When Are Green Beans Ready To Pick? [Easy Way]

when are green beans ready to pick

When Are Green Beans Ready To Pick?

Last updated: 03/09/21

Whether you call them snap beans, long beans, string beans, or green beans, practically, they are the same. Bean plants are rich sources of phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. They also have a very high fiber content that can promote weight loss and improve overall health.

You can put fresh beans with other vegetables like cauliflower, peas, and carrots into a pan with olive oil and it can become a great side dish. You can surely find a great green bean recipe with your harvest. 

That is why it is always a good idea to plant pole beans or different types of beans in your garden. You can even choose heirloom pole bean varieties if you want to. Planting beans can be a very rewarding endeavor

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Do Pepper Plants Need Cages? [Simple & Easy Method]

do pepper plants need cages

Do Pepper Plants Need Cages?

Last updated: 05/19/22

I have always loved planting peppers in my garden, especially during the summer season. Pepper plants can come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes,  heat intensities, and flavors of peppers.

My favorites are the sweet and mild bell pepper varieties, although I love using hot peppers once in a while.

Having a pepper garden is very practical. Aside from the fresh ripe peppers available anytime, the colorful peppers are also pleasing to look at in the garden. 

The pepper plant is sturdy and has relatively shallow root systems that grow close to the soil’s surface. When pepper plants are full of plump peppers, their branches tend to bend and break, especially during strong winds.

So it’s essential to support them by using a stake or cages. 

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When To Fertilize Asparagus? [Beginner Tips]

when to fertilize asparagus

When To Fertilize Asparagus?

Last updated: 02/22/21

Asparagus is one vegetable I’ve always enjoyed because of its productivity rate. However, in my experience, I needed to fertilize it at the right time to get the best yield.

After careful research and a few years of trial & error, I want to present you with some useful information of when to fertilize asparagus.

Are you looking to understand when to fertilize asparagus? We’ve got you covered. In this article, I round up the main points of my research for you.

Dig in!

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How To Tell When Acorn Squash Is Ripe

how to tell when acorn squash is ripe

How to tell when Acorn Squash Is Ripe

Last updated: 02/09/21

Back in the days when I was still a newbie in gardening, I decided to plant squash for the first time.

I did not know when mine was ripe.

Through trial and error and lots of research, I can say I’ve cracked the code on how to tell when an acorn squash is ripe. 

You will no doubt learn from all my mistakes to ensure you pick it at the right time.

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Growing Carrots In A 5-Gallon Bucket

Growing Carrots In A 5-Gallon Bucket

Growing Carrots In A 5-Gallon Bucket

Last updated: 01/27/21

You’d agree with me that there’s nothing unusual about growing carrots in containers.

Gardeners have been doing it for years to augment their supplies of whatever they fancy.

Whether it be fruits, vegetables, herbs, or just for the pleasure of enjoying gardening. 

But have you heard about growing carrots in a bucket?

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Easy To Grow Vegetables For First Time Gardener

easy to grow vegetables for first time gardeners

10 Easy To Grow Vegetables For First Time Gardener

Last updated: 01/22/21

Have you ever wanted to grow your very own vegetables, but feel intimidated by the process. I can give you a rundown of 10 easy to grow vegetables for a first time gardener.

Remember, as a new gardener, maintaining a rather large vegetable garden requires an overwhelming level of commitment.

So my advice to you is to start small and add on a little by little, before expanding your garden.

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10 Vegetables You Can Grow Inside

vegetables you can grow inside

Vegetables You Can Grow Inside

Last updated: 10/5/20

I’ve always wanted to grow veggies all year long. However, this turned out to be quite challenging due to weather conditions.

So, I found that this is possible by growing veggies indoor. I bet you’re interested in jumping in on this.

Here, I’ll tell you about vegetables you can grow inside. This way, you can realize your dream of growing veggies all year.

Ready? Dig in!

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10 Best Vegetables To Grow In Raised Beds

best vegetable to grow in raised bed technique

10 Best Vegetables To Grow In Raised Beds

Last updated: 10/2/20

When I began planting vegetables on a raised bed, I always ended up harvesting little. 

I wondered why the newfound practice of great harvest wasn’t working out for me, which pushed me to find an effective solution. 

I knew if I would continue planting the same plants, I would sacrifice my precious garden bed.

After testing several vegetable year in year out, I came up with a list of 10 best vegetables to grow in raised beds and more information you need to help you succeed in growing vegetables on raised beds.

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Growing Cherry Tomatoes [Beginner Guide]

growing cherry tomatoes

Growing Cherry Tomatoes To Empress

Last updated: 10/1/20

Growing cherry tomatoes can be a fun and adventurous exercise. I like my tomatoes fresh and juicy. 

Since I started growing them about a decade ago, I’ve discovered it is the only way to keep enjoying tomatoes the way I like it without breaking the bank.  

With a little work on your part, you can turn a small vase into your daily tomato dispenser. 

Read further to know exactly how you can make this happen.

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How To Growing Button Mushrooms Without a Kit

growing mushrooms without a kit

How To Grow Button Mushrooms Without A Kit

Last updated: 9/15/20

If there’s one thing I’ve found quite challenging, it was how to grow mushrooms without a kit. However, it came with so many benefits that I couldn’t bring myself to stop.

I bet you’re also looking to enjoy these benefits when growing your mushrooms. Well, the great thing is that you don’t have to face the challenges I faced.

I’ve done considerable research and documented them. I’ve then put them together for you in this article.

