How Many Lettuce Seeds Per Hole [Easy Guide]

how many lettuce seeds per hole

How Many Lettuce Seeds Per Hole?

Last updated: 03/22/21

It always a good idea to grow your own vegetables, especially with the risk of insecticides and pollution contaminating our food. It’s also very convenient to just go pick the freshest lettuce directly from your garden.

Nothing can beat the crispiness of freshly picked lettuce for your fresh salad.

There are many leaf lettuce varieties like Romaine or Arugula that you can plant in your vegetable garden. You might think planting lettuce from seed is difficult, but it is easy.

You need three things, a container, rich loamy soil, and of course, quality seeds. You can place the lettuce plant in a separate plot together with other types of plants like tomato plants or pepper plants.

These plants can provide partial shade during the hot summer months.

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7 Tips on How to Grow Lettuce Like A Boss

how to grow lettuce

7 Tips on How to Grow Lettuce Like A Boss

Last updated: 02/15/19

You might be thinking of how to grow lettuce is too difficult.  You might see all the plants in your local garden center.  Sure, they have tomatoes, peppers, and every kind of herb ready to be planted for your home garden or container.

Where are the lettuce plants that you could just stick in your garden found?  Chances are there will be no selection or a very limited choice of lettuce plants.  You don’t need to get those plants from there. 

Just walk over to the other section where the seeds are kept and pick yourself up a packet of lettuce seeds.

You will learn some easy tips to help you grow lettuce from seed.  You might even learn how to grow lettuce like a boss.

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How to save Lettuce Seeds | Simple Guide to Collecting Seeds

saving lettuce seeds

How to save Lettuce Seeds | Simple Guide to Collecting Seeds

Last updated:10/30/21

Have you always wanted to know how to save lettuce seeds?  Did you just harvest romaine lettuce from your garden?  Do you want to continue to grow the lettuce that you just picked?  It is so easy to collect and save lettuce seeds that you will be amazed that you didn’t start sooner.

The summer days are much longer like the days of June & July creep in.  All of a sudden the leaves start to taste a little bitter & the lettuce plant may bolt.  Well, it is time for the lettuce plant to start reproducing itself.

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