How To Use Diatomaceous Earth [Garden Saving Guide]

how to use diatomaceous earth

How To Use Diatomaceous Earth

Last updated: 07/08/22

Pests can be a big problem in your garden. Using chemical pesticides to remove them may not be the best option.

Certain chemical fertilizers have been suspected of causing various adverse health effects such as chemical poisoning, hypertension, strokes, kidney failure, and cancer.

The great thing is there are natural options you can use to control some of these troublesome pests. Using diatomaceous earth in the garden can is an excellent alternative to using chemical fertilizer. 

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Best Fertilizer For Pumpkins [Grow Big Guide]

best fertilizers for pumpkin

Best Fertilizer For Pumpkins

Last updated: 6/20/2022

Ever wanted the biggest pumpkin patch in your neighborhood?

The Pumpkin is probably one of the most versatile types of the winter squash plant. We have grown to love the pumpkin and its hard, smooth ribbed skin with yellow to bright orange color, especially during Halloween and Thanksgiving.

A large percentage of giant pumpkin plants are harvested to become decorative ornaments during Halloween.

Farmers will bring out their giant pumpkins and families would join in the tradition of carving out pumpkins into jack-o’-lantern that are lit-up with candles inside.

Children will be at awe as they see the pumpkin fruit turn into a jack-o’-lantern with its flickering lights as they go around for their trick or treat.

During Thanksgiving, families share a delicious slice of pumpkin pie after a hearty dinner of roast turkey and other delicious dishes. Pumpkin fruit can also be baked, roasted, and made into a delicious purée.

It can also be mixed with salads or made into a warm and hearty soup. 

Ok, so how do you make sure you grow some big pumpkins.

Well it starts with fertilizer.

Are you ready to learn some more tricks?

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Watermelon Fertilizer (Tips To Grow Big Melons)

watermelon fertilizer

Watermelon Fertilizer Tips (Prize Winning)

Last updated: 06/20/22

Over the years I’ve had many successes in my gardens. From peppers and tomatoes to fresh herbs and onions, my harvest has (for the most part) been plentiful. When it comes to growing watermelon, however, I seem to have fallen flat.

Year after year I’ve tried and failed to grow the round melon no matter the type, size, or location. I’ve tried Black Diamond Watermelon, Sugar Baby, and Charleston Gray Watermelon seedlings.

Heck, I’ve even attempted to use watermelon seeds from the fruit at the grocery store.

But learned some tricks from some watermelon farmers and found a few secrets & gardening tips from prize winning growers of watermelons to finally grow a big watermelon plant.

Ready to learn how to grow big watermelons and use fertilizers for watermelons the right way.

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Why Vermicomposting Is Important [Epic Guide]

why is vermicomposting important

Why Vermicomposting Is Important?

Last updated: 01/26/21

I had been heaping organic waste in my backyard for several years. With the foul smell and mess that was spreading out in my backyard, the waste became a nuisance.

I knew I had to find a way to address the issue. After trying a few alternative disposal methods, I landed on one that had extra benefits. Read on to learn why vermicomposting is essential.

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Best Worms For Vegetable Garden Guide

best worms for vegetable garden

Best Worms For Vegetable Garden Guide

Last Updated 9/18/20

Growing my vegetable garden was fun at first until I started seeking ways to attract worms to the garden. It was not easy at first because I always felt that the best worms for gardens are the biggest ones such as nightcrawlers.

I know that for me to keep my vegetable garden going, I need to do the right thing and do it fast. This pushed me to study more on what are the best worms for a vegetable garden. 

This lead led me to the homes of other smaller worms such as the red wigglers which are unrelenting workers in conditioning the garden.

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Can You Mix Red Wigglers and Nightcrawlers?

can you mix red wriggler and nightcrawler-

Can You Mix Red Wigglers and Nightcrawlers?

Last Updated 9/16/20

Red wigglers and nightcrawlers are two worm species you can use on your farm to maintain and/or increase the fertility of plants’ soil.

You may already know that by now…

But, the question you’d like answered is, “can you mix red wigglers and nightcrawlers?”

Yes, you can. Depending, however, on a number of factors we’re going to be examining in detail later in this article.

So, find a cool spot you can relax to read this…

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How To Make Worm Tea | Grow Big Plants Now

how to make worm tea

How To Make Worm Tea | Grow Big Plants Now

Last Updated 9/15/20

Using a liquid fertilizer for growing vegetables at home is good, but you have to be careful with some of them. Enter worms and the magical ways of compost tea.

Its funny how I came into being a worm guy.  I heard about how to brew worm tea and the next thing you know I had a bag of red wriggler worms show up to my house. I built my own worm bin and my tomatoes have never been the same. 

Ok, that probably wasn’t funny, but having worms mailed to you was cool in itself.  In a nutshell, worm tea is simply taking worm castings and dipping it into water like a tea bag.

You will learn my highly effective worm tea recipe and why you need to start brewing a batch of compost tea.

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Vermicompost vs Compost

Vermicompost vs Compost | Natures Way To Recycle

​Last updated: 7/27/2020

Gardening can be a very exciting venture if you have the patience and stamina to endure preparing your plant beds, nurturing your seedlings and most important of all, choose the best composting method. Why? 

For me, no compost for my soil is like having no water for the soil. No compost, no plants and no veggies. 

Fortunately we have many options.  We will examine two of these vermicompost vs.compost.

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Vermiculture | Composting with Worms Guide


Vermiculture | Composting with Worms Guide

Last updated:10/30/21

Do love to garden on your apartment balcony, but want a way to compost?  Are you challenged for space in your garden area?

You will want to read on as we will explore the army of crawlers that can help compost and transform your food and vegetable scraps into black gold for your garden.

Vermiculture is the answer to many gardeners who seek a way to get beneficial microbes and worm castings into your garden soil.

It is so easy to employ earthworms to help produce vermicast for your garden beds or containers.  You will learn all about the vermicompost benefits as well as the methods about how to build a worm bin.

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