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Growing Broccoli Indoors [Level Up Garden Guide]

growing broccoli indoors

Growing Broccoli Indoors Beginner Guide

Last updated: 9/15/20

Little is known about growing Broccoli indoors! This is despite its high popularity in the market.

I am in love with this nutritious vegetable. But every time I went out to buy it from the market, the high costs discouraged me. I knew I had to find a lasting solution to continue enjoying my favorite veggie.

Are you looking out to growing Broccoli indoors? Read on to get experts’ tips and skills to kick-start you.

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Growing Pumpkins In Raised Beds [Best Guide]

growing pumpkins in a raised beds

Growing Pumpkins in Raised Beds

Last updated: 9/14/20

I’ve had quite an experience using raised beds for my gardening activities. So, I decided to try something new in pumpkins.

While I had fun, there were loads of gray areas about growing pumpkins in raised beds. So, as always, I did some digging up and came across loads of helpful information.

I bet you’re wondering what they are. Well, let’s find out.

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Growing Black Beans Expert Tips [Beginner Guide]

how to grow black beans

Growing Black Beans Expert Tips

Last updated: 9/14/20

Over the years, I’ve considered growing black beans. However, by the time I was ready, I found it quite tricky.

There were a lot of things to know and loads of things to watch out for. So, I decided to do research. After all, I wanted to get a healthy harvest.

I found some things quite insightful. And I’ve decided to share them with you.

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Will Spinach Grow Back After Cutting?

spinach growing

Will Spinach Grow Back After Cutting?

Last updated: 9/11/2020

Will spinach grow back after cutting?

With the increase in gardening these days, many may have this question.

The most important thing you should do is plant veggie crops you can regrow to help support yourself and family. 

Some are talking about growing cut-and-come-again gardens.

This may just be the best and most practical solution for everyone.

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What Size Grow Bag for Tomatoes Is Best

grow bag

What Size Grow Bag For Tomatoes?

Last updated: 9/11/2020

Are you worried about finding the right size grow bag for your tomatoes?

I found myself in that situation a few days ago when I wanted to put every space in my small garden into best use. I decided to grow tomatoes in bags. 

I didn’t know too much about growing tomatoes, which got me worried about what size grow bag for tomatoes to use.

My situation provoked me to find tomato growers in my neighborhood. 

With additional in-depth research, I learned more than I expected. 

I used a 5-gallon bag for miniature tomatoes. Most tomato varieties will grow well in 5 to 10-gallon bags.

If you are planning to grow tomatoes in bags, you found the right place. 

Without further ado, let’s di​g in.

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How Many Tomato Plants In A 4×4 Raised Bed?

tomato plants in raised beds

How Many Tomato Plants in A 4×8 Raised Bed?

​Last updated: ​9/9/20

I had always found planting veggies fascinating. However, when it came to planting tomato plants, I was a little lost. I needed to know how many tomato plants in a 4×8 Raised Bed. 

The truth is that it was either I knew all about spacing them, or I recorded poor yields. So, I did some research, and here’s what I found.  

If you have a 4×4 raised bed, you can have as much as five plants. You’ll have four arranged at the edges and the fifth within the center. However, while you could do more with a 4×8 raised bed, it depends on various factors.

In this post, I’ll tell all about spacing and growing tomatoes in a 4×8 raised bed.

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Growing Sugar Snap Peas | 7 Tips for Healthy Plants

growing sugar snap peas

Growing Sugar Snap Peas | 7 Tips for Healthy Plants

Last Updated: 10/30/21

What is healthy and sweet that can be added to stir fry or into your salads?  You guessed it – Sugar Snap Peas.  Growing sugar snap peas is a breeze when you direct sow ​seeds in your garden at the right time of the year.

​Sugar snaps are a​ much like snow peas & garden ones.  ​Sugar snap peas are a cross between ​snow peas and garden peas.

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Which Herbs Do Not Go Together? | Garden Guide

Which Herbs Do Not Go Together

Which Herbs Do Not Go Together? | Garden ​Guide

​Last updated: 4/17/22

There’s always a first time for everything and for me this is the first time I’ve read that herbs can’t be planted together.


Perhaps they’re allergic to one another or maybe the soil doesn’t agree with one of them or maybe one sneezes when another is planted beside it. 

Whatever the cause it’s important to learn of the reasons why this is the case and know the herbs that cannot be planted together and those that can be.

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Why Are My Cucumber Leaves Turning Yellow?

cucumber leaves yellowing

Why Are My Cucumber Leaves Turning Yellow?

Last Updated 7/2/2022

I remember the first time I saw yellow foliage ​on my cucumber ​plants. The cucumbers ​were freely climbing, clinging, flowering and giving a bounty of ​fruit on ​trellis I built.

​​It baffled me and caused me to ask Why are my cucumber leaves turning yellow?

​You will ​learn some of the common causes of cucumber leaves turning yellow and some solutions that ​I rapidly employ to fix things.

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How To Grow Portobello Mushrooms The Easy Way

growing portobello mushrooms

How To Grow Portobello Mushrooms The Right Way

Last updated: 07/10/20

Food enthusiasts, like me, who have a soft spot for mushrooms and have tasted virtually all the popular and edible types, should be able to testify to the fact that portobello mushrooms are delicious. 

They have a rich, meaty, and earthy flavor that you’d love to always have in your sandwiches, soups, and salads.

For me, I love growing my mushrooms indoors. They are an all-important addition to my meals, which is why I need to be able to easily access them without having to go to a store, 1 or 2 miles away from my home.

If you’d like to know how to grow portobello mushrooms, then this article is all you need to get started.

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