers available anytime, the colorful peppers are also pleasing to look at in the garden. 

The pepper plant is sturdy and has relatively shallow root systems that grow close to the soil’s surface. When pepper plants are full of plump peppers, their branches tend to bend and break, especially during strong winds.

So it’s essential to support them by using a stake or cages. 

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How Long For Pepper Seeds To Germinate? [Beginner Tips]

how long for pepper seeds to germinate

How Long for Pepper Seeds to Germinate

Last updated: 9/21/20

Growing pepper myself was something I looked forward to. Of course, I wondered how long for pepper seeds to germinate.

So, after some research, here’s what I found. Within the right conditions such as good drainage, proper light, and enough warmth, your seeds should take between 8 and 21 days. However, this will depend on the type of pepper as some variety, such as the Chinese, will take four weeks plus.

Well, that’s not all. Let’s dig in.

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When to Pick Banana Peppers | The Ripe Guide

When to pick banana peppers

When To Pick Banana Peppers | The Ripe Guide

Last updated: 10/31/21

You can pick banana peppers all season long, but if you wait for the right time to pick them, you’ll be rewarded with sweeter, more flavorful peppers. Picking them early in the season before they start flowering is the key to picking a flavorful banana pepper.

We’ve talked before about how you can use this technique to boost the flavor of other vegetables, but this is our favorite time of year to pick banana peppers.

Most gardeners relish in the moment of harvesting their vegetables like tomatoes and banana peppers. It’s equally crucial to know when to pick your banana peppers plant because their flavor depends on it. If you pick them at the wrong time, you lose that unique flavor.

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How to Make Habanero Pepper Jelly Recipe

how to make habanero pepper jelly recipe

How to Make Habanero Pepper Jelly Recipe

You will learn about how to make habanero pepper jelly recipe. We even have a cool video that shows you step by step instruction on how to make this jelly. is so simple and easy to make pepper jelly.

Check out the kit that we used for this here

This habanero jelly recipe is super simple to make and does not require many ingredients.  This habanero pepper jelly recipe is super easy to make.

This jelly recipe is super hot and sweet and is perfect for crackers, bagels, and wings. Give this habanero pepper jelly recipe a try.

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