How Often To Water Seedlings [Beginner Tips]

how often to water seedlings

How Often To Water Seedlings Guide

Last updated: 06/16/21

The more you water the seedlings, the more it will grow, as long as you keep it fed. As you can guess, this means that you need to be very careful when you water your plants.

Water too much and you can kill a plant. You can also kill your plant by overwatering then underwatering.

This totally defeats the purpose of planting them in the first place. In this article, you will learn the inside scoop on how often you should really be watering your seedlings to ensure that you end up with a healthy adult plant.

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Saving Watermelon Seeds The Easy Way

saving watermelon seeds

Saving Watermelon Seeds Tips

Last updated: 11/01/21

The world record for watermelon seed spitting is 68 feet, 9 ⅛ inches.

While saving seeds from watermelons so you can practice your distance is a good way to pass the time, consider saving a few to grow your own watermelon plants as well!

Just a handful of watermelon seeds will net you a garden full of sweet, juicy watermelons next year. Most variety of watermelon seeds are some of the easiest to harvest, store, and grow.

Read on to learn how to save watermelon seeds.

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How To Save Squash Seeds [Easy Way]

how to save squash seeds

How To Save Squash Seeds

Last updated: 03/23/21

A variety of squash types are available all year in most places, including the grocery store and weekend farmer’s markets. Since almost all the squash parts are edible, you can prepare various delicious recipes for your family and friends. 

Winter squashes like acorn, butternut squash, and delicata squash have brightly colored flesh that is great as a salad or soup. Summer squash varieties such as crookneck and zucchini have white flesh and yellow or green skin.

They taste fantastic when roasted, grilled, or sauteed with olive oil and garlic, and other stir fry recipes.   

Even the bright orange flowers from summer squashes are often served fried, oven-baked, added into a squash blossom soup, or other recipe inspirations. There is really a lot you can do with the different types of squash varieties.

The squash’s usefulness makes it more important to save squash seeds for storage for the next planting season. 

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How to Separate Pumpkin Seeds from Strings


How to Separate Pumpkin Seeds from Strings

Last updated: 10/31/21

If Halloween is celebrated in your area, then chances are that you’ve tried roasted pumpkin seeds.

This is a favorite Halloween treat for many people.  My 2 girls and I love carving pumpkins and eating pumpkin seeds.  We love to roast the pumpkin seeds to eat as it makes for a great healthy snack.

You might be wondering if there is a good method on how to separate pumpkin seeds from strings.  

How do you deal with that mess of pumpkin seeds and pulp to get those seeds for a delicious snack? Well, that’s a thing that we’ve also wondered about long ago. But now, knowing the secret (not really), we want to share with you how to separate pumpkin seeds from strings!

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Seed Saving Fundamentals | Establish a Legacy


Seed Saving Fundamentals | Establish a Legacy

Last updated: 10/30/21

Saving seeds is a skill that is as old as man cultivating the lands for survival.  The bible has many parables about seed saving and sowing all throughout it. You know that having your own supply packet of seeds is definitely a good practice of preparedness.  Are you really prepared enough though?

Acquiring your own supply of survival seeds in your storage is a start. It is vital & beneficial to learn the skills of saving seeds for your long term survival.  You will want to practice this skill each year in order to forge this as one of your tools for survival.

Learning this will guarantee that you know what to do if called upon.  You might even get some prize-winning tomatoes out of it.

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The Dirt on Saving Tomato Seeds | 3 Easy ways

save tomato seeds

The Dirt on Saving Tomato Seeds | 3 Easy ways

Last updated: 9/17/18

Take a poll of all your family and friends and ask what vegetable would they would grow.  You will probably hear growing tomatoes as one of the most popular vegetables growing choices.

It seems that most gardeners always brag about their tomatoes when asked about their progress of your their garden.

You might be one of those garden newbies who just planted the first tomato plant that you grabbed at the local hardware store or garden nursery.  Have you ever thought about actually growing tomatoes from seed?  It really is not too difficult to grow them from seed, so why not save the tomato seeds from one of your plants this year.

You have a few options on how you want to save tomato seeds.  All of these different ways to save tomato seeds are not too difficult to do.  In fact, one of the ways is so simple that it takes no effort on your part to do it.

The 3 ways are 1. Do nothing and let nature save them for you, 2. Put some more effort into it, to save the seeds, and the last option is to 3. Maximize your chances of saving the seeds for multiple years.

These tips can be applied to any type of tomatoes such as cherry, Roma, big beef, Brandywine and many more different tomato varieties.  Let’s get into the dirt of saving tomato seeds and saving them like a Green Thumb Gardener.

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